Loser Trump

A slew of Republicans from Jason Chaffetz to Mitt Romney to Dana Perino to the Bush family have said they won’t vote for Trump. Paul Ryan won’t defend him. Mitch McConnell won’t talk about him.
The RNC has redirected funds from the presidential race to down ticket contests. Republican donors have given up trying to raise money for him and many have demanded a refund.
Trump has no ground game, no advertising budget, has pulled out of Virginia, and is losing ALL of the swing states in every poll.
He is getting his ass stomped to pieces with every demographic except white men without an education. Every time he opens his mouth, he reveals what an ugly, reprehensible, morally bent fraud he really is. He lives in a universe of delusions:

– “Nobody has more respect for women than me.”
– “Nobody knows more about taxes.”
– “Nobody knows more about debt.”
– “Nobody knows more about banking.”
– “There’s nobody bigger or better at the military than I am.”
– “Nobody knows more about trade than me.”
– “There’s nobody who understands the horror of nuclear more than me.”

His running mate and all of his blathering surrogates have been reduced to walking back Trump’s insane rhetoric and trying to downplay his boasting about sexual assault.
Trump has been endorsed by ONE (1) single newspaper in America, a cheap rag in Santa Barbara that doesn’t even explain why they support him. The rest – every single major newspaper in America – has endorsed his opponent while describing him as an unqualified, ignorant, tacky and contemptible existential threat to political commonwealth.
But Trump insists that the ONLY way he can lose the election is if black people steal it by each voting multiple times, and urges his rancid followers to hang about the polls watching those “other communities” to ensure his delusional expectation of victory is not ripped from his stubby little fingers.

If this ain’t technically treason, it damn well ought to be.


Trump claims the election is rigged.


It’s a good move – works whether he zigs or zags.
Quits: “The election is rigged. I won’t climb in the ring for a fixed fight.”
Loses: “The election was rigged. That’s why I lost.”

It’s also another reason why he can’t win. You can’t whine and mewl that the fix is in, and then claim the results are legitimate because you actually won.
Trump always wins. When he goes bankrupt, HE wins…everyone else loses.
This is no different.

You don’t rig a fight by paying someone to win. You rig a fight by paying someone to take a dive. The whole point of the fix is simply to know the outcome. You can bet for the winner, bet against the loser, pick the round.
“Say it…Your ass goes down in the 5th.”

Donald knows the outcome. Despite the fact that all his efforts to throw this thing – blatant racism, insults, slander, madness – only make him more popular with the rubes he’s conning, worming his way out of ever being president is the one thing he can control.
THAT’S the single thing he knows and, therefore, that’s where he will stack his chips.
All that remains is to find the best excuse that lets him play the victim.

The media is against him, the Democrats are against him, the REPUBLICANS are against him…
The racist Black Lives Matters people – they hate him.
Fags and Liberals…the Christian haters – they hate him, too.
Mexican judges hate him.
No one stands up for the troops – no one LOVES the troops like Donald, who wants to make America safe, but he’s being attacked by Muslims!!!
(Some people say their son was a jihadi…I read that many times.)
Poor righteous Donald.

The only question is whether he picks a round to flop or makes it to the final bell.
If he gets off his stool for the debates, Hillary will absolutely crush him. Any question of who wins the election will be settled by some significant margin as a matter of which one is the sane adult and which is a blathering idiot (not that there were any doubt).
He will be rude, petulant, shallow, uninformed, insulting, untethered and mendacious. He will try to bully Clinton in his juvenile schoolyard fashion. Whether she slaps him back or rises above it won’t matter.
He ain’t prepared for any of this.
Debating Yale law 30-year policy wonk Hillary Clinton…dog, that’s the big leagues. She will kick the absolute last bit of shit out of that delusional and ignorant puffed up grifter.
I watched all 11 hours of her testimony before Trey Gowdy’s little Benghazi ratfuck. I’ve never much liked Hillary Clinton but, brother, let me tell you something: she is SHARP, and she knows exactly how and when to punch. She’s the real deal heavyweight and anyone who underestimates her is making a terrible mistake.
Except, of course, in the eyes of Trump’s Jersey Shore supporters, who only want to see him be rude to Hillary. In their eyes, all his playground haymakers landed. He smoked her on rude points alone!
He TRUMPED that bitch!

It won’t matter that the fight is scored 65-35 on all three judges cards; that the Republican party from Mitch McConnell on down all withdrew their endorsements; that Sarah Palin finally threw in the towel and publicly voted for Hillary…
For Snooki and The Situation, the fix was in all along.

Snooki and Sitch are 100% right – the fix is in.
It just ain’t that fix.

“How do we get progressives and Liberals to vote for a hawkish, fiscally conservative candidate that’s in the pocket of the oligarchy and pals around with Henry Kissinger?”

Make the alternative too monstrous and ugly to contemplate.

Checkmate, motherfuckers.