Marijuana = Prison for LIFE

Never robbed anyone. Never killed anyone. Never committed, so far as the story goes, a single violent crime. Sentenced to life behind bars for a fourth pot bust.

This is the head-up-the-ass logic of the war of drugs as inflicted by stunningly ignorant judges and elected officials at once too merciless to administer justice and over-eager to appear tough on crime.

The sheer degree of stupidity required to impose such a sentence boggles the mind.


Legalize Pot – Fix the Economy

Cost of the War on Drugs:  42 BILLION dollars per year (Federal – does not include State figs…add those in and you’re talking about some REAL money.  /sarcasm)

Value of Annual Pot Crop:  18 BILLION dollars per year (estimated…It’s not like they issue receipts, eh?  Also strictly domestic – does not take into account imports.  Add in Canadian hydro, which is allegedly very good shit, and Mexican ditchweed the total jumps approximately 30%.)


Taking billions away from narco-state despots and cartel swine, waking up to a sane and reasonable drug policy, and amortizing a $700 billion bailout of Wall Street greedheads over ten years without costing the taxpayer a single fucking red cent:  PRICELESS.