Happy New Year

As folks may be well aware, I hate the baby Jesus. I hate the bullshit story, and most of all I hate the hypocritical, condescending crap those who claim to walk with Christ get up to. Thus, and despite an abiding appreciation for all things Santa (and that mostly because it presents an opportunity to drag out, “You can’t prove a negative,” using a giant pile of murdered reindeer that seemingly don’t want to fly), there were no holiday wishes posted here. I have holiday wishes, but there’s no point in being nasty.
Still though, the completely arbitrary decision to flip the calendar on the 31st now looms. I will, as always, completely avoid the festivities. Why people want to get dressed up, suffer line-ups, crowds, inflated prices and drunken assholes to jam themselves into a restaurant or club where it’s so fucking crowded the bartenders can’t sell beer only to get jammed up later at a roadside sobriety checkpoint is beyond me. But at least it doesn’t come with an attached mythology involving celestial signals, virgin births and unmitigated blithering imbecility. And so, in the spirit of the times, happy new year.


VNV Best of 2009

I don’t give a rat’s ass which bits drew the most attention, but in the tradition of year end retrospectives I’ve scuffled together some of the cranks I thought should have.
So, in no particular order, here is the best of Veritas Nihilum Vincet from the past 365. Happy New Year, and remember: Truth conquers nothing. It ain’t even much of a defense.

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