GOP Debates Trump

Given the importance of the Hispanic vote and the massive bump in polling Trump achieved among Republicans from being loudly and proudly racist, that the first words that might be called an attack on this yammering gasbag come from Rick “Niggerhead” Perry is curious, indeed.
One notices that NONE of the other candidates (Perry included) has flatly rejected Trump’s hatesac bullshit, nor have they, en masse or individually, repudiated Trump himself.
The point being that they are not in this instance and given this opportunity standing on anything even distantly orbiting principle to say, “Fuck off, you racist piece of shit.”
This has nothing to do with treating Trump with respect and/or following Reagan’s advice not to attack within the party. The clowns are all torn between pandering to the Hispanic vote (and thus alienating the Republican base which consists of angry xenophobes) or pandering to the angry xenophobes (and thus further pissing off the Hispanics while appearing to support the blithering fucking moron Trump who’s kicking them in the cajones over immigration).
If this is a trap, Trump is far smarter than I credit…or far dumber.
This shit really is destroying the GOP’s ability to run any sort of campaign that has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.
The best part is that it truly reveals the nature and quality of the Republican party. If they weren’t a cobbled together alliance of various and sundry species of retarded, pandering, mendacious, sub-human hate based scum, Trump’s ignorant blather wouldn’t pose any problem. That they are frozen like deer in the headlights tells anyone all they need to know about the GOP.

And so now, various “serious Republicans” are mulling over ways they might keep Donald Trump out of the debates. They realize he’s a destructive clown and they need some way to cut loose of him. As you read this article, you can hear the sound of Teapublican heads exploding from Bangor to Laredo – sounds like vandals have gotten into the bubble wrap factory.

After reading the bit, I wandered into the comment section. If you want chilling proof of the sucking mental vacuum that is the Republican base, I DARE you to scroll through it yourself. You should consider that both an invitation and a threat.

After what seemed an eternity of reading the dumbest fucking things ever cobbled together out of the 26 poor, abused letters of the alphabet, I left the following:

It took a long time but I managed to read through the majority of the comments in this thread.
As depressing and frightening as it is to realize what stunted, ignorant, hatesac racism and delusional fever dreams drive you pathetic, unread, semi-literate assholes, there’s a bright silver lining: no candidate who says the things that reflect your schizophrenic fantasies could ever be elected president.
The lot of you are too fkn stupid to ever glimpse the near edge of how stupid you are. You toss around words like socialist, communist and fascist without having the foggiest first clue what they mean – to you they’re just epithets you employ in place of saying nigger.
You don’t know anything about history, the constitution or anything else but that doesn’t stop you from being loud and proud and showing the world that you’re fucked-in-the-head wrong about everything.
Anyone you drooling imbeciles from Sisterfuck, Tennessee decide to get behind will be utterly crushed in the general election and you pathetic, racist, xenophobic Christopaths will cry great salty tears into your soiled Pampers about how you were sold out again; how the RINOs forced a candidate who just wasn’t Conservative ENOUGH to appeal to all those REAL ‘Mercans who are absolutely out there hating the gays and wishing the darkies would stop sucking up all your tax dollars. Meanwhile, as your Republican governors continue to privatize and destroy your local economies, the rest of America will continue to prop up your broke, redneck, Wal-Mart wheelie cart riding asses.


Republican Treason

It wasn’t enough for Trey Gowdy and a gang of Relublican assholes to meddle in foreign policy by writing directly to Iran – a pretentious and vain effort to undermine a sitting president in the exercise of his exclusive authority to negotiate with foreign governments and which flirted with the line between being an asshole and being a traitor.
In the wake of President Obama’s announcement of a negotiated agreement with Iran regarding their nuclear program, the Republicans have unanimously curled into the fetal position and begun crying like red-headed stepchildren.
Perhaps if they hadn’t marched in lockstep opposition to every single thing the president has ever attempted to do – and not as a matter of principle but as a matter of determined ratfucking – they would still have a single tattered shred of credibility on which to hang their mewling, pants-wetting objections.
They opposed health care reform (an idea cooked up by their own greedhead hacks at the Heritage Foundation), supported DADT and DOMA, and rejoiced over Hobby Lobby but screamed about activist judges and tyranny at Obergefell. They are petulant fucking children who expect and demand that everything – every single fucking thing – be determined in their favour. Always.

Nevertheless, let’s be specific here. They are shedding tears today for the death of all things good, right and true as evidenced by this specific deal with Iran. Some history may be illuminating:
In 1953 Republicans acting in the service of British Petroleum sent the CIA to assassinate the democratically elected leader of Iran, Mossadeq, and install the brutal, tyrannical murderer and puppet the Shah.
After the Iranian people turfed his criminal ass (which the United States saved from ever facing the justice demanded by his own people), they spent the next 40 years provoking, demonizing and lying about Iran.
Then, GW Bush fabricated blatant lies about Iraqi WMDs and, in the greatest foreign policy disaster of all time, illegally started a war to remove the one element that stood as a bulwark against the rise of Iranian influence in the region – another American puppet and BFF of Don Rumsfeld, Saddam Hussein.

Following the destruction of Iraq and the consequential rise of ISIS (which both America AND Iran would like to see destroyed), the Republicans NOW mewl and bawl that any deal with Iran that does not give the GOP every single thing their cowboy delusions imagine they must have (and are downright eager to bomb Iran if they don’t get) must be opposed.
And their castrated, orange-hued leader, who supports torture, rendition, indefinite detention and survives by drinking the panic sweat from Lindsey Graham’s scrotum, has the nerve to call Iran the largest sponsor of state terrorism.

Political commonwealth (not to mention reason) is not possible with the stubbornly ignorant, mendacious, venal pieces of worm shit that comprise the GOP.

The Future of the GOP

Barring some hideous event that changes everything between now and Tuesday, it would appear that President Barack Obama will win a second term. This presumes that voting machines in Ohio haven’t been jiggered and Hispanics and blacks are permitted to vote, neither of which are entirely safe bets. Nevertheless, if Nate Silver turns out to be worth his effeminate weight in gold leaf, the GOP will have four more years to try and figure out how to get their vicious junkie hands back on the steering wheel. And there’s the rub.

A goodly chunk of the batshit mad Good Old Party will insist that Mitt Romney wasn’t conservative enough; that if only they’d had a real, bred-in-the-bone Tea Party, Guns, God and ‘Merca Conservative, why, it would have been a landslide.
A rather less crazed faction will, however, recognize that putting Michelle Bachmann on the top of the ticket would best serve one purpose – getting out the Democratic vote and driving every independent voter from the 49th parallel to the Rio Grande to join them. And in this factional divide lies the death of the Republican party. They have no candidate that can possibly win a Republican primary fight and then pivot to appeal to the general electorate. There is no such animal and they have no one to blame but themselves. This is the result of inviting racists, homophobes, Christo-facists, gun nuts, birthers and conspiracy theorists into the big tent; of using Fox News to lie and pander to the mouth breathing, ignorant pig people upon whom they have relied to win every election since Reagan…perhaps all the way back to Nixon.

Look at the slate of candidates they shuffled through in a desperate attempt not to nominate Mitt Romney, each of whom, at one point or another, led the pack and were destined to carry the Conservative banner: Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain and Rick Perry. That’s not a political primary, it’s a confederacy of dunces!
Some begged for Sarah Palin. Others longed for Chris Christie, but after his praise for President Obama following hurricane Sandy, he’s going to be Excuse #1 why Romney lost and they’ll never forgive him for it. Given that the GOP has collectively managed to pretend that the entire Bush administration never happened, they’ll certainly be able to forget the self-inflicted, fully automatic gaffe strafing with which Mittens peppered himself.

So, who’s left…or rather, who’s right? Bobby Jindal? Tim Pawlenty? Marco Rubio? Jan Brewer? Orly Tate? Rush Limbaugh? Who could possibly be the ultra-Conservative golden child the crazed Republican freaks in tri-corner hats could support, and then make any serious effort at winning a general election?

If you thought this was a particularly strange presidential election, featuring an unprecedented degree of lies, twists and flips, brother…wait and see what rough beast slouches towards 2016.

Super Tuesday GOP WTF

Super Tuesday (Like Mardi Gras except without the beads, booze, tits, music and fun) failed to accomplish anything save to further reveal the Republican party as overrun by ignorant, thoughtless, bugfuck crazy idiots working themselves into a lathered dervish over which prevaricating, unethical, incompetent joke will win the honour of being crushed by President Obama in the general election.

Mitt Romney was hoping to finally seal the deal and be acknowledged as far enough in front of the bat pack to make his coronation a fait accompli. He needed more victories than he got, and he needed bigger margins than he managed to achieve. The robotic, uncomfortable, plastic multimillionaire won Vermont, Massachusetts, Idaho, Virginia (where he and Ron Paul were the only candidates on the ballot), and eked out a razor-thin win over Rick Santorum in Ohio.
Santorum, a god-walloping hypocritical crook who winks at birthers and stokes anti-Muslim fear and hatred, managed to pull out wins in Tennessee, North Dakota, and Oklahoma.
Newt Gingrich won Georgia, which I only mention for the sake of being thorough. Newt’s campaign is deader than cocaine sales at Eric Stolz’s house in Pulp Fiction. The only question is to whom Newtie will vomit his delegates when the time comes.
Ron “He Who Must Not Be Named” Paul managed a few second place finishes: Idaho, Alaska, North Dakota, Virginia and Vermont (where, as noted, Ron and Mitt were the only options on the ballot).

And so the endless yammering over delegate counts, super delegates, the next primary; the hesitance of the base to support Mitt; the revulsion of thinking people at the very idea that someone like Rick Santorum has any political legs whatsoever; the whining of Gingrich about how the media is out to destroy a thrice-married, blatantly racist, overblown gasbag who was bum-rushed out of Washington; the constant barrage of outright lies, myopic fumbling, racist dog whistles, vicious backstabbing, pig ignorance and unthinking moments in which these power-mad flunkies reveal their true character (or lack thereof) will continue.

When Andrew Sullivan, who has carried buckets of water for Conservative insanity for years, calls out Romney as a serial liar it barely scratches the surface of the GOP establishment’s fantasy that there must be someone, somewhere who stands at least as good a chance with moderate, independent voters come November.
David Frum – desperate to worm his way back into the good graces of Republican punditry ever since he was exiled for pointing out the depth and breadth of their hateful madness – has tried to excuse Romney’s lies as wee fibs told by an honest man caught between the rock of honesty and the hard place of appealing to twisted, ignorant, homophobic, dittohead rubes. This particular bit of tailoring for the Emperor’s new clothes is incisively shredded by Jonathan Chait. Frum, for his part, appears still conflicted, torn between his formative years as the man who put lies in George W. Bush’s mouth, his epiphany that he was employed by a gang of thugs obviously rotten to the very core, and his panicked desire to be invited back into the club. Sadly (depending on one’s perspective), he keeps flirting with reason and truth.

Rick Santorum displays no more fealty to the truth.
While ratcheting up his claim to love Jesus more than any of the other candidates and demonstrating that the bible will trump the constitution as his guide for governing, the frothy one has told one blatant lie after another, traversing the litany of right wing tripe: President Obama is a snob for wanting American children to get a decent education, and supports partial-birth abortion; contraception, euthanasia in the Netherlands, abortion causes breast cancer, health care reform…the list goes on. Wake me when he says something demonstrably true.

All of the foregoing departures from reality are in keeping with standard Republican operating procedure. It goes well beyond simple stupidity like denying evolution and global warming, and struts shamelessly into inventing a mythical President Obama – a complete straw man against whom their insistent lies are deployed. They say, without even batting an eye, that the president has increased the deficit, raised taxes, harmed the economy, apologized for America, is soft on terrorism, and wink at those who insinuate that he wasn’t even born in America and is a secret Muslim.
The truth is that President Obama brought America back from the brink of financial ruin, slashed the deficit, cut taxes, increased drone strikes on terror targets, killed Osama bin Laden, was born in Hawaii and is, disappointingly, an avowed Christian. He has conducted himself with poise during some of the most precarious moments in recent history and while facing previously unimaginable levels of obstruction from the Republicans.
This is not to say he’s perfect. He hasn’t sent Eric Holder to slap the cuffs on Wall Street thieves; investigated the Bush administration for war crimes; repealed the Patriot Act; reconciled the State/Federal drug laws, or done any number of things for which I might have hoped. Nevertheless, gays may now serve openly in the military, the march towards full LGBT equality is moving forward rather than being impeded by a bunch of hate-filled, retrograde theocrats, and millions of children who went without now have health care.
Meanwhile, the ass-backward GOP continues to paint the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as some sort of dangerous social experiment despite it having been perfectly successful in every other military force on earth save Turkey. They trot out Newt Gingrich to yammer about the sanctity of marriage. They lie that mandated contraceptive coverage in employer-based insurance amounts to tax dollars to pay for orgies…and they refuse to condemn their bloated, pill-popping leader when he calls a private citizen a slut and a prostitute.

The Republican convention is in Miami. It is uncertain that any of the candidates will have garnered a sufficient number of delegates to win the nomination with any significant time to spare, and the entrance of fresh meat remains a possibility. Some stunningly myopic dolts have floated Jeb Bush as a possibility – just what America needs, another Bush. Sarah Palin has not ruled out a run in 2016…or even, for that matter, answering the desperate call of Real ‘Merkans to save them from Obama. How’s that grab you? Palin/Gingrich. In this shameful season of Republican wailing and gnashing of teeth, backstabbing, lies and perfidy, one can only wonder what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches toward Miami to be born.


The Republican clown car full of damaged, twisted and vicious freaks all clamouring for a job none of them deserve or are remotely competent to perform continues.

Billionaire Romney, a wooden, wind-up caricature of a human being that will say any damn thing it thinks will please whomever it can see, is trying to appear a “Real American” who has walked the streets and feared losing his job. With $20 million stashed in his retirement account and offshore investments in Luxemburg, the Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts, it’s not an easy sell. The man’s total inability to deliver a single line with anything approaching sincerity (read: There goes Mitt lying his ass off again; if he says his fucking NAME I want to check his ID!) only makes the sham more laughable.
Newt Gingrich, who everyone hates immediately because it saves time; thrice married scumbag who leaves wives the moment they get sick (or he deems them sufficiently ugly to hinder his Machiavellian grasp at the oval office) has promised America a manned moon base after two terms. Not content to ignore the fact that he stands a snowball’s chance in hell of ever pulling together an electoral victory, or outrunning the laundry list of shitty, unethical, back-stabbing, hateful things he’s racked up in his political career, and thus unable to run on what shamefully passes for his record, Newt has gone full bore into fantasy land: A MOON BASE, complete by the end of his SECOND term.

Ron Paul, a senile acolyte of Ayn Rand, continues to hang in there yammering his unworkable nonsense to the delight of stupid, juvenile libertarian fan boys, while Rick Santorum persists in injecting his brand of frothy faith in Jesus as the absolute panacea for all that ails the new American century. Neither are getting anywhere near the convention or the white house or even a cabinet post.

And after 435,767 debates where are we? The establishment Republicans seem to have resigned themselves to Romney, who no one ever wanted but, according to the sages of the GOP, stands the best chance in the general election…and Gingrich who everyone hates and that’s fine because Newt hates them back with double intensity.

Even that stalwart political cocktease Sarah Palin can’t resist jamming her three cents worth of muddled imbecility into the mix. Blathering in her own inimitable style on Fox News, Sarah objected to an article by Peggy Noonan:

“They maybe subscribe such characterization of Newt via words like that, but they don’t subscribe those to say Mitt Romney when he or his surrogates do the same thing,” she said. “That’s that typical hypocrisy stuff in the media that I’ve lived with over a couple of decades in the political arena. So I’m used to it. But in order to help educate the rest of the American public, I’ll articulate that it is hypocritical of the media to subscribe to one candidate and not another, that kind of ‘angry attack muffin’ verbiage to one and not the other.”

See, in Sarah’s stunned conception of how things ought to work, if the media is going to call out one candidate for being a petulant dick, they must then call out the others for…something. It would be unfair to report the nature, content and tone of a vicious, unhinged hate bomb like Newt Gingrich unless they also go after Mitt.
Of course, having been exposed as an illiterate, unread, poorly educated, completely ignorant buffoon, Sarah tends to view the media with some suspicion. After all, how dare they tell the truth? In the Palinverse, anyone who doesn’t kiss her ass and agree that she’s right is a commie fifth columnist out to destroy America and hate on Jesus. Stupidity of this unqualified degree should be in the race.

The GOP grew tired long ago of the media telling the truth. They set up their own media wing – Fox News – which incessantly and unrelentingly attacks everything the president attempts as un-American; the work of a secret Muslim socialist intent on destroying their imaginary way of life. Any media presence that actually does its job by reporting the truth (or, god forbid, challenging the litany of outright lies spewed by Republicans) is simply distorting the record because they’re obviously in the bag for the left. For an audience of three million equally ignorant, deeply brainwashed, reflexively racist voters, these assumptions are never questioned. Fair and balanced has come to mean something else entirely.

Aside from the amusement this show offers, fettered only by the fear that one of these backward idiots might actually become president, what is one to make of it all? The conclusion that America is in terminal decline; that the principles upon which it was founded ( despite what the prevaricating Republican candidates wrongly assert were those principles) have been ground into the dust, seems inescapable.
When half the population is blinded by lies and seeks a leader from a pack of angry fools, each vying to tell yet bigger lies plucked from the utter fantasy in which their presidential aspirations slowly drown; when that band of blithering buttplugs is more deeply devoted to hindering and defeating their political opponent than committed to enacting policies that will actually serve the people, one can no longer pretend optimism.

Moon Base Alpha, out.

Racist Republicans

A recent CNN poll asked Republicans if they want President Obama’s policies to succeed or fail. Unsurprisingly, 51% responded that they want Obama to fail.

The poll also asked about Obama’s specific policy proposals, each one unlinked from the president’s name:

58% of Republicans SUPPORT cutting payroll taxes;

63% SUPPORT Federal aid to the states to hire teachers and first responders;

56% SUPPORT Federal spending on infrastructure;

56% SUPPORT raising taxes on millionaires.

The Republicans: In complete agreement with almost everything President Obama is trying to do, they just don’t want HIM to do it.

Greg Sargent writing in WaPo ponders why this might be the case:

In fairness, maybe when Republicans say they don’t want Obama’s policies to succeed, they are talking about the first stimulus, the health care reform bill, and Wall Street reform — and what they mean is they want to see these policies repealed. Or maybe the less charitable interpretation is true — whatever the consequences for the country, if Obama’s policies fail, he won’t get reelected. Or maybe the answer to that question represents the depth of strong GOP dislike for the president. Or maybe it’s a combination of all these things.

Anyone got a better explanation?

The first stimulus has already succeeded…at least as far as it might have for being too small,
The health care reform bill, while not going far enough in terms of creating single-payer / cradle-to-grave health care for all citizens, has provided health care for millions of Americans that previously had none.
Wall Street reform? What reform?
Better explanation? Well, since he asked: Any party that relied on The Southern Strategy to elect Saint Ronnie and has been crafting racist dog whistles in every election since, in the face of stark poll results like this, simply has to take off the silly tri-corner hats and put on the ugly white sheets that mirror their soul.


With over thirty years of working on the inside of the GOP, Mike Lofgren retires (before his party can gut what remains of his pension) and, in an act of bravery and desperation, tells the absolute truth about how the Republican party has devolved into the anti-American, slash and burn, corporate blow-whore, obstructionist gang of assholes that Liberals have been decrying for just about that same period of time.

READ IT. Read the whole thing.

From sucking up to the bent religious nuts to coddling blatant racists; from gutting education, infrastructure and social welfare programs to funneling massive tax breaks to the super rich; from coded hot button language designed to disguise outright lies aimed at stupid, low-information voters to media manipulation (including the Big Lie that there’s such a thing as a “Liberal Media Bias”), it’s all there…and more, with a healthy assortment of truths regarding the complete and utter ineptitude of the Democrats in developing ANY form of counter-punch against any of it.

READ IT. Read the whole thing.

It’s the best bit of political analysis I’ve read in years that isn’t written by Matt Taibbi.