GOP Debates Trump

Given the importance of the Hispanic vote and the massive bump in polling Trump achieved among Republicans from being loudly and proudly racist, that the first words that might be called an attack on this yammering gasbag come from Rick “Niggerhead” Perry is curious, indeed.
One notices that NONE of the other candidates (Perry included) has flatly rejected Trump’s hatesac bullshit, nor have they, en masse or individually, repudiated Trump himself.
The point being that they are not in this instance and given this opportunity standing on anything even distantly orbiting principle to say, “Fuck off, you racist piece of shit.”
This has nothing to do with treating Trump with respect and/or following Reagan’s advice not to attack within the party. The clowns are all torn between pandering to the Hispanic vote (and thus alienating the Republican base which consists of angry xenophobes) or pandering to the angry xenophobes (and thus further pissing off the Hispanics while appearing to support the blithering fucking moron Trump who’s kicking them in the cajones over immigration).
If this is a trap, Trump is far smarter than I credit…or far dumber.
This shit really is destroying the GOP’s ability to run any sort of campaign that has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.
The best part is that it truly reveals the nature and quality of the Republican party. If they weren’t a cobbled together alliance of various and sundry species of retarded, pandering, mendacious, sub-human hate based scum, Trump’s ignorant blather wouldn’t pose any problem. That they are frozen like deer in the headlights tells anyone all they need to know about the GOP.

And so now, various “serious Republicans” are mulling over ways they might keep Donald Trump out of the debates. They realize he’s a destructive clown and they need some way to cut loose of him. As you read this article, you can hear the sound of Teapublican heads exploding from Bangor to Laredo – sounds like vandals have gotten into the bubble wrap factory.

After reading the bit, I wandered into the comment section. If you want chilling proof of the sucking mental vacuum that is the Republican base, I DARE you to scroll through it yourself. You should consider that both an invitation and a threat.

After what seemed an eternity of reading the dumbest fucking things ever cobbled together out of the 26 poor, abused letters of the alphabet, I left the following:

It took a long time but I managed to read through the majority of the comments in this thread.
As depressing and frightening as it is to realize what stunted, ignorant, hatesac racism and delusional fever dreams drive you pathetic, unread, semi-literate assholes, there’s a bright silver lining: no candidate who says the things that reflect your schizophrenic fantasies could ever be elected president.
The lot of you are too fkn stupid to ever glimpse the near edge of how stupid you are. You toss around words like socialist, communist and fascist without having the foggiest first clue what they mean – to you they’re just epithets you employ in place of saying nigger.
You don’t know anything about history, the constitution or anything else but that doesn’t stop you from being loud and proud and showing the world that you’re fucked-in-the-head wrong about everything.
Anyone you drooling imbeciles from Sisterfuck, Tennessee decide to get behind will be utterly crushed in the general election and you pathetic, racist, xenophobic Christopaths will cry great salty tears into your soiled Pampers about how you were sold out again; how the RINOs forced a candidate who just wasn’t Conservative ENOUGH to appeal to all those REAL ‘Mercans who are absolutely out there hating the gays and wishing the darkies would stop sucking up all your tax dollars. Meanwhile, as your Republican governors continue to privatize and destroy your local economies, the rest of America will continue to prop up your broke, redneck, Wal-Mart wheelie cart riding asses.


The Republican Tell

What Charlie Pierce calls Tiger Beat on the Potomac has a very serious bit on how concerned is the Republican brain trust that Donald Trump will hurt the party’s appeal with women and minorities – that his bombastic attacks on everyone and everything will damage the eventual candidate (which, of course, could never be Donald because Republicans are serious people).
They are especially worried that his plastic popularity and name recognition will earn him a spot on the debate stage.

“But as of now, he would be in — over 2012 Republican runner-up Rick Santorum, who won 11 states and around 4 million votes last cycle; over John Kasich, the popular Ohio governor of a key swing state; over South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, a leading foreign policy voice in the field; and over Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, known as a policy wonk…He’d also make it in over Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO whom the party establishment desperately wants on the debate stage. Fiorina has earned strong reviews from early-state activists, and party insiders say her inclusion in the debate is critical — both to demonstrate the GOP’s diversity and to help male candidates find the right tone in connecting with female voters.”

In what universe is Rick Santorum described as 2012 runner-up instead of a giant theocratic dick with a snowball’s chance in hell of anything?
John Kasich is running because everyone else is and, hell, why not?
Lindsay Graham is a pants wetting panic button with his tongue drilled up the backdoor of the Senator who created Palin.
Bobby Jindal…a policy wonk? Gentlemen, put down the peyote.
Carly Fiorina is a complete failure in business, electoral politics, truth telling, and is only welcomed by the GOP to deflect accurate charges of rampant sexism in their attacks on Hillary Clinton. As a secondary benefit, her presence in the debates will allegedly prevent the other candidates from using terms like, “Broads,” “Skirts,” or, “The women folk,” when pushing policies to restrict or ban abortion even in cases of rape or incest.

Leaving aside for the moment Trump’s unmatched ability to be a blithering, loud-mouthed shnook of truly epic proportions, what is it that troubles Politico? Is it his calling all Mexicans rapists and drug dealers? Nope:

In recent months, he’s said that Fiorina got “fired viciously” from HP and “got clobbered” in her 2010 California Senate loss to Barbara Boxer (she lost by 10 points.) He’s ripped Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as “very weak” on immigration. He’s called Jeb Bush “an unhappy person” and said he “couldn’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag.”

Fiorina fired viciously from HP – TRUE.
Fiorina clobbered in Senate loss – TRUE
Rubio weak on immigration – TRUE
Jeb a spineless, flip-flopping buffoon – TRUE

Firstly, in what universe is Donald Trump not the perfect embodiment of the contemporary Republican party?
Blatantly racist, sexist and anti-immigrant while insisting he isn’t; absolutely certain he knows everything, is right about everything and everyone else is a loser. Invents “facts” that suit whatever happens to be oozing out of his yap at the moment. Committed birther who demanded to see the president’s long form birth certificate and then wouldn’t accept the document when offered. Anti-tax, anti-government, anti-environmental protection. Solution to every foreign policy problem – a big stick, “Make them behave.”
Donald Trump is a boasting, fabricating, ignorant, spoiled rotten piece of shit. He is loud and proud and doesn’t care that he is fucked-in-the-head wrong about everything. Donald Trump IS Republican.
The Republicans don’t want him on the debate stage because he reveals the rest of them for what they truly are. The only reason thinking people ought to be concerned is that his presence makes the rest of them appear reasonable by comparison. They are not – not more thoughtful or smart or able to govern…they are not less racist, sexist or homophobic – they’re just less like Foghorn Leghorn and they would prefer Donald stop hollering, “Now, see heah, boy!”

Fuck You, Senator Mumblefuck. In or OUT.

John McCain wants to use the economic disaster he helped create to weasel out of the long scheduled debate slated for tomorrow night.  The move of a coward.  Hero, my ass.

In what is transparently a desperate ploy to avoid answering for his flip-flopping, lies, responsibility, culpability, lack of comprehension and lack of anything resembling a reasonable solution or plan for the future, McCain wants the debate called off so he can rush back to Washington and take emergency meetings with the vapid, shallow and ignorant President Bush and a leg’s length list of the very CEO’s, lobbyists, pols, hacks, flaks and bag men that created this apocalyptic financial disaster – so he can appear proactive, on the ball, committed to the common man…so the lying, cheating fuck can look presidential.

Caribou Barbie ate up four fucking weeks of the campaign and still has legs.  If they can milk this financial disaster for four more, they might be able to cut it to a single debate, and never expose Miss Congeniality to a single fucking question from anyone.

It’s not sufficient that McCain has been dodging the press entirely as he squires the Wicked Witch of Wasila from one scripted debutante ball to another redneck coming out party.  It’s not enough that his candidate for vice president has answered fewer questions than are found on the average credit card application.  It’s not even enough that Senator POW Crash Pilot Cunt McMumblefuck can’t decide from one day to the next if Americans are better or worse off, the fundamentals of the economy are strong or not, or whether he’s for or against regulation of the financial sector, tax cuts, or any other goddamn thing.

He wants to forego making his case before the American people, who are bearing the brunt…the full fucking weight of this meltdown of his making.  He’s not ready to explain what he thinks needs to be done – needs some high level meetings to figure that out.  Oh, my mistake.  John McCain wants to take immediate action to help the American people – they, and country, come before niggling things like electing the next president.  He needs to huddle with that economic genius George W. Bush to figure out what to do.  He’s not waiting to see if shit flips or flops…cramming with Karl Rove how best to spin this into “It’s Obama’s fault!”
No, sirree Bob!
He’s taking decisive…PRESIDENTIAL action in the face of calamity!  Just the sort of can-do, nothing’s too good for Joe Six-Pack sorta cowpoke we elected last time.
He called off the RNC for a hurricane disaster that never materialized – goddamn unpredictable weather!
Now he wants to call off a debate because of an economic downturn everyone and their fucking dog has been anticipating for months, if not years.  McCain himself said he saw it coming…warned against it…tried his best to prevent it by voting against…for…against…for…always supported…never supported tax cuts for the rich.   But NOW…now it has reached the point, despite his freakish economic insight and foresight, that we must abandon partisan political concerns like bringing one’s vision for the future before the voters.  We must not present our positions because circumstances are such that to do so would diminish the responsibilities to which POW John McCain attends before personal interests.
Another fuckin’ decider who lies, dodges and grins a lot, my friends…henh henhhh.  That’s not change we can believe in.  Henh henhhhh.
One can only wonder what cataclysm will drop next week to prevent McCain/Palin from taking questions or facing a voter that isn’t a hand-picked plant until ballot day.

He asserts that he has the experience and wisdom to lead, and that his opponent is a naive lightweight.
Yet Fighter Pilot POW John S. McCain is plainly quaking in his very expensive shoes over facing this uppity negro in a debate.
He wants to bypass having to fence with his opponent on the topic of which of them is better suited to take the reins in the midst of this emergency.
No…what Mr. Cindy McCain wants to do is avoid the whole messy problem of defending his actions, his votes, his philosophy and being exposed as part of the problem; being revealed as the diametric opposite of anything resembling a solution.
He wants to cover up that his campaign manager has been billing Fannie Mae $15,000 a month, hole up somewhere safe with Dubya and a slate of Golden Parachute cocksuckers, and figure out a way to keep all their shit hidden until after the election.

He wants to play out this fear – this threat to America and all that is good and just.
Fuck the red level terrorist alerts.  They’ve cranked up the threat level to your wallet to goddamn ultra-violet – a threat so fucking serious it’s not even visible to human eyes.  Just be thankful you’re not a squid.

John McCain is not merely hiding from the press.  He’s hiding from the people.

At what point does serial lying, pathological flip-flopping, sheer cowardice, desperate hail Mary’s, manipulative gambits, fear-mongering, procrastination, avoidance, pandering and obvious senility cease to be an effective election strategy?

Please.  I really fucking want to know.