DNC Email Hack

I remember being in a campaign phone bank for a Nova Scotia byelection in the 1980’s. Volunteers were calling all the senior citizens in the riding who were registered members of the candidate’s party, asking if they needed a ride to the polls on election day – a Get Out the Vote effort.
A heavyweight party bagman (which in days gone by simply meant the man with free bottles of rum and an asphalt truck) slithered in to collect or drop off cheques.
He was flabbergasted. “Listen,” he said, “Get a list of all the seniors that are registered for the other party. Call up, tell them you’re with the other guy’s campaign and promise them a ride to the polls. Then don’t show up. If they manage to get there at all, maybe they’re so pissed off they vote for us. That’s how you win elections.”

The DNC under Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her minions was in the tank for Clinton and playing gutterball with Bernie. Well, fetch my fainting sofa and my clutching pearls!
None of that should surprise anyone.
They were doing it from the very beginning, right out in the open.
If you’re looking for reasons why Sanders didn’t win, the media alternating between ignoring the man and slandering his positions with blatant falsehoods deserves far more of your scorn than those lightweight ratfuckers.
Sadly, it’s being hoovered up like a mixture of cocaine and rocket fuel by petulant children who seem determined to elect Donald Trump.

Hell of a high wire act.


Jon Stewart Beats Up CNN, Eviscerates Fox

In a long list of media beatdowns, this one may top them all. Jon Stewart drives a giant stake through the heart of Fox News…wait for it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

An Open Letter to B. Hussein Obama

Dear Barack:

What a race, eh?
What times.

Christ (and I use that term very loosely – I’m pretty much an atheist and when I’m not, I’m a Jew), you must be exhausted.
What a schedule! And yet you continue to seem fresh, articulate, thoughtful, reserved, strong, steadfast and – I don’t want to sound effusive – pretty fucking cool.

What about those Clintons? I understand you can’t possibly say what we all think every time she…they…haul out another bottom card. I mean, really…Hard-working white voters, Jesse Jackson, states that don’t matter, that whole Geraldine Ferraro thing? The assassination comment?!?
I am at once frustrated that you do not swing back, and yet profoundly impressed at your cagey restraint. It would be playing into the trap.
Still…maybe it’s time for a Pope-mobile. I don’t want you to be a martyr, I want you to be president.

Hillary made much of that rather deplorable plea, “Imagine…a woman in the oval office!”
You never once mentioned how historic it would be to have a person of colour in that chair.
And I don’t care whether it was cagey restraint or simply that you’re smart enough to recognize that’s not the point. I’m just sorta glad to have someone who can say Noo-Clee-Ar.

Still, that’s not why I’m writing you.

It’s now clear that you will carry the Democratic banner into the general election against John McCain. It is my sincere belief that you are stronger on the issues with regard to good policy. It is clear that you are far more educated, articulate, and have better game than Senator McCain.
You’re better looking and that helps, although (as they are sure to point out) you’re black.
Still, McCain is rather senile and hasn’t got a strong grasp of what he sells as his strong points – foreign affairs / national security.
Rove him! His asserted strengths ARE his weaknesses and he has no fallback position.

Make no mistake – he’s gonna come after you. Nothing Hillary has thrown at you has prepared you for the way they are gonna try to do you. Man…get a hat.
Hamas endorses B. Hussein Obama! Wants to negotiate with terrorists! Surrender in Iraq!
Barack…B! (if I might be so bold as to call you B)…those are the easy ones.
Black. Muslim. LIBERAL! That gay junkie giggolo – there better not be any video.

In this fight, you gotta hit back. Hard.
It will soon be time to swing. You haven’t done it yet and Americans need to know there is a point at which you do get your dukes up. Stiff jab. Solid right. Upper cut. It would be good if you were caught (you know…handheld camera…unscheduled) working out with Tommy Hearns or Marvin Hagler. You know…just for exercise. Keep the reflexes sharp.
Maybe walking away from Hillary was the right decision. Personally (and especially after the Jesse Jackson thing), I would have made it a point to be where Bill was one day…ask him face to face, nose to nose, what exactly they meant by “hard-working white Americans.”
“Who you callin’ lazy?”
Obviously, your judgement is better than mine – I would have launched multiple strikes on Clintonia a long time ago.
But the coming battles are different. You will no longer be arguing before like-minded people with a common other. Now you go against the last man in the ring. No more distractions. This is the main event.

I do not doubt the rejoicing that will follow your election – I anticipate it. There will be many reasons for celebration. And now, in my roundabout fashion, I come to my reason for writing you.
That moment, when the results are in and you have become President of the United States, and we all stand back just for a moment to bask in it, you must know that your work has just begun.

Indications are that you will have a Democratic congress and a Democratic Senate. That would appear to be a ‘No excuses’ sort of arrangement.
Circumstances are against you – global economy, war, food prices, inflation, devalued dollar, global warming, housing crisis, spiking oil – the neocons have left you a giant pile of shit. Stygian stables.
Helluva hand you’ve been dealt, my friend.
Nevertheless, you have inspired many. Inspired many and inherited a shit storm. Now begins the real work. I don’t want to put too fine a point on it, but take a look at the before/after photos of any president…even one term. It’s a killer job.
You’ll look good with grey hair.

Still, though. There is work to be done and in adversity there exists opportunity. The Chinese got that one right, even if I paraphrase. You have inspired many – even a jaded, bitter old bastard like me. Seems trite to quote Tim Gunn from Project Runway…but Make it WORK.
You brought us with you. We carried you. Now bend those fuckers until they break. They will not go without a fight. They are deeply entrenched and desperate to hold on until they can hack up Evan Bhay in 2012. Break them. I understand that you want to build bridges, cross the aisle, seek common ground and craft alliances. These are necessary skills. But when you draw the plans, control the purse and write the specs, you get to tell the contractors what’s what. Negotiation only goes so far, especially with sneaky fuckers who are trying to cut corners on materials.

We have come to trust in your message of hope; a new way of doing things…a new projection of America. It will be savagely attacked until November and laid seige after.
Your work. It begins when you win. This fight you began does not end with the defeat of the Clinton machine or the neocon/McCain machine. This fight you began may never end, but it is well and truly begun.
You have sparked a match. You have asked for and earned a terrible burden.
It does not end in June or August or November. It begins in January.

Merry Christmas.

You’ll look good with grey hair.

Who Will Rid Me of This Nigger?

Between Hillary Clinton’s comments about fighting for the hard-working white Americans, Bill’s comments about Jesse Jackson, ramping up the racist vote in West Virginia and Kentucky and claiming that she has been the victim of a media conspiracy and misogyny; lying about Bosnia and the Family and Medical Leave Act; lying about the popular vote tally and Chelsea dodging falling debris on 9/11; lying about being named for Sir Edmund Hillary and the Irish peace process; using Geraldine Ferraro to play the race card (Obama is only where he is because he’s black) and then again to float the ridiculous premise of misogyny on the poli-talk shows (not one credible example..not ONE), now Hillary invokes the possibility of Obama being assassinated as a reason for her to stay in the race.

She actually directly referenced the assassination of Robert Kenedy – in JUNE, you see…it happened in JUNE!
She could have simply said, “The primary of 1968 went into June, and 1992…”
She could have simply referenced any or all other years the Democratic primary extended into June (Clinton-math juggling of the calender and another spurious argument), but she didn’t.
Kids, that is not the kind of thing that springs to mind when looking for an example of an extended primary battle.
It’s the kind of thing that springs to mind when considering possible outcomes. Possible solutions.
Have a peek inside the mind of Hillary Clinton. Hold hands, it’s frightening.

Neither is that all there is to be discerned through this little crack in the plaster.
What the fuck has one to do with the other? Assuming Hillary gets her wish and one of her West Virginian, bible-thumping, gun-loving racist fucktard supporters actually shoots Obama, she’d still be the presumptive replacement nominee whether she was still in the race or not. Dropping out does not mean you cannot be nominated at the convention – the two things are simply, absolutely NOT RELATED.
In terms of the logical connexion, she might as well say, “I’m carrying this umbrella in case I get hungry.”
And yet, she said it.
What in the name of God or The Flying Spaghetti Monster does this insane, power-hungry bitch have to do before people wake up and see her for the craven, desperate, clinging, I’ll-torch-this-fucking-town-if-you-don’t-elect-me monster that she now all too obviously has become?

Someone might assassinate Obama, so I must stay in this race.

What the fuck?

I have a question. Please, can someone help me out here? What would Hillary Clinton have to do before her party finally says, “Alright…that’s enough. You’re fucking grounded and you can’t continue wrecking this process for your own personal ego gratification”?
Split the party? Hillary has split her MIND! There’s plenty of reasonable evidence that she ceased dealing from a full deck some weeks ago, but this…THIS…for fuck sakes! Does she have to strip naked, drool, speak in tongues and go running down the street screaming about the horrible left-wing black woman-hating talking dogs that have ordered her to save the country from Bill and his army of thong-wearing sluts before we medicate this woman? Do we really have to wait until we need a tranquilizer gun, a net and Jim from Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom to bring her down safely?

Ever since it became apparent that Barack Obama would be carrying the Democratic banner into the general election, I’ve been wondering when those evil GOP fuckers would start making veiled references to race, despite that doddering, senile old fuckwit McCain’s pledge to run a respectable campaign. They’re the Republicans. We know what lies down that road.
I never expected Hillary Clinton to race out of the gate and, without even seeming to try, render anything the Republicans might pull mild by comparison. Hillary is making Karl Rove look like Stokely Carmichael.

This is not only another example of Hillary failing to think things through, but a clear symptom of a growing and frightening insanity. It goes beyond the tastelessness, the negligence, the absolute batshit stupidity required to actually say it. As noted, were Obama assassinated she gets the nomination…so long as she keeps her mouth shut. Not now. Not gonna happen now, no matter what happens. No one…no Democrat, no American, no one would ever nominate Hillary Clinton for the presidency in the wake of this remark. Forget assassination. If Obama steps onstage tomorrow and a poorly grounded mic wire electrocutes the man, the party ought to prevail upon Al Gore to bear the standard forward to November.

Hillary has spent the past two months gently tweaking the Fembot/misogyny crowd, goosing the racists, and has the gall to compare her twisted battle to seat Forida and Michigan delegates to those who fought for voting rights for blacks and the elections in Zimbabwe. As if this degree of cognitive dissonance weren’t enough to utterly disqualify her in the minds of anyone able to see, hear and think, it has now reached the point where it is an embarrassment – a disgusting stain – on the Democratic party to let this shameful, pathetic, insulting and filthy grasp at power continue.

Frankly, the Democrats are now risking the votes of reasonable people. Don’t worry about Hillary’s cult of Fembots. Don’t worry about the Floridians or the Michiganners. Worry that by allowing this shameful spectacle to continue – each day another step deeper into the infected, toxic shit that passes for Clinton-think – the Democratic party is alienating perfectly reasonable people. People who, even lacking some overriding personal ethos that blinds them to reality, will turn away from any party that allows a campaign for the nomination to degenerate into this cartoonish, pathetic, disgusting farce.

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde on his deathbed: Either Hillary goes, or I do.

Fair Warning to HRC Fembots

The shouts of “Misogyny” out of certain segments of the Clinton camp have been growing louder.
Geraldine Ferraro – she who no longer works on the Clinton campaign for saying that Obama is only where he is today because he’s black – yesterday said that she would not vote for Obama because “he’s terribly sexist.”
And what evidence do they present?  That Obama described Hillary as “likeable enough”, and he said that she is welcome to stay in the race as long as she wants – both utterances deemed dismissive and, therefore, sexist. 
To be clear, if Obama calls for Hillary (who is losing by every measure) to drop out, he’s a sexist; if he says she ought to stay in it as long as she wants, he’s a sexist.  Apparently the only thing he might say that ISN’T sexist would be, “Hillary is the best candidate. I quit.”

There is no reasonable basis upon which to make the claim that Obama’s campaign has been anything other than an uplifting change from the sort of gutter politics amply demonstrated in the past two presidential elections.  It has furthermore refrained from engaging in the sort of low tactics willingly employed by Hillary, Bill and their surrogates – comments about hard working white voters, Jesse Jackson, elitism and hollow rhetoric even as they traipse about the country lying, twisting and lying some more.
And now the gender / victim card.  Hillary is always the victim.  By turns appearing stronger and more ruthless than anyone else, yet eagerly and regularly asserting that she is the victim of a vast RIGHT-WING conspiracy (the source of her experience battling the GOP), a LEFT-WING conspiracy (all those media pundits who call her campaign finished), men, blacks…it would seem everyone is out to get Hillary.  And why?  Is it because she lied about Bosnia?  No.  Because she voted for the war?  No.  Because she has presented about a dozen different faces to the voters through the course of her campaign, some of them complete with an affected southern drawl?  No.  How about because she exaggerated her involvement in the Irish peace process, lied about her opposition to NAFTA and invented her role in getting the Family and Medical Leave Act passed?  Nope, nope and no.  It’s because she’s a woman and boys won’t let her play!
Her supporters gobble this bullshit like it was mother’s milk and now threaten to fracture the party and swing the election to McCain if those Old Boys don’t allow Hillary to shatter the glass ceiling that keeps her down.

Fuck that.

If these batshit crazy fembots swing this election to McCain because they can’t yank their heads out of their vaginas long enough to take a peek past their ovaries, that will be the end – the fucking END – of women in politics.
The GOP will never nominate a woman, and having suffered through THIS ridiculous, extorting, hysterical, whining, petulant CRAP, the Democrats will never choose to risk it again.
If you silly bitches don’t MAN UP and start playing politics instead of shrieking “Misogyny”, you better have some fucking typing skills to fall back on, because elected office will never again be on the table.
You can call that fair warning.