Hooray (For Now)

HOMOSEXUALS IN TAIWAN WIN RIGHT TO DIVORCE    On May 17, Taiwan became the first Asian country to legalize gay marriage.This is a step forward for civil rights and equality under the law, and fully deserving of the fabulous public celebrations inspired by the law’s passage. Gay couples are now legally entitled to inherit property […]

Both Sides Redux

Donald Trump is a racist. He’s a liar and a fraud. He’s an ignorant, arrogant, uncurious, vicious, juvenile, petty douchebag.The idea that he could possibly be considered for the office of president while dragging behind him gangs of venal hypocrites, Christopathic theocrats, science deniers, gun nuts and Klansmen is both horrifying and deeply disturbing. Donald […]

No Difference

The argument that there’s no difference between the R’s and D’s; that in a two party system you’re fucked no matter how you vote is a particularly shallow and annoying position.One might wonder why, being a Canadian living in Asia, I give a rat’s arse but the vast influence of the USA – economic, military, […]

Marsellus Wallace’s Disembodied Soul

What was in the briefcase? There is an internet hypothesis that will not die: the briefcase in Pulp Fiction contained the disembodied soul of Marsellus Wallace. The evidence offered for this idiotic proposition is (a) the otherworldly glow that emanates from the case and (b) the first time we see Wallace he has a bandage […]

Snooker Comes to Taiwan

I like history. It’s interesting to trace human endeavour across the ebb and flow of time. England, for example: The Empire upon which the sun once never set has exerted tremendous influence over the years. Of course, most of those were for ill but there were some that could at least be argued to have […]

Little Sister Chiu

I write in response to George Thompson’s opinion piece which appeared on Tuesday, February 1, 2005. Mr. Thompson (who I presume hails from North America) lays the tragic death of “Little Sister Chiu” at the feet a variety of shortcomings in Taiwanese society and culture, and goes on to support his view with a myriad […]