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All bits by Cousin Avi, a cynical ex-pat in Taichung, Taiwan who uses a Zippo lighter and hates it when the flint wears down to the point where the wheel is sticky.

There may be uncredited theft in here – I try to cite the more egregious lifting but the blame, if any there be, is mine. 
If you spot something in violation of copyright, fair use or some other breach of common decency, please take the time to notify me and I will endeavour to respond in a timely and appropriate manner.
Vado concubitus per vestri.

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Debate is welcome.  Ad hominem attacks are permitted but carry risk.  A certain degree of…oh what’s the word?…is appreciated. 
Stupidity is no bar to posting. If I were going to ban anything that would be it.  Sadly that would rule out far too many to accord with even my restrictive notion of “freedom of speech”.

Most of the pages are older articles written for a now defunct ex-pat magazine called 24/7. Others appeared in an alternative now dead effort – The Voice.

Little Sister Chui and Mother Tongue? were published as letters to the editor in the Taipei Times.

The posts are fresher, but I ain’t makin’ any promises about that either. Need more?…email cousinavi (at) gmail (dot) com.

Seek pleasure, avoid pain. In all things, give a little better than you get. Accidents happen. The really evil shit is intentional.


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  1. The Latin pedant in me would like to point out that your blog title translates to “Truth conquering nothing.” The present tense would be “Veritas nihilum vincet.” I like the paradox, though.

  2. moioci Says: The Latin pedant in me would like to point out that your blog title translates to “Truth conquering nothing.” The present tense would be “Veritas nihilum vincet.” I like the paradox, though.

    Xie xie. See above.

  3. “Accidents happen. The really evil shit is intentional.”

    Beautiful. 🙂


  4. Oh so I get it, I’m a fuckwit for having a reason to live (God), for liking electronica, and for being a Republican. THATS why I got a 33 on my ACT. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  5. If God is your reason to live, you might be a fuckwit.
    If you like electronica, you might be a fuckwit.
    If you’re a Republican, you are a fuckwit.

  6. Hey fangfarris, the highest possible ACT score is 36, I’d say you’re a fuckwit…must’ve been the Science part hey? Coulter, really…

    I’m enjoying your thoughts Avi, keep ’em coming. I think I’ll send you a bottle of Bacardi as thanks…

  7. @ nanomiles

    I’m enjoying your thoughts Avi, keep ‘em coming. I think I’ll send you a bottle of Bacardi as thanks…

    Mmmm. Bacardi. Always good, but if they stock Appleton Estates where you live, that would be truly special. Can’t get it here, and it’s far and away my favourite.
    Thanks for stopping by in any case. L’chaim.

  8. Does having to be taught “bold” in HTML by a fairly patient teacher make one a fuckwit?


  9. (less than i greater than) Nope. (less than slash i greater than)

  10. I shall try to avoid fuckwit-ism, the stupidty I cannot help. Now where’s the subscribing button, is it that green one?

  11. @ Paul

    I never hold circumstance agin any man. Fuckwiticism requires, at least, willful blindness…some minimum degree of negligence – nonfeasance, if not malfeasance.
    I appreciate the forethought. That alone rules you out (for now, anyway).

  12. Fuckwititudinousness?

    Dr. Suess would know what to do with it.

  13. Why did you leave America? We need more of you to stay and fight

    • I never lived in America. I’m Canadian.
      And fight what? WTF? Who let the nonsequiters loose?

  14. Sorry for assuming you lived in the USA before. I am still trying to educate myself. What the hell was I thinking? I guess I was just excited at the prospect of somone as intelligent as you actually being from America? See, I’m surrounded by people who forward propaganda like this to me.http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/9607 . Anyway, I just loved how you you tore up that JB williams. I’d love for you to pick this one apart also so I show my brother what critical thinkers do while they’re reading. Fight was a poor choice of words. I should have used bluntly enlighten?

  15. @ Neil Nickols

    Cazart! A fan. Tell your friends.
    Thanks. It’s nice to be appreciated.

  16. Wow, I must say I have never met a more hate filled person than yourself. It will be rough on you when you find out you actualy are quite a dispicable low life. Good luck with that.

    BTW how do you like your facist leader obamas actions? How do you plan to live after he finishes what bush started in destroying the US economy?

    I mean, blaming bush will not fed your family. Praying to mc-chimpy obama-hitler might.

    • Eat shit, sonofdy.
      George Bush is incapable of thinking these thoughts, much less speaking these words.
      The very idea that he could receive a standing ovation for anything that stuttered out of his empty head (outside a GOP-NAMBLA meeting) except for, perhaps, the phrase, “I quit,” is laughable.
      It’s got to sting you brainless imbeciles to see a smart, competent president treated with respect…especially when the best you can hork up is Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrinch, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh. HAHAHAHAHA!
      Suck it. Suck it, you ignorant fuckwit. HAH!

  17. Oh I see you are from canada. The land of no free speech.


  18. Hey Sonofdy,

    I’m from Canada, and here’s some free speech for you:

    Go fuck yourself, you worthless cunt! I hope you get cancer and die a slow, painful and expensive all-American death that leaves your family bankrupt.

    Hey, look! I’m still walking walking the Canadian streets a free man! Where are the Canadian Thought Police to snatch me up? Oh yeah, they all got jobs at the CIA/NSA spying on e-mails, websites and phone calls so they can snatch people up and torture them for more “valuable information”.

  19. Jesus, what a lunatic. please stay in canada and keep your batsh*t crazy thoughts to yourself (i know, i know. fat chance.). your rants just prove that some people have not really evolved much since our emergence from the primordial slime.

    “Must you answer every question with a death threat?”

    facts are not relevant in liberal ideology. it’s either lie or threaten. there is no other response in the crazy mind of a liberal.

  20. “May have to stab some fuckin’ body keeps fucking about with this caption”

    Here I am, bitch. Let’s see how bulletproof you are. You will die.

  21. “facts are not relevant in liberal ideology. it’s either lie or threaten. there is no other response in the crazy mind of a liberal.

    And I guess capitals aren’t important in the mind of fact-based conservatives…unless you’re talking about jesus.

    I also find it funny that the very next post is a death threat from (I presume) a rational, fact based, right winger not interested in threatening people.

  22. cousinavi,

    as a vet i am always amused by the little boys who spew threats hiding behind their emails. you would be the guy pissing himself when the real fight starts..why dont you go back and ask your mommy to breast feed you a little longer. the only bitch i see on this website is you

    • @ vet

      I notice you took the time to identify yourself as “vet” (employing the term as both noun and name) as you accused ME of hiding.
      I have no doubt you know quite a bit about bitches. You military wannabe poseurs are a riot. Run along…it’s time to get together with your militia buddies, take off your shirts and watch Top Gun. Maybe this week they’ll let YOU be Maverick instead of Ice Man.

  23. I stumbled onto this blog from another site. It’s evident that the blog host is in need of some sort of mental help. I do not say this jokingly. The anger and threats are over-the-top. It truly looks unhealthy and insane.

    Or, put into language the host may understand…
    “you’re a fucking nut go take your meds and shut up you little faggot ass bitch”

    • @centralohiocars

      Central Ohio. Cars. I can imagine how you stumbled onto this site. Newsbusters.org sent you, along with the rest of ignorant, backward flyover red state morons who stop by to vent their imbecility in public. You forgot to mention how much you love Bush, respect Cheney, adore Rush and how the black Muslim Kenyan is wrecking everything.
      You toss around words you don’t understand (insane – look it up, dick breath), and finish off with that standard conservatard repressed homosexuality.
      Rush called. It’s time for his ball wash. Don’t forget your kneepads.

  24. Wooooo look! The crusty old internet tough guy called me “dick breath.” Uh oh! Is Rambo the blogger gonna come ta my backwoods home in Columbus (backwoods???) and call me dick breath?? Oh no! The internet tough guy vet is mad at me!!!! And, he accused me of not knowing what “insane” means. OMG!! I’m sooooo skert!!!!

    You’re a fucking joke.

    Not only are you insane, but you’re an ignorant fuck too. Columbus is now the 15th largest city in this country, which would make pretty much the whole country backwoods by your stupid fucking logic. I wouldn’t expect you to know that though. You couldn’t hack life in the states, so you packed up your bong and went to a shithole country packed with guys that are 5 feet tall so you could feel like a badass there. Bitch.

    You aint nothin but a homeless chickenshit on a laptop in a some internet cafe. Fuck you and all your leftist bullshit. I hope Obama has a stroke and ends up in a wheelchair shitting himself the rest of his life.

    This blog sucks too by the way.

    • @ yo mama

      Learn to read, you ignorant stain. BackWARDS. It’s no wonder you stupid right wing fuckwits can’t pour piss out of a boot – you have the literacy skills of George Bush.
      You don’t know what “insane” means, you stunted waste of skin. You, like the rest of your idiotic cohorts, toss it around as though it means crazy. It doesn’t. It’s a legal term, but that’s beside the point.
      Hack life in the States? Never lived there. I’m from a much nicer place, and currently live in a much nicer place. Of course, you’re stuck in Hacksaw Jim Duggan mode: USA! USA! We’re #1! We’re #1!…except in things like education, technology, health care, infant mortality, quality of living. You ARE leading the world, though, in gun deaths and percentage of the population incarcerated. Well done, you retarded spooge stain.
      And, of course, like the rest of your genius right wing gang members, you wind up by insulting YOUR PRESIDENT. You need to check with your moral compasses – Rush and Hannity – they’ll tell you that only treasonous, America hating cocksuckers don’t stand with their president in time of war. So…I guess that makes you a treasonous America hater.
      (I know they never actually said “cocksucker”. I realize that’s just something you do at truck stops for spare change and because you can’t resist. It’s OK…no one hates you for that. We dislike you for so many other, better reasons)
      Best of luck with the remedial reading class. I’m sure your Uncle/Daddy is proud.

  25. Wondering why one would need a laptop in an internet cafe.
    Gotta laugh at fuckwits too stupid to put together an insult that doesn’t contradict itself.
    Ah, Columbus. Not as cool as Cincinnati, but hey…15th and climbing! Be sure to take your Flintstones vitamins, sonny. Someday you’ll be all grown up.

  26. Your from CANADA!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! And you called Columbus backwards!!!!! That whole country is backwards…..and backwoods!!!!!!!

    Eh hoser? Wanna pleh sum hockey eh? Wanna cross the border eh? To get treatment here in the states eh? Cause you’d have to wait 5 months for an appointment in your BACKWOODS ASS REDNECK COUNTRY eh?

    Canada is the dump of the hemisphere!!! I’d rather live in Haiti!

    • Educating the idiots. It’s a good thing.
      First…the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE…
      The HDI combines normalized measures of life expectancy, literacy, educational attainment, and GDP per capita for countries worldwide. It is claimed as a standard means of measuring human development—a concept that, according to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), refers to the process of widening the options of persons, giving them greater opportunities for education, health care, income, employment, etc. The basic use of HDI is to measure a country’s development.

      The index was developed in 1990 by Pakistani economist Mahbub ul Haq, Sir Richard Jolly, with help from Gustav Ranis of Yale University and Lord Meghnad Desai of the London School of Economics. It has been used since then by UNDP in its annual Human Development Report. It is claimed that ideas of Indian Nobel prize winner Amartya Sen were influential in the development of the HDI[1]. The HDI now serves as a path towards a wide variety of more detailed measures contained in the Human Development Reports.

      The HDI combines three basic dimensions:

      * Life expectancy at birth, as an index of population health and longevity
      * Knowledge and education, as measured by the adult literacy rate (with two-thirds weighting) and the combined primary, secondary, and tertiary gross enrollment ratio (with one-third weighting).
      * Standard of living, as measured by the natural logarithm of gross domestic product

      1. Iceland 0.968 (▬)
      2. Norway 0.968 (▬)
      3. Canada 0.967 (▲ 1)
      4. Australia 0.965 (▼ 1)
      5. Ireland 0.960 (▬)
      6. Netherlands 0.958 (▲ 3)
      7. Sweden 0.958 (▼ 1)
      8. Japan 0.956 (▬)
      9. Luxembourg 0.956 (▲ 9)
      10. Switzerland 0.955 (▼ 3)
      11. France 0.955 (▲ 1)
      12. Finland 0.954 (▼ 1)
      13. Denmark 0.952 (▲ 1)
      14. Austria 0.951 (▲ 1)
      15. United States 0.950 (▼ 3)
      16. Spain 0.949 (▼ 3)
      17. Belgium 0.948 (▼ 1)
      18. Greece 0.947 (▲ 6)
      19. Italy 0.945 (▲ 1)
      20. New Zealand 0.944 (▼ 1)
      21. United Kingdom 0.942 (▼ 5)
      22. Hong Kong 0.942 (▼ 1)
      23. Germany 0.940 (▼ 1)
      24. Israel 0.930 (▼ 1)
      25. South Korea 0.928 (▲ 1)
      26. Slovenia 0.923 (▲ 1)
      27. Brunei 0.919 (▲ 3)
      28. Singapore 0.918 (▼ 3)
      29. Cyprus 0.912 (▲ 4)
      30. Kuwait 0.912 (▲ 4)

      Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_Development_Index

      Hey…now there’s a coincidence for you. You live in the 15th biggest city in the 15th best country and you have an IQ of 15. Better luck next time and thanks for playing. Oh…and I’m reasonably certain Haiti doesn’t want you.
      USA, baby. Number 15 and falling. I can see why you’re so proud – it’s because you’re so fucking stupid.

    • One wonders why so many Americans cross into MEXICO for health care. I guess it’s that top quality level of care that everyone can afford.
      Jesus on skis…it must hurt to be that stupid and display it in public…over and over again. Run along now, Columbus…it’s time to help your momma wash the spooge off her new quarters.

  27. I’ve never seem so much hate crammed into one webpage. I thought the left was supposed to be tolerant and loving, no?

    • I take it, then, that you are prepared to tolerate racism, torture, lies, false intel to support illegal wars, warrantless wiretapping, homophobia, abortion clinic bombings, the denial of civil rights, the loss of habeous corpus and a running tally of misfeasance, nonfeasance and malfeasance puttied over with repeated invocations of 9/11 and the exploitation of xenophobia and fear.

      For that matter, I’m not sure what makes you think I’m either left-wing or a liberal. I suppose it could be my support for health care for everyone, good education (not the crap the religious fuckwits want taught in science class) and a fair system of taxation that doesn’t allow the rich to saddle the poor…but if you’re opposed to any of those things, you’ve got your head jammed up your ass.

      Hate? Please. You can save your imbecilic “Classic Liberal” tag, your stupid presumptions about what constitutes the proper delineations of political theory, and your condescending judgment. The fact that you left your comment on the page you did tells me exactly how you came to VNV…and anyone who bothers with anything crapped out by Newsbusters.org is the sort of moron who swallows shit on a shingle because Rush Limbaugh says it’s caviar.
      It isn’t hate…it’s frustration with false equivalency, lies, and myopic bullshit – the exploitation of a (thankfully dwindling) red state, redneck, racist demographic which cannot melt into complete obscurity and irrelevance soon enough.

  28. And hey avi, you ignorant fuckwit…..

    “The poor” in this country don’t pay shit in taxes. The upper half of the population pays 96% of all taxes. Fact! And as far as education goes, what the fuck do you know about American schools? We shovel more money into education that any nation on earth. And what happens? Our system is more concerned with teaching kids shit that won’t do them a fucking bit of good. We don’t need classes on gay marriage. Or marriage in general. Or tolerance. Teach them important shit – reading, writing, math, history, and science. Leave the leftist indoctrination out of it. And for fucks sake a little discipline would be nice. American kids are spoiled, sniveling, self-absorbed little shits that think the world owes them something. And it’s because of this leftist intrusion into academia. Because of it we’ve got a bunch sorry little fucks that can’t add or find the US (or Canada) on a map and think the government is supposed to send’em a fucking check and pay for their joke of college education. And before you talk about xenophobia, go spend some time near the border. You don’t have to deal with that shit in Canada. Entire cities are literally Mexico now, and with it comes their social problems too – broken homes, lack of education, low-skilled, non-english speaking people are the norm. And we don’t need that shit here. They suck down tax dollars at a rate higher than any other demographic in our society, and they’re not entitled to any of it. We don’t have the resources to support this shit. And let’s not forget the drug cartels, the suppression of wages, stolen jobs, and ethnic strife this brings. If you call our concerns ‘xenophobia,” take your white ass down to Brownsville or El Paso like I have then come talk to me. Until then, you’re opinion is ill-informed and invalid. You don’t know shit. Your ad hominem garbage is meaningless. “redneck, racist, backwards,” bla bla bla fucking bla. People like me in the suburbs are the heart and soul of this country. Without us, nothing gets done. And a lot of us are really fucking sick of being portrayed as the enemy because a) we’re white, and b) we’re successful. I’m sure you heard about the tea parties. *Those* were the people that make this country what it is. And we’re sick of being ripped off and having our money get shoveled to a bunch of fucking leeches, deadbeats, corrupt corporations, and non-citizens so the democratic party can get votes. There’s a storm coming in this country. It’s gonna be sooner rather than later. And you nor any of your brainwashed 60’s morons are going to be able to stop us from taking our country back. This hack in white house and his appointing of an overt racist to the SCOTUS is the last straw. Pay attention fuckwit. You’ll learn something.

    • You’re a stunningly ignorant racist.
      No Child Left Behind. Tell me again how it’s the left, and not 30 years of Reaganonmics and the eight years of Bush that fucked up education, immigration, foreign policy, global trade and everything else you lame-ass conservatards touched.

      Corrupt corporations? Yeah, they’ve always been big supporters of the left. The automakers, big oil, the media conglomerates that have gutted journalism in favor of another expose on Britney Spears…all victims of the librul agenda. It has to be painful to carry around that much stupidity in a hollow skull.

      You want to know where your tax dollars go, asshole? Have a look at Haliburton and Iraq.
      And if you like eating oranges, avocados, or any other fucking produce grown from Florida to California, you’ll be pretty much FUCKED when you force farmers to hire minimum wage white Americans to harvest the crops. Successful, are you? Jethro, you don’t earn enough money to buy the pickles McDonald’s puts on your cheeseburger without the low-wage imports that BUSH did NOTHING to prevent crossing the border. Why? Ask Archer Daniels Midland.
      It’s just easier for a stupid, know-nothing, fly-over state fuckwit like you to blame “the Mexicans” than it is to take responsibility for electing silver spoon retards like Dubya who never had your interests in mind to begin with.

      Planning a revolution, are you? Gonna take your country back for the White, Christian, Aryan nation you love? Looking forward to it. About time you Jesus loving redneck shit eaters had your balls kicked up around your ears.

      As for Sotomayor, it’s gotta twist a skinhead Klan fucker like you into angry little pieces to see an Hispanic woman put on the bench because she’s smarter than you, smarter than your momma and poppa, smarter than anyone you know, and more qualified than any white person you can name. Go ahead – name ONE white man who has academic and professional qualifications that match Sonia Sotomayor. ONE. You can’t…and why? Because you’re ignorant. You don’t have the foggiest idea what you’re talking about, so you just repeat the crap that spills from Newt Gingrich’s pathetic yap – a man who was chased out of Washington for corruption and now wants to take pot shots at the black man who HAS THE JOB NEWT ALWAYS DREAMED OF.

      You’re dumber than Michele Bachman (who ain’t no scientist, says she). You’re laughable. I drink your sweet tears of rage and frustration. There is something so very, very sweet at watching abysmally stupid, arrogant, ignorant, racist, backward, redneck fuckwits from the 15th largest city in the 15th best country bawl tantrums when they realize that they ain’t the smartest people in the game, and it’s no longer rigged so they win every toss.

      You “shovel” more money into education? How doubly embarrassing for you, then, that your teachers are so poorly paid, and your students are, year after year, outperformed by such global powerhouses as Taiwan and Singapore in math and science. I guess money can’t fix STUPID. Some things you just have to live with…like that extra chromosome you got from your sister/momma and your uncle/daddy.

      “Americans are spoiled, sniveling, self-absorbed little shits that think the world owes them something. And it’s because of under Bush, they had no need to learn anything in order to be ‘as smart as the president’. Because of it we’ve got a bunch sorry little fucks that can’t add or find the US (or Canada) on a map – we make them beauty pageant contestants for the Iraq and such – and think the government is supposed to send’em a fucking check and pay for their joke of college education.”

      I fixed that for you. Apparently you’ve never bothered with higher education. I can understand that, though – being so successful, erudite, well-informed, urbane and cultured, why would a man of your genius waste the HUGE FUCKING PILE OF MONEY IT COSTS to attend an American university.
      Man, you are too stupid to know how stupid you are. It’s a little scary that you can manage to feed yourself and haven’t poked your own eyes out with your toes.
      Better luck next time. Maybe if you move to Tijuana, the USA can climb to #14 on the strength of your absence.

  29. “Columbus is now the 15th largest city in this country, which would make pretty much the whole country backwoods by your stupid fucking logic.

    Much of America IS backwoods. Haven’t you seen Jerry Springer? Over 15 years on TV and people are still beating down the doors to get on a show that makes every guest look like a fucking inbred retard.

    You’re from the 15th largest in the country? The idea that would impress ANYBODY outside of Columbus is laughably provincial. Firstly, anyone from one of the biggest 14 cities in America would laugh at anyone who is such a loser that he thinks coming from the 15th largest city actually means something. Go ahead. Ask them. You might as well say “I’m the Assistant Night Manager at the 2nd biggest Applebees in the tri-county area.”

    And that assumes population size is an indicator of anything other than, perhaps, that there’s a lot of unprotected sex going on. I live in a city of over 300,000. It is a backward-ass hick-town full of unthinking morons that is at least a decade or two behind most cities in the region. (But it’s still a bit more advanced than most places in The South.) If it hadn’t chopped down 1/2 of the trees in the city over the last 20 years, I would loudly declare it “backwoods” too.

    New York is the largest city in America. Does that mean you think they have it right? Being 15th also means you’re below Detroit, which is a giant fucking ghetto from hell. Detroit: Better than Columbus? Well, if you insist.

    You aint nothin but a homeless chickenshit on a laptop in a some internet cafe.

    Yeah, it’s amazing how losers on the Internet think they’re hot shit when the truth is they’re all fucking losers! And they all think “Oh, but me, I’m different.” The simple act of being on the Internet encourages the growth of the chickenshit loser in all of us.

    Something that obvious doesn’t even need to be said aloud.

    Fuck you and all your leftist bullshit. I hope Obama has a stroke and ends up in a wheelchair shitting himself the rest of his life.

    As if Obama needs another FDR parallel and one that would make him more “inspiring” to boot. Being wheelchair bound would only add to his luster and would probably just make him more successful in reaching his goals. You may want rethink that wish.

    Don’t think that even being a vegetable would stop a Presidency. Look at Reagan. The poor bastard couldn’t stay awake more than 5 minutes straight in his last few years in office, but that didn’t seem to slow him down. Look at George W. Bush. He’s about as close to a vegetable as it gets, but that only helped Cheney’s White House operate more smoothly.

    “American kids are spoiled, sniveling, self-absorbed little shits that think the world owes them something. And it’s because of this leftist intrusion into academia. Because of it we’ve got a bunch sorry little fucks that can’t add or find the US (or Canada) on a map and think the government is supposed to send’em a fucking check and pay for their joke of college education.”

    This was the closest yet you have come to saying something intelligent, but you still got it largely wrong. While the left has a tendency to kiss everybody’s boo-boo’s and try to make them feel less like the losers they are, the extent of “leftist intrusion” into academia would be as pointless in most people’s lives as most of curriculum already is. In the age of computers, math knowledge is as pointless as the human appendix.

    Given the recent anti-intellectual trend in your nation, what goes on in the world of academia is more irrelevant than ever before.

    The real problem is that most of our economy has literally become dependent on mindless consumption. If people didn’t spend themselves into ridiculous, self defeating, debt in an attempt to keep up with the latest trends or drown their misery by buying stuff they don’t need, the economy would collapse even worse than the “geniuses” on Wall Street who are “worth every penny” have already seen to.

    You can’t have mindless consumption without mindless consumers. Therefore, our society is in a position where it must deliberately churn out large numbers of morons hell bent on consuming. Advertising, popular culture, even the educational system, is intent on making us all as stupid and helpless as humanly possible. Technology is big because it sells well and it does the thinking for us, so we can go about our primary task of being stupid little consumers.

    “Get a bigger car. Who cares if sucks up have your salary in gas? It’ll make you more macho! Get a bigger home, even if you can’t afford it. Hell we’ll set you up with a NINJA loan and a line of credit! You can buy that big home and more stuff to fill it up with! Don’t let a little thing like poverty stop you from living the life we sold you on in our ads! Did I mention the free i-Pod? Gotta have one of those!”

    “The poor” in this country don’t pay shit in taxes. The upper half of the population pays 96% of all taxes.”

    Hey, rocket scientist. Perhaps the lower 50% income folks pay shit in taxes because they make shit in income! This stat is as meaningless as saying “96% of obese people are fat.” or “96% of Rush Limbaugh listeners agree with him.”

    “We don’t need classes on gay marriage. Or marriage in general.”

    With about half of marriages ending in divorce, I beg to differ. Perhaps a lack of proper preparation is why so many of them tank.

    “Your (sic) from CANADA!!!!Canada is the dump of the hemisphere!!! I’d rather live in Haiti!”

    Funnily enough, Canada’s official Head of State was born in Haiti and, despite being better off than most Haitians, moved to Canada. She has no intention of moving back.

    But enjoy your stay in Haiti. I’m sure some (presumably) white, right-wing, suburbanite from Columbus will do swimmingly well in Haiti. You may even live to see next month, assuming they allow your guns through the airport.

    The sad thing is I think you might actually believe that comment. While it hurts me to say it, the truth is that America arguably has more in common with Canada than almost any other nation. Yet somehow, little Canada has managed to create a more liveable version of America that very few of us would give up.

    Because I’m less of a moron than most people, I know I’d rather live anywhere in America than anywhere in Haiti, or for that matter, most of Central or South America, no matter how nice the climate is or how far my dollar goes.

    The sad part is that most Americans are, as you yourself claim, so ignorant, spoiled, so self-involved and feel that the world owes them something, that most have no clue what goes on beyond their own borders. Nor do they want to know. That wilful ignorance is the true sign of a “backwoods” nation.

  30. An Obituary printed in the London Times – Interesting and, sadly, rather true.

    Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who
    has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was,
    since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.
    He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:

    – Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
    – Why the early bird gets the worm;
    -Life isn’t always fair;
    – and maybe it was my fault.

    Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don’t spend
    more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children,
    are in charge).

    His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but
    overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy
    charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended
    from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for
    reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

    Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job
    that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children.

    It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent
    to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform
    parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

    Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and
    criminals received better treatment than their victims.

    Common Sense took a beating when you couldn’t defend yourself from a burglar
    in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.

    Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to
    realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her
    lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

    Common Sense was preceded in death, by his parents, Truth and Trust, by his
    wife, Discretion, by his daughter, Responsibility, and by his son, Reason.

    He is survived by his 4 stepbrothers;

    I Know My Rights

    I Want It Now

    Someone Else Is To Blame

    I’m A Victim

    Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.
    If you still remember him, pass this on.
    If not, join the majority and do nothing.

    One evening, an old man told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, “My son, the battle is between two ‘wolves’ inside us all. One is evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, greed, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, resentment, inferiority, guilt, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.

    The grandson thought about it for a minute and asked, “Which wolf wins?”.

    The old man simply replied, “The one you feed.”

    This is just my opinion: It seems to me that when people try to make statements in opposition to the people who promote the world’s problems (such as violence, torture, war, etc..) by remarks as bitter, hateful, destructive, and malicious as they can think up to spit back, they are becoming exactly like what they think they are fighting. I am not saying I believe people should not speak out or work to promote their beliefs.
    I think we must all realize we choose to be a part of one of three forces in life. Who, where, and what we each are eventually comes down to being in line with one of these three: -1, 0, +1
    Very few are ever powerful enough to achieve being a +1 or a -1. Examples: Mother Teresa and Hitler.
    Most of us are zeros. We are often one of three types of zeros:
    1.) The little details and experiences of our unique lives can cloud how we see ourselves and others.
    Our choices have more to do with who are inside than we realize. We forget about the simple selfless acts that we held as children that were motivated by good for others as we would want to be done to us… It is against our nature to be alone and on attack to other people. We are taught all that. We focus our energies on how we want to be seen to others, and how we are considered to be by what we show to the outside world regardless of what we are in our hearts..
    We get to be so focussed on how we perform and have the approval of the people around us, we rarely will stand up without a group of those who agree with us. We regard ourselves as being successful according to what we have, where we live, who we associate with, and how our group of people we see as important to us perceive us as being. we forget about the one inside that only we really see. The one only we & God, if one believes in God, can see.
    We often are “educated”, to one degree or another,
    We achieve all too often a very unsatisfied life that gets so confining in what it takes to maintain, we seek temporary relief in things like shopping, sports, dinners, bars, or even writing on blogs, quid pro quo, to be best of the best elite hateful fucks, who don’t see at all what even fifth graders can see…..We are selfish. We are our first interest, and would not miss a manicure to feed a family.That is: the inside(-1) + (+1)the outside act, being the total sum of worth= 0 (ZERO)
    It would behoove us each to see all the small and often unrecognized little emotionally fueled acts of selfish bullshit we could cut back on just a little. There’s alot we do that we do that we really get no pleasure in doing, but it’s habit to do..like the spa on Tues and Thurs….or whatever.. We are too often critical of everyone and everything but ourselves. We are fooling no one but ourselves and those just like us. We are choosing to hoard possessions we don’t need and even build warehouses, rent storage units, and fill our homes with stuff while we say to the world we hate poverty, hunger, and homelessness. We write checks for the charities we can write off our taxes, sometimes saving more than we actually gave, and attend the social functions that will bring public admiration for all our contributions…We will do so many things ‘for good’ as long as we get something for doing them. We drive by the same homeless people every day as if they are not there. We don’t pull out some of our clothes, food, or books,etc. we don’t even use anymore to roll down the window of our cars and hand these to the person who needs the stuff, and will also be given the example of the act of love by the deed of the giving help to a stranger with no strings attached. The giving of what seems small to those who have much can help change everything for those who have little.
    2.) We also choose to be selfish, apathetic, lazy whiners:
    3.) The sad result of the hunger, poverty, and death that is the life condition of the majority of the people on this planet feeds a sense of fear, futility, suffering, and loss.These people often are forced by the poverty no human suffers but for the greed of those who will not give what they have but don’t really even need, The haves see these have nots doing much of the violent and terroristic acts the have think they can stop with more violence…. These are often people who want food, shelter, work, safety for their families(+1) that are so defeated, hopeless and weary they see the only choice they have is striking back in acts of violence(-1) that are a final cry of suffering they saw the family before them suffer, they are feeling, and see their children inherit. (+1) + (-1) = 0.

    Seems there’s a pandemic of stuck on stupid.
    What’s in YOUR wallet???

    • Thanks for dropping by to post A FUCKING CHAIN LETTER, asshole.
      How cute that you think you can pass that crap off as your own, or even pretend it’s not utter bullshit. You must be AMAZINGLY fucking stupid.

      As for the rest of your simpering Sermon on the Mount – a vapid rehash of the golden rule, mixed with a slash of temperance and sprinkle of live and let live – take a long hard blast on JAM IT UP YOUR JESUS.

      I’m not preaching abstinence while my daughter is humping the local unemployed hockey stick. I’m not pimping my child out as evidence of my hypocritical bullshit Family Values. I’m not casting my child as a rape victim in order to exploit an opportunity to shine up my “women’s rights” cred.

      If you have a proper comment to make, you’re welcome to try again. I’m leaving up your blithering bullshit first swing as an object lesson in what happens to plagiarizing, lying fuckwits. But YOU are being watched. Make your argument – whatever the fuck it is. Leave the cock stupid Hallmark card BULLSHIT out of it. Come in here stealing from some stupid, vapid Laurie Anderson performance piece you saw somewhere. Fuck you, you unoriginal, thieving fuck. You’re the blog comment equivalent of Carlos Mencia. Never saw a post you wouldn’t pass off as your own.

    • Don’t worry about MY wallet.
      YOURS is full of counterfeit bullshit.
      Don’t come around here trying to pass that shit.

  31. Huh. That is one pissed off sonofabitch. I know why I’m pissed off – watching my country shredded into mere tatters by socialism, hostile takeover of the private sector, runaway spending and a left unconcerned with pittances like constitutionality or liberty. But I wonder what he’s pissed about? Whatever it is, it sure runs deep.

    • You don’t know what the word socialism means. You drive on socialist roads, your kids attend socialist schools, you are treated in socialist hospitals, your shit gets flushed down socialist sewer pipes and your country is defended by a socialist army, you blithering ignorant dittohead fuckwit!
      What YOU know about the constitution wouldn’t scratch the matchbook cover you filled out to mail away for the pamphlet that explained it all to you.
      Constitutionality? In the wake of DICK CHENEY, you want to talk about the shreds of the Constitution?
      Blithering Glenn Beck cock gobbling moron.

  32. See what I mean? It’s rather astounding, really. By the way, I homeschooled my kids. And I don’t drive. Nice try, though.

    • Home schooling. Passing on your inestimable wisdom and lernin’ to the young’uns.
      How pathetically myopic of you.
      I trust you are well versed in differential equations, chemistry, physics…the fundamental core notions of biology…?
      I can just imagine the sort of hideous, fucked up biases your poor, failed children will have to overcome JUST to compete with kids who had to leave school in grade six to work in the mines.

      Glenn Beck is your philosopher king. Your perfect justification for all that you believe and all that do. Seek him out. He will lead you. He will show you how right you are.

      How fucking SAD that people like you are permitted to abuse their own children like that. Such is the price of liberty. Still…depressingly sad that you make your children pay such a steep price for YOUR ignorant, willfully blind, yammering bullshit, imbecilic sense of freedom.

  33. Who is Glen Beck?

  34. They’re both doing well in college, thanks. Have we gotten to the root of your anger yet – is it that other people have rights and you just can’t stand it? You believe that only you should have them because you’re enlightened and so (obviously) intelligent, right? Something along those lines?

    I don’t know this Beck person, but he seems to annoy you for some reason. Maybe I’ll check it out; your rage is really bizarre and I’m curious to track it down. Don’t worry, I won’t be curious for long – if it leads to the dead end I think it will.

    • Where are the kids? Liberty University? The Discovery Institute? Brigham Young?
      College? Would that be the local two-year trade school, or was your home schooling sufficient to gain admission to MIT?

      Want to track down the source of my “anger”? Well, since you PRESUME that I’m angry, and not merely frustrated with blitheringly stupid fuckwits like YOU, who yammer about socialism without the first fucking idea what the hell you’re talking about; yammer about the Constitution and Liberty being attacked while stunningly convinced that faked intel, torture, the repeal of habeous corpus, warrantless wiretapping and no-bid contracts of Haliburton were the way to go about PROTECTING and DEFENDING the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES…
      If you can get past the utter hypocrisy and brainless fuckwittery of your PREMISE, then you might, someday, with some great deal more education under your vapid, shallow belt, get somewhere CLOSE to comprehending what it is that motivates my utter impatience.
      It’s is precisely ignorant, backward, myopic little know nothing bits of stupid fluff like YOU, dearie.
      YOU are the dead end.

  35. Yes, just as I expected. Every assumption you’ve made is as wrong as it’s possible to be – from the level and quality of my education and intelligence to that of my children to my understanding of the political issues I discuss. I figured it would be pointless to say anything to a raging lunatic, and so it is. This is what the left is like, win lose or draw – never happy, never satisfied – always enraged. Must be a thoroughly depressing way to live. Adios, my friend; I hope you find a better, happier, more satisfying life someday and even reconcile yourself to the fact that other people (see those? Those are the real ones – real people) also have just as much right to their activities, beliefs and pursuits as you do, whether or not you like them. I know that’s the hardest pill to swallow, but I recommend swallowing it anyway or you’re gonna end up like that guy shooting up the Holocaust Museum or Kaczinski or something. Live and let live is a really, really helpful philosophy.

    • How fucking predictable.
      Bold statement that I’m wrong. Nothing at all to back up your bullshit claims about socialism ripping your country to shreds.

      Assertion that you understand the politics, when your own words demonstrate that you haven’t the foggiest idea beyond your ignorant assumptions.

      Pointless attack on “the left” without ANY evidence in support of the proposition, yet again, beyond YOUR PRESUMPTIONS.

      Finally, a fuckwitted attempt to liken my distaste for your UNREASONED, UNSUPPORTED bullshit claims to a RIGHT WING RACIST and the Unabomber.

      If it weren’t for the fact that blithering morons like you infect society with idiotic foolishness based on NO EVIDENCE and a stunningly deficient knowledge of BASIC political theory, much less argument, I’d be TOTALLY open to “Live and let live.”

      Sadly, there are far too many dangerous ignoramuses like you (and no doubt your long suffering spawn) to be permitted anything like free reign.

      I have no doubt you are satisfied with far less than that. You’re almost obligated. No sense having aspirations from your perspective. Why grasp for that which is clearly beyond your reach?

  36. Sweetums, you’re all over the MAP here. First you claim that the country is in fact socialized, at least in large part – from education to roads to health care, and that must make me an idiotic hypocrite and I for some reason ought to then support full socialism or something. Then out of the other side of your mouth you claim we DON’T have socialism here and I must be a fucking idiot for even mentioning the word in conjunction with government activities in this country, although you yourself acknowledge that it is. Then out of some other orifice, when faced with the fact that at least some of these socialist services are NOT in fact used by me, you accuse me of being a filthy child abuser and again, a fucking moron.

    In reality, education is socialized, as are the highway systems and a variety of other things (though constitutionally there is at least a case to be made for the highways – you’re smart, you should be able to figure out which clause that is) and right now the government has taken over the auto industry, the banking industry, and now the portion of health care that isn’t already socialized. You see, government takeover of the private sector? That’s socialism. Banks were given no choice. Link: http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2009/05/023557.php?format=print

    Might I suggest that YOU get your stories straight and maybe educate yourself on what socialism is and isn’t and perhaps some instruction in civics and constitutional laws, separation of powers, etc?. And perhaps lose just a bit of that enormous boulder on your shoulder and maybe a shred of that RAGE so that you can discuss things with other people without sounding like a complete asshole who contradicts himself at every turn.

    • You really are a convoluted idiot, Glenn Beck cock gobbling, spooge sucking MORON.

      Would you prefer private schools, private hospitals, private police forces, private armies and toll roads ALL run for profit?
      The idea that those are examples of some kind of socialist TAKEOVER is laughable, stupid, and a perfect example of the excluded middle.
      There has NEVER been a perfectly “capitalist” economic structure, and there never will be. It’s not only impossible, it’s unworkable. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT “Socialism” IS except in some entirely vapid, shallow, ignorant matchbook cover bullshit, “If the government owns it, it’s socialism” elementary school fashion.
      The banking sector bailouts were initiated by the BUSH administration in response to their utterly cocked up management and deregulation of the financial industry which put the economy INTO the mess it is now in, and which the alleged “socialist” Obama is trying to prevent from sliding into full depression (See Nobel Prize winning economist Krugman for further information, you blithering moron.)
      The percentage of private industry “taken over” by the government is less than one TENTH of ONE PERCENT. I suppose you would prefer to watch GM, and ALL of its supporting industries, shutter up and rust away into nothing. Banks were given no choice? NO CHOICE??? After ASKING to be permitted to avoid long standing rules on reserve ratios, entering arcane and twisted financial markets using cocked up instruments of their own invention, leveraging themselves into massive risks based on THEIR OWN fucked up valuations of an illusory housing market, GAMBLING FOR PROFIT WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY, trading in cock hollow credit default swaps, and THEN COMING TO THE PEOPLE AND ASKING FOR TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to be BAILED OUT OF THEIR OWN FUCKING DISASTER, you want the government to either (a) let them fail, crushing the entire economy under the weight of their own malfeasance, or (b) hand them some giant cunting pile of cash and let them go about their merry business with no oversight, no regulation and just “carry on, boys!”
      You actually have the idea that the creation of a PUBLIC INSURANCE OPTION amounts to government TAKE-OVER of health care? There’s just no reasoning with anyone that stupid. And it really is that simple – you’re stupid. You don’t know what you’re talking about, you listen to Rush, and Malkin, and Hannity and you accept their apparent certainty as evidence, facts and reason. They don’t know the first fucking thing about economic theory – they just like to yammer and use words YOU don’t understand to gin up your fear and stoke your anger. “It’s SOCIALISM!!!”
      Separation of POWERS? Oh, please…PLEASE DO educate me on SEPARATION OF POWERS! PLEASE do explain how the CONSTITUTION supports the public control of roads.
      I suppose you want to see the end of Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP, eh? Yep, you sure do have socialized medicine! Do tell, how many tax dollars does it take to educate a doctor at a private university? Here you go, Doc! Take all this public money, earn your degree, than open a breast enhancement boutique in Hollywood. No, fuck it….don’t worry. We have no need for health care! Just get into the Botox game!
      You may be too stupid and too committed to your ignorance to EVER get your head around how fucking brainless, blind and STUPID you actually are. You’re a coffee table book! Lots of pictures, but no substance.
      Who’s arguing that there ought to be FULL Socialism? More straw man BULLSHIT from the Limbaugh zombie.
      Look. Here’s the thing…
      YOU don’t know what you’re talking about. You have been poorly educated, and take your blithering talking points by listening to a bunch of high school dropout rage pimps who ALSO don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.
      You don’t understand political theory except in the MOST shallow way – you’re notion of economics would seem to leave you incapable of balancing a checkbook. Frankly, it’s not my job to correct those failings, shortcomings, or your yammering, stubborn insistence that you know what you’re on about.
      The IDEA that “socialism” is tearing your country apart demonstrates your ignorance of both the notion of socialism, your stunned incomprehension of history and the simple facts about the country in which you live.
      America IS socialist in some respects: AS I SAID, you fuckwit, military defense, roads and highways, schools, hospitals, libraries, and a host of other services are ALL provided by TAX DOLLARS. That is the very definition of the COMMON GOOD, and only a monstrous imbecile would seek to change that.
      The government is not “Taking over” banks or industry. It is trying to prevent the collapse of your vaunted “Free enterprise” system by using tax dollars to prevent the bastards from CEASING TO EXIST (at least, the LESS THE 1/10 OF ONE PERCENT that are now going to be TEMPORARILY owned, through common and preferred stock, by “The government…and WHO is the government, you brainless fuck??? THE PEOPLE! THE TAX PAYERS WHOSE MONEY IS PREVENTING THE BANKS AND GM FROM SUCKING THE ECONOMY INTO A FULL DEPRESSION as the result of the massive deregulation of the financial markets instituted by your champions of the Free Market, THE REPUBLICANS!
      Oh, you don’t USE them, eh? Well that’s an interesting argument. You may not DRIVE, but are you trying to tell me you DON’T USE THE ROADS? How the fuck do your squabs get to school? YOU have NEVER been to the hospital? Homeopathy and prayer, I guess. YOU don’t rely on the military for your defense? Guess you have your own tank and rocket launcher for your protection. YOU are SO FUCKING STUPID, you can’t even see the hypocrisy as it tumbles out of your vacant cranium.
      On your shallow, myopic, ignorant view, it’s either FULL FREE MARKET, or FULL ON SOCIALISM. And socialism is bad, m’kay!
      Fuck. Me. How have you managed not to choke to death on your own toes?
      Get it straight, you blithering fucking IDIOT: America is, at least in part, socialist. It relies on the collection of tax dollars for the provision of public services. Government bailout and regulation of some SMALL percentage of private industry in order to prevent economic disaster is NOT rampant socialism, no matter what Rush Limbaugh – that fat, drug-addicted, dropout, sex tourist, sclerotic rage pimp SAYS.

      In any case, it’s not my job to educate the stupid. Please…carry on in your ignorance. And be sure to vote Republican. They did SUCH a fine job that it really chuffs me up to find their base so well informed and prepared to retake the reigns of power. You’re JUST what we need – smart, well-informed, clear thinking, factually based, and with a perfectly reasonable apprehension of where the country is and which way it needs to go.
      Oh…wait a sec…my mistake. The GOP COCKED UP everything they touched, committed war crimes, trashed the economy, burned its moral standing, and is shrinking into a regional, southern party populated by Christo-fascists, racists and yammering, imbecilic fuckwits who don’t know the first fucking thing beyond how to object and stomp their feet in tantrum as they holler their utterly vacuous certainty, revealing for any thinking person that they haven’t the FIRST fucking clue, much less a plan.
      Get on out there! Support Palin! There’s really nothing that would make me happier than to see YOU out in public, making these arguments. You stupid, moronic stain. You’re an insult to reason.

  37. LOL – oh man, I might reply to these typical leftist talking points at some juncture, but right now I’m laughing too hard because I can’t help but hear them being screamed with an enormous LISP. I’m just picturing this 5’2″ furious little guy strutting around with his hands on his hips (occasionally wildly gesticulating) and lisping all over the place ’cause he’s just tho FURIOUTH!

    And it’s really, really funny. 😀

    [Speech impediment humour? Lovely. How about some orphan gags? Rape victim jokes? Have you got any material on the Special Olympics? Nothing like laughing at the disabled. Stay classy, you ignorant hillbilly.]

    • At some JUNCTURE? I suggest the intersection of your growing a functioning brain and gaining an education…which is to say, not fucking likely ever.

      As with the rest of your opinions, founded on fantasy.

      You’re a foot short, and three beans away from a salad. Stupid, ignorant, uneducated, and relying totally on the shit you invent in your head for justification AND giggles.

      Come on into the real world, you yammering dunce. Have a look around.
      “Typical leftist talking points”…it’s called reality.
      The difference between you and thinking people involves simple things like having read some books, taken a decent education, and the ability to reason beyond the sort of shouted crap that stokes your fear and makes you FEEL like you understand things. It’s an illusion. A harmful fantasy. But, like I said, carry on. You are now harmless, have no political support outside teaparty dittoheads, and are slowly sinking under the weight of your own stupidity.
      I wouldn’t change a thing.

  38. Sorry, pal, citing Krugman to ME (especially the way you did) is instant loss of credibility. I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and real answers before the last one, but you just had to bring him into it along with about 20 discernible talking points and demonstrate your lack of knowledge. I will answer when and if I feel like it at this point; knowing that unfortunately, despite your interesting use of anger, you really don’t know anything more than any other leftist does. I was hoping there was something more buried under all that bluster.

    I’m sorely disappointed, by the way.

    • Now THAT’S funny.
      Citing a Nobel Prize winning economist to YOU costs me credibility.
      And that would be because YOUR understanding of economics is much broader and deeper than HIS.
      You WERE ready to give me real answers…to take apart my argument with reason and facts (which would be a new thing for you), but not now…having mentioned Krugman, well…that just renders the whole exercise beneath someone of your inestimable comprehension, insight and solid thinking.
      To YOU, being “correct” on any issue boils down to a simplistic analysis of whether it’s a left leaning perspective or right.
      Left bad, right good. To hell with FACTS, historical truth, recent events, the situation on the ground. FUCK all that! You stick by your free market, socialism is bad (m’kay?) principles and whatever Rush Limbaugh tells you to think. The invisible hand, dammit! Perhaps you can explain to Krugman how that works. I’m sure a NOBEL PRIZE WINNING ECONOMIST could use your pithy insights.
      PLUS, there you go LYING again. You were never willing to give me the benefit of any doubt. Just more bullshit to make you think you’re something like fair in debate when you aren’t. You really need to STOP being certain of things SIMPLY because YOU SAID IT.
      Blithering ignorance.
      You’re SO certain of your own illusions, you not only dismiss my argument, you dismiss one of the most respected economists in the world WHO HAPPENS TO HAVE BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG and has been PROVEN RIGHT by those niggling little things you love to ignore called FACTS.

      Sorely disappointed? And painfully stupid.
      Eat shit, you ignorant little Malkinite.

  39. Hint: are you aware of the very narrow and specific area of economics that Krugman won the prize for? Subquestion: are you aware of the difference between op/ed pieces and economic works, and if you are, why are you citing political opinion pieces to justify your position instead of actual economists who are writing within the sphere of economics?

    [1. That’s not a hint, it’s a question.
    2. Try not to end sentences with prepositions.
    3. I never cited ANY op/ed piece.
    4. I MIGHT cite some economists, but your ignorance of Krugman and knee-jerk dismissal of a Nobel Prize winner whose economic theories changed everything forces me to conclude that it would be over your head and of no value to you.

    • That goes to show that you’ve never read Krugman, don’t know his work, and rely on right wing pundits for your opinion of the value of his opinions.
      Do tell, what area of political theory is NOT concerned with economics? For that matter, name ANY element of social organization that is NOT affected by economic principles.

      I’m so tired of inane, ignorant yammering!
      Narrow field. Yeah…international trade theory is SUCH a NARROW ISSUE! You are AMAZINGLY stupid. Get it through your head, you stupid bitch – a thing is not TRUE simply because YOU or Rush Limbaugh SAID IT.

      From Forbes Magazine:

      After nearly 30 years, the Swedish Academy has returned to international trade awarding the Nobel Prize to Princeton economist Paul Krugman. Earlier, in 1977, the award had gone to two giants, Bertil Ohlin and James Meade, whose brilliant work formed the foundations of trade theory as it was taught when I came to Princeton to do my Ph.D. in 1974. Krugman, no less a giant, revolutionized the field.

      Until the end of the 1970s, the Heckscher-Ohlin theory for which Bertil Ohlin won the prize–Eli Heckscher died before the Nobel Prize in economics was instituted–dominated the field. This theory explained well why labor-abundant countries such as South Korea and Taiwan would export labor-intensive products such apparel, toys and footwear and capital-abundant countries such as the United States would export machinery and aircraft.

      But it could not satisfactorily explain the two-way trade that was widely known to exist: Many countries exported automobiles and televisions, but they also imported them. The Heckscher-Ohlin theory also did not adequately explain why rich entities such as Europe and the United States, which had very similar endowments of capital and labor, traded more intensively than those with very dissimilar endowments. While descriptive explanations of these phenomena existed, a tight theory explaining them was lacking.

      Starting in 1979, Krugman published a series of papers that successfully tackled these and many other related questions. He postulated that consumers like variety in what they consume. For the same expenditure, their satisfaction is greater if they have a larger variety of products available. This creates the incentive for firms to produce a large variety of products. But the production of a new variety has setup costs. This leads to declining per-unit costs as a larger quantity of the variety is produced and places a limit on the number of varieties the market can profitably supply. A firm produces a new variety only if it can capture a large enough market to allow profitable sales.

      This seemingly simple structure gives rise to a tight theory that leads to rich implications: Countries gain from trade not only because larger market allows them to better exploit scale economies, but also because consumers can access a larger variety of products. And even identical economies can gain from trade through scale economies and a larger variety of products. The theory also brought imperfect competition into a formal trade model.

      In subsequent work, Krugman combined this simple model of product differentiation and scale economies with transport costs. Scale economies push toward production in one location to minimize costs and then shipping the product to the locations where consumers are. But transport costs push toward locating production near consumers. These opposing forces give rise to large concentrations of populations such as those along the East Coast corridor of the United States.

      A hallmark of Krugman’s work is parsimony. His models are among the most elegant: lean and thin and transparent. They have all the required parts but no unnecessary fat. It is quite remarkable that while other scholars in the field handsomely incorporated the Krugman model into their research, perhaps the most insightful and elegant applications still came from Krugman, as a quick reading of the chapter on economies of scale in my graduate textbook (co-authored with Jagdish Bhagwati and T. N. Srinivasan) would testify.

      Yeah, that’s incredibly narrow. Very specific. No application to much at all.
      Now, having (once again) your ignorance publicly demonstrated…the fact that you haven’t the first fucking clue what you’re talking about…PROOF that you’re nothing more than a knee-jerk blithering FOOL, would you do me the courtesy of SHUTTING THE FUCK UP AND GOING AWAY?
      You’re tiresome and too stupid to bother with. Your stubborn insistence is pathetic…but topped off with stupidity of your magnitude, you become like a swarm of diseased mosquitoes. Go infect someone who has more tolerance for your brainlessness.

  40. By the way, I listen to a few snippets of Rush here and there; he’s pretty entertaining. But the only one I’ve listened to daily is Levin, and that’s only the last few weeks. See, I’ve done something called studying for myself.

    Now let me ask you one more thing – which is it – is socialism good, or is it bad, do we have it here or not? You can’t seem to make up your mind one way or the other on the issue of whether we even have a socialist system (in part or en toto) or not here and it’s getting awfully confusing. Am I allowed to be against it if I don’t benefit from it, or is it at that point that you tell me I really DO benefit from it because we already have it…oh, damn, you’re making my head hurt, son. Let’s go back to the little guy strutting around screaming Thuffering Thuccotash! (By the way, you give your brother oral pleasure with that filthy mouth? Heh.)

    • Go look up “Excluded middle.” Your education is deficient, and your style of argument shows how.
      You are not permitted to reduce a complex question to “Socialism good or bad?”
      In some ways, elements of socialism are NECESSARY. Do you not understand that, or would you like to take on the maintenance of the road in front of your shack? Pick up a gun and fight crime? You fucking blithering, simplistic IDIOT!

      LEVIN? A racist hate-monger who’s been banned from entering England his bullshit is so offensive. What a surprise. Levin WOULD be right up your alley. LOL!
      I have no doubt you’re confused. But that’s because you lack the ability to think. You need to flip one way, or flop the other. You are incapable of getting your head around the provision of services by the government (socialism) AND private industry, AND in some cases, a mix of the two. You reduce everything to the sort of simplistic, juvenile perspective you CAN understand. The fact that renders you incapable of dealing with reality…oh well. Whatever!

      More fantasy? Still stuck on the lisping dream, and now homosexual incest. Stupid, perverse, and reduced to schoolyard insults in the absence of any ability to make an argument at anything higher than playground level.
      Keep up the good work! You really ARE the perfect Republican!

      Your head hurts because you’re trying to think. Just stop. You’ve made it this far without thinking…no sense in frustrating yourself – you’re not capable. Learn to live within your abilities.
      Levin, indeed. LMAO. Brilliant!

  41. It has got to be exhausting to be so bitter and angry and determined to portray yourself as..well whatever it is you are working so hard to be seen as being. I am sorry for whatever is your pain that got you so stuck. I sincerely wish you no further injury or insult, cousinavi. I hope you will consider that while you may be quite brilliant, educated, articulate, and your level of knowledge advanced above the level of most all other people you encounter in your life, you lack relational skills even infants have mastered. The picture that forms in my mind of how you would look if I was watching you write is either a short, balding, frowning little man in a tiny room with 3-5 locks on your door, surveillance cameras, alarms, a machine that plays a recording of a huge, barking dog, since you really hate and fear dogs and regard them as being undesirable on mamy levels, You are easily startled, and have to glance all around yourself where ever you may be. You grunt and are obsessed with your nasal passages, You are fond of keeping things in their boxes, conpartments, cubbies, and cases. You have alot of white socks. You sometimes use a pocket protector and see it as merely a practical organizer, You have alot of body hair and quite beautiful dark eyes, You do not like to let people look into your eyes very long. It feels too risky – like trying to run across a busy freeway, You cover that emotion with gruffness. You have been betrayed and hurt to the quick somehow, maybe abandoned, and have vowed to never ever ley yhay happen again. If that is true you have to shake it off. A friend of mine from the Middle East taught me this, although I don’t know where he learned it:
    “Unforgiveness is like taking poison hoping someone else will die.”
    I don’t believe you have any particular faith you follow. It is always dangerous when you consider how mankind always kills the prophets. Stuck on Stupid. Even John Lennon was taken from us and all he tried to do was give us some basic truths in simple song all people could understand. ‘All You Need Is Love’, and ‘Give Peace a Chance’. I could write for hours about al those who tried to teach us, That is why what they did have time to teach us is so precious.If you have something to teach others please consider that to do that you need some social skills to get people to really hear what you have to say. Please think about it.
    Whoever you are, whatever you look like. I am sending you love and friendshtp.
    You said something about me being watched. I am not sure what you meant but I assure you I have been “watched” for over 50 years. Its a ‘government’ thing. (Or as we say in Texas-‘thang”), and no more of a revelation than last nite’s news that marijuana is being grown in America’s National :Parks: DUH.

    • Great googly moggly!
      Another right winger who relies on FANTASY – shit cooked up in their own imagination – to justify the weak ass drivel they NEED to believe. Fucking pathetic. BUT, since I permit dissenting opinions (even the brainless ones), I feel duty bound to reply…

      Where to start?

      I’m not working very hard at portraying anything. What you see, and read, is what you get. Your curisoity about my appearance is easily satisfied – my photo is on every single page. That’s me.
      Relational skills, eh? Well, I tend to be rather picky about who I relate to. Utter vapid stupidity is something I haven’t much time for (beyond the confines of commenters on this blog). I’m not interested in being your friend. I don’t care even a little bit whether or not you feel that your myopic, ill-considered, stupid opinions get the respect you think they deserve. If you can’t manage a respectable submission, you are welcome to fuck off.

      I am in a big room with only one lock on the door at street level. I love dogs. I have hair on my head. No pocket protectors. My nose is fine. I have many colors of socks, but it’s HOT here so I don’t often wear them. I have GORGEOUS eyes. Everyone has been betrayed and hurt – such is life. Having a reason to be bitter does not justify going about inflicting it on others. However, when they come looking for it – ASKING for it – and have EARNED it…that’s another story.

      Your yammering crap about John Lennon and dead prophets…? It must be tough to be a flower child in Texas. Let me guess – Austin?
      I don’t want your love, nor your friendship. You are a stranger, and an arrogant one at that. I DON’T consider you an enemy, but there’s still time.

      When I said you were being watched, I merely meant that your posting privileges at VNV have been modded. After your chain letter bullshit, I’m checking your posts to determine whether you will be allowed to comment. Mostly, the answer is yes…but there will be NO MORE plagiarized internet crap.
      No surprise that you suspect the government is watching you. I hope your tinfoil hat is comfy. Although, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise, given the warrantless wiretapping instituted by the Republican war criminals as they shredded the constitution. In any case, put a reign on your paranoia.

      And, of course, you have a problem with pot. What a surprise. No sense in letting people have access to a harmless plant that actually HELPS people with a variety of medical issues. Much better to legally sell booze and smokes, which cause more death and destruction than ALL the illegal drugs COMBINED. Yep, nothing like wise government based on backward reasoning and knee-jerk yammering bullshit.

      Thanks for the advice. Get stuffed.

  42. That’s Savage, you idiot. I don’t listen to him either. I don’t need pundits nor am I right wing. But don’t let that stand in your way of these ridiculouth charges.

    Here’s what a real economist has to say about Krugman – you’d do well to study the field a bit – start with von Mises and Hayek, and when you’ve got the beginnings of an education, get back to me. I’ve been studying economics for over a decade now, so you’ve got a smidge of catching up to do, wouldn’t you say?


    • Oh. Fuck. Me.

      You’re right about Savage. It’s hard to tell the right wing racists apart.

      What a surprise – the Austrian school of economic theory. LOL. The champions of utterly unrestrained capitalism, all in for child labour! Fuck the poor! Fuck the sick! Let them EARN their way…and fuck’em if they lost their 401K because some unregulated cunt at Lehman Brothers decided to play a hunch on credit default swaps.
      While you CLAIM to be quoting Mises, it’s really Paul ANDERSON from the eminent and respected FROSTBURG STATE UNIVERSITY. LOL. Go Bobcats!
      In this corner, from Frostburg State, weighing in at ZERO credible citations…PAUL ANDERSON.
      In the other corner, from MIT, Princeton, and current NOBEL PRIZE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD…PAUL KRUGMAN.
      Anyone want to take bets?

      Studying for a decade, eh? Boning up on economic theory, and you call Paul Anderson – a bitter little nobody from a politically BENT school of economic delusion…a barely recognized blithering nobody…”a REAL economist.”

      Of course! Anderson’s work has been widely cited by ALL the important thinkers in economics!
      How stupid are you? How fucking stupid do you think I am? You come in here dredging up that Austrian Economic CRAP and expect to be taken seriously?
      You’re full of shit. You’ve studied nothing. You understand less. You’re just cranking out references trying to appear as though you have some foundation for your blithering bullshit.
      The fact that you can find some nobody from nowhere who wants to argue with Krugman is laughable. If you want thirty differing opinions, put FIVE economists in a room.
      I’d do well to study the field, eh? You’d do well to read a fucking book, instead of crib notes from Little Green Footballs.

      Now, please…stop embarrassing yourself. Just shut the fuck up and get back in your shack.

  43. No, I cited references because you seem to desperately need them, what with your talking points and all. Not that you even get those right.

    I didn’t claim to quote von Mises – please, next time before you vomit forth some new rage you call a post, will you at least read what you’re replying to?

    • If I didn’t read it, you blithering cuntflap, how did I know who wrote the fucking worthless bit of crap you cited?

      It’s one thing to be stupid, but TRY to avoid the blatantly OBVIOUS logical contradictions inherent in your spiteful, nonsensical replies.

      You didn’t cite referenceS. You provided ONE LINK – ONE – to a nobody from Maryland who thinks the Austrian model answers all – a premise demonstrably rendered false in the wake of 30 years of Reaganonmics. But, stubborn to the end, you never let FACTS interfere with anything you desperately cling to. You have principles. Utterly fucked, ugly, myopic, brainless principles…but you’re sticking with them.

      You are SUCH an asshole. Ignorant and proud of it. Like I said…baby, don’t change a thing. I love you JUST the way you are.

  44. Well, perhaps you can answer a couple things. Can you possibly name a single school of economics outside of Austrian which are consistent with full individual liberty first and foremost, and with the constitution of the US second.

    Next, can you possibly point to an economic school which possesses one iota of the *predictive* power of Austrian/Monetarist economics – predictive being the indicator of what makes something less of a soft science and brings it more in line with a *hard* science – producing that which we can rightly refer to as economic LAW? See, because if all the above conditions can be met – honestly, truly, and fairly, then *I* would reconsider.

    The truth is you can not meet those conditions with any other economic schools of thought – the observable, the repeatable, the law, the liberty, the constitutionality. Not without some serious bending, stretching and twisting. No one can. If you don’t take it seriously it’s only because you either are ignorant of the precepts and fundamentals or because you are being intellectually dishonest. And I know this – what I fear is that you do not. You’ve calmed down a little bit which is why I bother to try, but after the talking points memo I’m a little leery of trusting that instinct that there’s something beneath that bluster. Because whether or not you believe you’ve come up with your ideas on your own, I assure you that I’ve heard them all a thousand times before, nay, ten thousand. They’re as predictable and as false as ersatz.

    • Sigh. More ultra-liberty, down with government blather shoehorned into your own twisted concept of what the Constitution MUST mean.

      FULL individual liberty? Sounds like a lovely thing, eh? FULL liberty to teach whatever you like in science classroom. FULL liberty to employ children at starvation rates. FULL liberty to exploit the environment with no restrictions of what you can dump in the water or pump into the air. FULL liberty to collude on market share and fix prices. KEEP THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF IT…and if some fuckwit at Bear Stearns wants to take a risky gamble with everyone else’s money, oh well!
      Fuck you and your shallow, yammering, moronic notions of ultimate liberty. You can’t begin to imagine the horrors of unrestricted freedom – although Dick Cheney sure tried to show you, as did Jeffrey Dahmer. Sometimes you NEED to call the cops, you shallow fuckwit. Sometimes you NEED to send in the army. Sometimes, even though I’d enjoy slapping the living shit out of you for being a stubborn, brainless, crib note posting phony, it’s a GOOD THING the government intervenes and makes RULES about such things.

      Predictive powers, huh?
      They ALL have predictive powers, but here’s some light reading for you, you fucking stunned twit:
      Physiocrats, Classical political economy, French liberal school, German historical school, English historical school, French historical school, Utopian economics, Marxian economics, State socialism, Ricardian socialism, Christian socialism, Anarchist economics, Distributism, Institutional economics, New institutional economics, Neoclassical economics, Lausanne school, Stockholm school, Keynesian economics, Chicago school, Carnegie school, Neo-Ricardianism…there are others, and they ALL make more or less accurate predictions.
      Whether or not they accord with the US Constitution is a matter for debate – something you don’t know enough about economics OR debate to manage.

      But NO…you reject ALL those theories and assert that ONLY the Austrian school provides the light, the truth, the way! Christ…even GREENSPAN rejected that crap after it got him into trouble with supply side bullshit. You’re dumber than a stump. The magnitude of your stubborn ignorance is astounding. No thought, no brains, no argument – just certainty.

      In ENGLISH, “ersatz” is an adjective…or have you started speaking German? Stop copying crap you find via googling.
      You haven’t heard anything 10,000 times besides the voices in your head. Nay, indeed. LOL.

      Better luck next time. Don’t change a thing. You’re doing great.

    • And, while you clearly have the goods on Paul Krugman – you plainly know far more about economics than a Nobel Prize winner, MIT/Princeton economist – I’m just willing to BET your constitutional analysis is far superior to the Harvard law grad / constitutional law professor who is currently president.

      Wow! Is there anything you DON’T know better than anyone else?

      I’m honoured to have such esteemed genius obsessively blithering on my little blog! Perhaps you’d care to share the academic credentials that support this stunning display of analytical ability. Please…enlighten me!

  45. “I’m honoured to have such esteemed genius obsessively blithering on my little blog!”

    As well you should be.

    • No facts, no argument, crib notes, certainty AND doesn’t get sarcasm. Also didn’t answer the question.
      What a shock.

      Studying economics for ten years, you claim. Really? Where?
      Frostburg State? (GO BOBCATS!)
      Alex Jones School of Liberty?
      Mark Levin doing economic theory for the masses these days?

      Obsessive blithering you got. Genius, not so much.

  46. Give it up, cousin-fucker.

    Anniee is owning your ass.

    She’s smarter than you, she’s better than you.

    • What a coincidence. Both from New Jersey. I wonder if they’re friends?

      HELP! I’m being picketed by the lunch bucket crowd! LOL.
      They’re bridge and tunneling me!!!

      I wonder if they both work for Wakefern Foods, or if they’re just neigbours.

      Suck a bag of dicks, Jersey boy. Now run off and have a giggle with your pal, you pathetic little spooge stain.

  47. Avi, Loving your wit, patience, knowledge and, dare I say it, compassionate wisdom! Wow, these people’s posts make for great material… DKNun’s imaginative insult post because he doesn’t have anything substantial to say, and the following you wrote is so great I’ll post it again:

    “You are not permitted to reduce a complex question to “Socialism good or bad?”
    In some ways, elements of socialism are NECESSARY. Do you not understand that, or would you like to take on the maintenance of the road in front of your shack? Pick up a gun and fight crime? You fucking blithering, simplistic IDIOT!”

    “FULL individual liberty? Sounds like a lovely thing, eh? FULL liberty to teach whatever you like in science classroom. FULL liberty to employ children at starvation rates. FULL liberty to exploit the environment with no restrictions of what you can dump in the water or pump into the air. FULL liberty to collude on market share and fix prices. KEEP THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF IT…and if some fuckwit at Bear Stearns wants to take a risky gamble with everyone else’s money, oh well!
    Fuck you and your shallow, yammering, moronic notions of ultimate liberty. You can’t begin to imagine the horrors of unrestricted freedom – although Dick Cheney sure tried to show you, as did Jeffrey Dahmer. Sometimes you NEED to call the cops, you shallow fuckwit. Sometimes you NEED to send in the army. Sometimes, even though I’d enjoy slapping the living shit out of you for being a stubborn, brainless, crib note posting phony, it’s a GOOD THING the government intervenes and makes RULES about such things.” Well done- lovin it.

  48. “Can you possibly name a single school of economics outside of Austrian which are consistent with full individual liberty first and foremost, and with the constitution of the US second.” – Annie get your gun and shoot yourself in the head

    Can you name me an economic school of thought that recognizes Koala bears as Gods, teaches it’s graduates to gargle the Belgium national anthem with battery acid while standing on their heads, and respects the German Beer Purity Law? Didn’t think so.

    If there’s one thing that has been demonstrated, especially recently, is that Economics -like Statutory Rape- is complete fucking bullshit! Schools of Economics are really just places where corporations and the rich attempt to plonk an academic facade on a political message. But all the collegiate ivy helps create a Grand Wizard effect that impress all the simpletons who can’t count, spend themselves into bankruptcy and do whatever the fuck they’re told by people who will tell them to eat shit if there was a buck to be made.

    Economists are as legitimate as Ancient Roman chicken entail readers. (and a professional bank economist actually told me that one!)

  49. come get me big toughy LMAO

  50. or else Ima coming to waste you…

    • @ jona fuckwit

      Eating another bag of shit? Looking for more salt?
      Fuck off, kid. Go read a book. Try “Spelling for Trolls.”

  51. ahhh, needed that… people make me laugh. thanks bro, always fun to read the rants of the lame.. like they could keep up with you.. the sad thing is that they just don’t get it.. and no matter how much you tell them, unless they pay you $300. an hour they wont take good advice.. or take the time to check into the facts, but at least for the rest of us it’s entertaining

  52. That thread was EPIC!! Bravo Avi!

  53. Oh, Avi, the state of America today: A BREAKING NEWS text sent to me: Lindsay Lohan released from jail. If the media was truly liberal and not stupid, that would stay in People mag where it belongs; Coverage for free for first responders medical problems due in part to Bush’s EPA liar Whitman saying breathing air at Ground Zero is safe—(BUZZ) ALL Republicans gave a no vote. The same Republicans who wear 9/11 on their sleeves as if only white Christians died there, while they exploited first responders to get political points. America – where a Republican says the Wikileaks owner could be punished by death for possibly harming soldiers, while George W. Bush has sent over 4,000 men and women to their death in an Iraq war fought for a lie. Yup, America in a wing-nut shell!

    • Whitman went to Ground Zero to declare that “Everything is perfectly safe. Nothing to see here.” She then put her face mask back on and got the fuck out of there as fast as possible.

  54. Astonished I wasted a click on this neo-con, self-delusional site.

    I feel stupid for posting a comment…that says it all!

    • neo-con? Jesus…you not only haven’t got a clue, you’re not even distantly orbiting anything remotely resembling a fucking clue.
      You didn’t need to leave a comment to feel stupid. You ARE stupid.

  55. Cousinavi, no offense, but that new picture you’ve got is kind of creepy. You look like you should be credited as “Thug #4” in a pool room scene on a low budget cop show. (Or, if it’s a speaking part, “The East Coast Clipper”?)

    I like the old picture better where you look more like the enforcer in a shady hippie cult from the 70’s.

    • Thug #1. Occasionally the only cop who can run a rack (like Richard Belzer on Homicide: Life On the Streets).

      • Thug #1? Seriously dude, you may have the age for a more senior position, but not the muscle tone. Hell, Belzer might give you a run for the money in a brawl. After all, he did survive a battle with Hulk Hogan while the Hulkster was in his prime.

        • As thuggery goes, having a snooker cue handy tends to keep the brawnier thugs in line.
          I remember when Belinda dumped our boy McKay and crossed the floor to put a point on it. And so, I look forward to the inevitable douche-crushing news that Miss World runner-up is fucking some New Democrat.
          I never managed to climb in the ring with the Hulkster but Killer Karl Krupp once took a swipe at me with his riding crop. That was back in the day when wrestling was a sport and Macho Man was known as Leapin’ Lanny.
          Jesus, those were the days.

        • I’m in a fact-checkin’ mood today. (better than doing my job)

          1) Leapin Lanny Poffo was actually Macho Man’s real life brother. Miss Elizabeth was his real wife until the mid-90s. Both Randy Poffo and Elizabeth Hulette died in completely seperate, and rather “curious”, circumstances.

          2) I found the “Belzer verses Hulk” video

          Just check out that professionalism. Put in a sleeper, allowed to drop by Hogan, bleeding profusly from the head and he still energeticly throws to the break. (There’s a version that has the entire segment with Hulk & Mr T that supposedly has some mock/serious arguing, but my sound isn’t working so I can’t say how malicious this all was.)

          But the once mighty Hulkster has fallen so low, he now shills for rent-to-own ripoff centres. Meanwhile, Belzer has been on primetime network TV for 15+ years straight. With all that syndication residual money, he’s long since covered the medical bill.

          3) I did a quick check of Petey marrying this Miss World runner up. Stunning gal! And she actually seems smart enough to know better than to hook up with this worthless motherfucker, who I now hate EVEN MORE than I already did. He’s defiling a beauty who works against torture, while covering up the fact that Canada knowingly handed people over for torture. Wow.

          But as for her stepping out, Frank Magazine (Central Canada) is tragically tits up, so I have no idea who is sleeping with who anymore. All I know is Mackay & his crew are fucking the entire nation.

        • “Found” the Hulk Hogan video, eh? I suppose with the complete official collection and the almost infinite number of Hulkster bootleg videos you’ve amassed, it took a few minutes to dig that one up.
          Whatcha gonna do when the Hogan video library runs wild on you?

  56. I was never a fan of the Hulkster. Like the financial world he was part of before wrestling, he had a shortcoming of talent but the system was rigged to ensure that he always won anyway. His biggest skill was pandering to the stupid, jingoistic, “Real Americans” in the crowd.

    I usually cheered for the villains, especially the ones with real talent like the Macho Man and Canadians like Bret “The Hit Man” Heart. Win or lose, they were impressive.

    Villains with talent??? Hey, maybe that’s why I like it here, even despite the complete lack of production! (Cough! Cough! Hint! Hint!)

    Don’t make me come over there, body slam you, then walk off with your highly aroused woman and slam her body while your still licking your wounds in the corner. 🙂

    • and it’s not like there’s not enough shit to crank up on…
      I know. Fuck. At least I don’t pull the post hipster music tracks instead of actually writing. But, look man…if I…WHEN I start writing agin…well, motherfucker you best go grippin with both hands. So there’s that.
      Seriously man. Get your rip up. Take THIS!

      • and it’s not like there’s not enough shit to crank up on…

        That’s a mild understatement! There’s more nasty shit going on in our piddling home on native land ALONE than in the bathroom at bus station with a salmonella ridden Subway outlet in it. The same is true globally as the whole world seems on the verge of unravelling.

        You prattled on about the Republican nomination & 2012 US election for almost a year now, often at the expense of other valid topics (ie even one little blurb on the Canadian election disaster). But now that it’s actually happening and finally worth talking about…diddly fucking squat! In the process, you robbed The Sedate Me Institute of a chance to make yet another uncannily accurate prediction.

        With the level of ass-buggering out there that makes a Catholic Bishop blush, are you just going to bend over and take it? With all the bullshit out there, are you just gonna swallow that Airborne Sandwich, or are you gonna open your mouth and yell “Fuck You!” Of course you are! Now, get off your ass, get off your woman, and for Gods sake get off that Loserbook! Now get back out there and get back in the game!!! Let’s win one for the Gipper Godless socialists!

        And when you do, rest assured I will be “gripping with both hands” whatever the fuck that Bluenoser expression means…uh, provided I still have my job (in question at the moment) as I do all my comment posting at work. I actually haven’t had home Internet for years. So, if I “go dark” for a while, you’ll know why.

        (And thanks for, at the very least, not filling space with re-runs and music videos. It’s totally tacky how many bloggers do that. Lazy ass motherfuckers.)

  57. Anybody that even attempts Latin is OK by me. In a take-off on Descartes, I often used “Copulo, ergo sum” as a motto, but I was much younger then LOL. Today, in response to a request by my dear godchile (her father hates me), I am now engaged in creating a lexicon of Sicilian swear words. Of course they have to be spelled phonetically as the “real Italian” spelling would render them incomprehensible to true practitioners. I just found this blog and will return often. You do, however, waste a lot of bandwidth responding to the fuckwits.

    • “Mundus vult decipi, ergo decepiatur.” A translation: “The world wants to be deceived, therefore let it be deceived.” It is my belief that the stupid is a conscious choice. There is no possibility that reasonable argument backed by facts will change any minds.

      • Stupid is more than just a choice, it’s a lifestyle. Stupidity is the most heavily marketed product in the world. Just like high fructose corn syrup, it’s an ingredient in almost everything.

        How do you say “Make ’em stupid and the rest is easy.” in Latin?

  58. Hey, Cousinavi, you lazy motherfucker!

    Thanks to the Charlie Hebdo shooting, I just discovered that Frank Magazine has been back up & running at full speed for about a year now! (Which is more than I can say for your sorry ass.)

    Oh, I’m talking about Central Canadian Frank, not that East Coast version you cod-cuddlers read.



    This is not a test. Repeat. This is NOT a test! Please remain seated. Keep heart medications within reach.

    This just in from Ottawa, Canuckistan:

    Peter MacKay, lawyer, politician and frat-boy “legacy” if there ever was one….is retiring from federal politics!!! Repeat: Peter MacKay will no longer sit atop his completely undeserved perch on The Peace Tower. No longer will he swoop down and shit in the faces of Canadians. Yesterday, he announced he’s leaving politics to “spend time with his young family”. (Cue rim-shot and hysterical laughter!)

    Those familiar with MacKay know what a philandering, egomaniacal, stick-man he is. If it wasn’t nailed down, he’d have a legover with it. http://www.torontosun.com/2015/05/29/peter-mackays-former-and-current-flames MacKay’s high profile victims include Belinda Stronach, Condoleezza Rice and his current wife, Nazanin Afshin-Jam. She’s not only WAY too hot for him, but WAY too much of a decent human being to be forced to be in the same room with him. Never mind horizontal-jog with him. She defends human rights, while he promotes torture.

    Here are just a few of his career “highlights”:

    1) The murder of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. While running for the PC leadership, he was arguably the most vocal candidate AGAINST merging with the CRAP. (Best named party EVER!) Thanks to a secret deal with the PC’s top progressive, David Orchard, MacKay won the nomination. The deal promised a review of Free Trade and putting more “progressive” in the PCs. MacKay not only refused to honour the agreement, within 5 months, MacKay signed a merger deal with CRAP leader, Herr Stephen Harper. Together, they formed the Conservatives, banished all traces of “progressive” policies from the party, narrowly won elections and fundamentally changed Canada Canuckistan.

    2) As Minister of Foreign Affairs (quite literally) MacKay guided Canada away from its historical position of “honest broker” and toward rabid pro-Israel, pro-US Empire, positions.

    3) MacKay was an accessory to torture. He covered up the handing over of Canadian prisoners to be tortured. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/mackay-denies-seeing-afghan-torture-warnings/article4395517/ He & his government not only did nothing to get innocent Canadian torture victims released, they helped facilitate their torture. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/csis-contributed-indirectly-to-canadians-mistreatment-in-mideast/article1208918/ MacKay also worked to prevent torture victims from suing their torturers.

    4) As minister of Defence, he announced the spending of $400 billion on war machines and another $50-75+ billion on F-35 jets that couldn’t even fly! Money for soldiers & veterans? Fuck em! They actually got spending cuts.

    5) Routinely used military assets and Search & Rescue helicopters as his own personal air-chauffeur service. The cost of just one ice-fishing trip was $16,000.

    6) As minister of Justice, he claimed the reason so few women are appointed as judges is because they’re all too busy using their vaginas to make babies (aka “their purpose”) to apply. http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2014/06/18/peter_mackay_tries_to_explain_lack_of_diversity_on_federal_courts.html

    7) Called Belinda Stronach a “dog” on the floor of the House of Commons.

    These are just a few of the reasons all Canadians (and ex-pat Canucks) universally love Peter MacKay. There is no doubt that MacKay will spend the rest of his life with his family as promised. There will be no divorce late next year. There will be no affairs, or out-of-wedlock babies. There will be no return to federal politics after Herr Harper finally decides he no longer wants to be dictator of Canuckistan.

    Until none of that happens, don’t look for MacKay to quickly land very lucrative corporate gigs. Jobs that involve no more work than talking to former co-workers on the phone and showing up to 5-6 board meetings a year. Specifically, don’t expect members of the Military-Industrial-Spy-Complex to hire him as a “law consultant” or some such bullshit. He will have none of it, as we all know how loyal and trustworthy he is.

    • I once tried very hard to get into a fist fight with that piece of Pictou County shit over some extraordinarily rude thing he said about a girl. Another little political spawn pus bag – the son of GG Ray Hnatyshyn – joined in defense of his fellow wannabe milker of the public teat, making it a two-on-one situation. Neither of them would come down into the street.
      The English language lacks terms to properly describe what amoral, rancid, festering buckets of scum those boys were, and nothing since that day…and certainly nothing in the shallow gene pool in which they swim…has come close to changing my opinion.

      • An “extraordinarily rude thing” about a girl? Mr Family Man, Peter MacKay??? (Shurely some mistake!!!!) It was probably just a case of you being your natural self. Always looking for a fight, ain’t ya Cuz? Too busy getting into stupid fights with losers is probably why you hardly ever show up on your own blog anymore. If I promise to get into stupid, pointless, arguments with you, will you promise to show up here more often? (You damn Bluenosers are all just a bunch of drunken Trailer Park Boys!)

        Anyway….Sons of politicians??? No, sons of bitches! They’re spoiled, entitled and granted “diplomatic immunity” at birth. I’ve met a few in my day. I’ll bet you Peter MacKay was the kind of guy who checked out every book he could from the university library during peak essay season, even on topics he wasn’t writing an essay on, just so that rival kids in his classes couldn’t use them for their essays. As for Hnatyshyn, I’m sure he was the Beta Male that Pictou Prick Pack. He probably checked out those library books for Mackay and was “3rd man in” in many bar fights.

        If I recall, I wrote Hnatyshyn’s dad once (1990-ish?) to give him the “Black Highlighter of The Year Award” for a censorship bill he proposed. Total coincidence, but every time I crossed the border for the next 5-10 years, I got hassled. Thankfully, this was before 9/11, before Do Not Fly Lists, digital databases, etc. Back when Canadians still had rights!

        Jesus Christ, Canuckistan is in the shitter, Cousinavi! Herr Harper is 1984-ing this place like you wouldn’t believe. He’s joined the American Empire’s permanent war. With help from humanitarian-fucker, Peter MacKay, Canada is militarizing like crazy. Look what MacKay did for New Glascow. http://www.frankmagazine.ca/node/2660 And we’re now pro-torture! As reward for their “stellar” work on Canada’s only act of terror (Air India), Harper’s giving CSIS and the RCMP almost half a billion to spy on Canadians and set the stupid/mentally ill ones up in “Newburgh stings”. Shit, Harper’s even ordering drones!

        The latest insult is bill C-51. It will “keep Canadians safe” by…intimidating opposition to Herr Harper’s into silence. Among other things, C-51 criminalizes speech that “might pose a (completely undefined) threat to Canada, or individual Canadians”. For example, “I want to punch Stevie Harper right in his fucking face.” Blogs, and the bloggers who write them, could be disappeared without pesky things like trials, evidence and whatnot.

        But here’s the good news! Canuckistan is having an election this fall and there’s an open seat in New Scotland just waiting for some crabby, drunken, old, ex-pat, atheist to come home and run for. I know one guy, broke as he is, willing to donate the maximum amount he can to that drunken asshole’s election campaign. Wouldn’t taking MacKay’s seat be the best revenge possible? At least come home to vote –eh? We need every single non-Harper vote we can get.

  60. Things getting a bit watter-logged in your neck of the woods recently, Cousinavi? To paraphrase the old “Captain Hymen-buster” fish-stick joke…

    Hopefully, you haven’t been swept to sea, but have been blown ashore.

  61. Hahahahahaha ha sad little unkempt man.

    • I’ll be seeing you, sunshine. Asked Carl about you…LMAO. Even your “friends” think you’re a worthless piece of shit.
      Still, the effort you’ve put into being an annoying little pisstank of failure is intriguing. So, when I’m next in Canada, I’m coming to see you in person, you little fuckpuddle sack of shit. Mewling and pleading apologies – bawling declarations that you didn’t really mean it; that you were just being the rotting piece of online trolling shit you are, followed by the beating of your fucking life – the smack in the cock gobbling face your mother should have given you, if she weren’t too busy making change for the fucktrain of circus geeks who might have been your father.

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