GB: Guantanamo Bay / George Bush / Glass Bellybuttons

George Bush needs a glass bellybutton.  The only possible reason he could lack foresight in such dramatic degree is that he has his head stuck so damn far up his own ass.  A transparent portal, surgically inserted in the navel, might allow Dubya to have a peek at the world he is turning upside down with one idiotic blunder after another.

Let’s leave aside the lies told to justify invading Iraq; the dirty, treasonous tactics employed to smear anyone who dares question what passes for foreign policy; the utter negligence and incompetent buffoonery of New Orleans; the foolish mangling of the English language that spills from his mouth almost every time he opens it; the complete fabrication that the US wants Democracy in Iraq; the total bullshit that spreading Democracy will help make America secure; the “Coalition of the Willing” cobbled together by threats to such notable lovers of Democracy as Angola, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Eritrea, and Micronesia; the wag-the-dog rescue of Private Jessica Lynch; the falsehood that the Taliban has been vanquished and Afghanistan is all sorted out with Hamid Karzai in full control; the Mission Accomplished photo-op; the appointment and elevation of the fundamentally incompetent Condi Rice; the back-stabbing mistreatment of Colin Powell; the death-trap Humvees; the murder of civilian women and children…and on and on and on.  Yes, let’s leave all that aside.  Let’s pretend none of that ever happened.

The degree to which Bush Co. will go to preserve and promote their delusional world view cannot be overestimated.  One might suggest some hypothetical limit, beyond which even Karl Rove and Papa Doc Rumsfeld would not venture.  One would be lucky, in so doing, to scratch the placid surface of the vicious depths to which they’re willing to sink.  The proof is in the pudding, kids…and the pudding is Guantanamo Bay.

American authorities revealed recently that two Saudis and one Yemeni being held at Guantanamo Bay as “enemy combatants” had succeeded in taking their lives by hanging themselves with their own clothes.  On the face of it, so what?  Prisoners hang themselves everyday.  But there’s more here, and it’s the more that ought to meet the eye.

First, what the fuck is an “enemy combatant”?  According to Bush Co., whatever it is is different from a Prisoner of War.  On this distinction, 460 men (some mere boys) have been held for years, without charge, without access to counsel, denied the right to challenge their detention or to be advised of the evidence against them, not permitted to speak with friends or family, not permitted to speak with representatives of the Red Cross, nor provided with any rights under the Geneva Convention.  None of those rights apply to “enemy combatants”, and that’s what all of the prisoners in GB are – enemy combatants.  So sayeth George.

No matter that the US Supreme Court ruled two years ago that detainees have the right to challenge their detention in Federal court.  There have been no hearings.  A few, and of these you may be certain they are the least threatening, with no possible information to give, and little or no real evidence against them, have finally been allowed to meet their Judge Advocate General appointed lawyers – lawyers they neither want nor trust.

And so, after five years in detention, during which there was more than sufficient evidence of maltreatment, deprivation and utter hopelessness, three incomprehensibly depressed prisoners took their own lives.  How did America respond to this desperate action?  The suicides have been characterized as “asymmetric warfare”.  Three poor bastards HUNG THEMSELVES, and their jailers call it an attack on America.

There is no suitable expletive in such a situation except, “What the fuck?”

Oh, the moaning and gnashing of teeth; the wearing of sack cloth and ashes!

U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Detainee Affairs Cully Stimson:

“What I would say is that we are always concerned when someone takes his own life. Because as Americans, we value life, even the lives of violent terrorists who are captured waging war against our country.”

As Americans.  Those damn Iraqis…they don’t value life.  And the terrorists, they hate freedom.  This instant qualification of America as freedom-loving, life-affirming goodness, and everyone else as…not, is too pathetic to rip to shreds; too obviously and sadly a case of massive cognitive dissonance to waste time countering with evidence.  And yet, this is the spin, the response, the sound bite.  We need a Cully Stimson-sized glass bellybutton.

It goes on.  Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a possible Republican presidential candidate, said “We maybe have people who hate us so much that we can never release them.  Now if you’re never, ever going to release them, you’re going to have psychological problems…” (among the prisoners). 

Newt never struck me as the brightest candle on the alter, but here is another WTF moment:  We’re locking them up forever.  Why?  Because they hate us. 
If hating ignorant, war-mongering, holier-than-thou buffoons is now a crime, I’m a candiate for the electric chair. 

Hey, Newt…they only disliked you intensely (and for good reason) before you locked them in a sweltering, stinking hole for five goddamn years without being allowed to speak to their mothers. 
I’d order a Newt-sized glass bellybutton, but considering the size of that ass one can only guess where his head might be lodged.

There used to be a time when access to counsel, the right be advised of the charges against you, the right to a fair trial in timely fashion, and the right to be free from cruel and inhumane treatment while under detention were the things that set America apart from those to whom Bush insists he wants to give the gifts of freedom and democracy.  That time is past.  America has become the very thing it once disdained.   Those rights only apply to Americans…and then only those Americans who never spoke to anyone who ever spoke to anyone who knows someone Muslim.

Stalin and Goebbels would stand in awe-struck admiration of the tactics and execution demonstrated by Bush Co.  And anyone who thinks that these are the means and strategies that will make America safer…make the world safer…either needs a glass bellybutton of their own, or needs to pull their head out of their ass.

Now all you enemy combatants fuck off.  I’m busy.


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  1. […] this disgusting, unwarranted abandonment of human rights, and I’ve previously scratched out some objections in principle. Given the effect of the USSC decisions, it is apparent they wield about as much influence over US […]

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  3. Bush is above all disgusting, everything he does, shame on this Guantanamo Bay stuff…I just wish that some people were actual people, because real people are composed of something called a HEART…

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