DNC Email Hack

I remember being in a campaign phone bank for a Nova Scotia byelection in the 1980’s. Volunteers were calling all the senior citizens in the riding who were registered members of the candidate’s party, asking if they needed a ride to the polls on election day – a Get Out the Vote effort.
A heavyweight party bagman (which in days gone by simply meant the man with free bottles of rum and an asphalt truck) slithered in to collect or drop off cheques.
He was flabbergasted. “Listen,” he said, “Get a list of all the seniors that are registered for the other party. Call up, tell them you’re with the other guy’s campaign and promise them a ride to the polls. Then don’t show up. If they manage to get there at all, maybe they’re so pissed off they vote for us. That’s how you win elections.”

The DNC under Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her minions was in the tank for Clinton and playing gutterball with Bernie. Well, fetch my fainting sofa and my clutching pearls!
None of that should surprise anyone.
They were doing it from the very beginning, right out in the open.
If you’re looking for reasons why Sanders didn’t win, the media alternating between ignoring the man and slandering his positions with blatant falsehoods deserves far more of your scorn than those lightweight ratfuckers.
Sadly, it’s being hoovered up like a mixture of cocaine and rocket fuel by petulant children who seem determined to elect Donald Trump.

Hell of a high wire act.


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  1. I too remember working on a 1980’s Canadian election campaign as a young’un. During that election, I delivered dozens of signs to houses that didn’t exist. (vacant lots, addresses one number higher than the last house on the street, etc.) It was a real eye opener to see how much of their own time & effort these political ratfuckers would waste just to waste the time & effort of other campaigns.

    Even in innocent 80’s Canada, these ratfuckers stooped to such petty behaviour just to waste 10 minutes of an opponent’s sign crew’s day. Because, as we ALL know, election signs are THE most important part of winning an election. Delaying even one sign’s appearance for an hour can cost you an election!

    (Note: Even in Canada, it’s gotten FAR worse since then. Undearly departed Canuckistan strongman Steven Herpes & his crew turned election rigging into a campaign strategy linchpin. They have criminal convictions from at least 3 separate incidents to show for it. This despite the system not being remotely interested in investigating such activity.)

    So, it’s a 0 out of 10 surprise to me that even the highest echelon of Democratic Party ratfuckers dedicated most of their workday trying to fuck Bernie over…even though it’s actually their job to do the opposite. That said…I still find seeing it in black & white more off-putting and cynicism-inducing than I’d expect. You know, it would be nice to occasionally see a “paranoid conspiracy theory” about anti-democratic corruption not pan out. I really miss the days when paranoids were really just paranoids and not onto something.

    But just like those campaign sign re-directing ratfuckers….to what end??? Other than proving your loyalty to the next Supreme Ruler, what was gained here? Bernie was NEVER going to be allowed to win. Thanks to Super-Delegates, Bernie would not just have to win against probably the most moneyed, connected, experienced, over-staffed, Democratic candidate for nomination ever. Bernie would have to beat her by about 450 (legitimate) Delegates. The Habs have a better chance of winning the Stanley Cup 4 times in a row again….this decade.

    So why do it? Why corrupt & de-legitimize the Democrat’s “democratic process” when doing so achieves nothing whatsoever? Worse yet, doing it when cynicism is at an all-time high, getting caught is easier than ever, and when your favoured candidate already has a whiff of corruption/conspiracy around her. Her nickname is “Crooked Hillary” for fuck’s sakes! (Answer: Because you’re a fucking retard who just doesn’t give a fuck about anything other than obtaining power for power’s sake.) This kind of self-sabotaging stupidity is why the Democrats can’t even win an election they can’t possibly lose.

    And as for these young numb-nuts willing to risk a Trump (Sorry, can’t type the words yet)…….

    Remember Cousinavi, we’ve had a few generations now of “precious little snowflakes” who’ve been given championship trophies just for showing up. They graduate High School despite being unable to spell their own names. Their every mood, emotion & short-term desire is at the centre of the universe. They are so spoiled, coddled & marketed to that they honestly think what (little) they think is remotely important. They are so incredibly naive that they actually go on Loserbook (using their real names no less) and post every personal detail of their pathetic “lives” and think the only possible consequence from it is that they’ll get famous & everyone will fall in love with them.

    And worse yet…these youngsters….are actually THE VERY BEST their generation has to offer. Woe be unto us all!

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