#BlackLivesMatter and Bernie Sanders

People claiming to represent BLM disrupted Bernie Sanders’ rally.

Original headline: BLM ATTACKS SANDERS.
Updated headline: NOT MEMBERS OF BLM

In the interim, I’ve been flooded with posts by angry white Liberals, incensed that anyone would DARE to protest at a rally for Bernie Sanders.

“Don’t they KNOW that Bernie is on their side?”

Immediately people began alleging that the protesters MUST be ratfkrs in the employ of Hillary Clinton, out to harm a serious threat to her candidacy.
OR they are ratfkrs in the employ of the GOP out to sow discord among the Democrats.
(Pro tip: Democrats have never needed outside help for that.)

Then came social media posts, allegedly from BLM “Leaders” disavowing these activists.
THEN those posts were taken down – the “Leaders” were not really “Leaders.”

BLM does not have leaders. It does not have “members”.
It is not a Liberal or Conservative group – the issues around unarmed people of colour being killed by police cuts across the political divide (or it damn well should).
If someone protesting under the BLM banner turns out to be a Christian, or a Conservative, or even a spoiled rotten, attention seeking nutter, they are no less likely to be a victim of unwarranted police violence. If pulling out one’s rosary and a Mitt Romney campaign sign were enough to make cops holster their weapons, someone should let the black community know – it would save lives.

Liberals seem to be outraged that a black person would dare to protest at a Bernie Sanders rally…because, they say, Bernie is on their side. This absolutely reeks of white condescension.
YOU don’t get to TELL black people who is and who ain’t on their side.
YOU don’t get to TELL black people not to protest at Democratic rallies because you think the Republicans are guiltier or less sympathetic or anything else.

In my view, it remains perfectly fair for people of colour to protest systemic racism at ANY political rally; to demand that the issue of state sanctioned violence inflicted on minorities be addressed. That the Democrats are arguably more responsive to the concerns of minorities than Republicans (in your view) does not equate with “Democrats are paying sufficient attention to the problem of systemic racism and white privilege.”

None of the foregoing means I dislike Bernie (I like him quite a lot).
It doesn’t mean I agree with the methods employed by these protesters.
It doesn’t mean I don’t think the GOP plays, by a large margin, a much bigger role in perpetuating systemic racism in America.
What it does mean is that white Liberals don’t get to tell black people to sit down and shut up because THEY support Bernie Sanders. It means that white Liberals don’t get to choose when it’s appropriate for black people to speak out. It means that black people have a right to disrupt your political rally whether or not they are Christians, Conservatives or once had a Sarah Palin button on her backpack when she was a kid.
It means YOU don’t get to be snotty and condescending because you don’t like her TONE or her ATTITUDE (while whinging about Joe Scarborough implying that the president is too uppity).

The reaction is far more appalling than the protest.
I’m about to unfriend one particular moronic asshole who has posted on numerous occasions how it’s absolutely, perfectly obvious that these protesters are being paid by Hillary Clinton to prevent Bernie from beating her.
“WHO else benefits??? WHO was a member of the Young Republicans???? FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!”
It’s not even the brainless fucking stupidity of that claim – as if Hillary would risk the total destruction of her campaign; becoming an object of loathing and contempt in order to fuck with a couple of Bernie’s rallies. It’s the goddamned blathering, certain paranoia that must be constantly lurking just beneath the surface. I’ve always had little patience for stupid. Some people don’t even toe the line…they dive head first into the deep end before the gun even sounds.

Apparently it’s too much for white Liberals to wrap their heads around the idea that a black Christian Conservative might not see the issue as Democrats = friends / Republicans = enemies; that PERHAPS these protesters see the problem as much broader than that – a problem of white privilege which has received insufficient attention from BOTH political parties (or maybe she even places more blame on the Democrats).
You can disagree with her about that…but you DON’T get to tell her to shut the fuck up and behave when Bernie’s talking. And you sure as hell don’t, on the back of flimsy evidence and fabricated, absolutely certain delusions, get to start tossing around slanderous accusations about anyone being a paid ratfkr JUST because they’re not the sort of black person YOU think they’re supposed to be.

There’s no doubt this issue is not going away anytime soon and this will not be the last I have to say about it. In the meantime, here’s hoping people give a little more thought to their reflexive presumptions and slanderous allegations around this issue.


7 Responses

  1. I would be interested to know just what their beef with Sanders was.

    • Same beef as with everybody else. Black people are being killed by cops about one=per-day and no one seems to be doing a damn thing about it.

      • Hey Cousinavi,

        You don’t have to be black, or even in America, to find yourself murdered by cops. Remember this episode of Great Moments In Canadian History?

        For no reason, the RCMP tazered this unarmed dude until he died, invented a bullshit story, and have been lying their asses off about it ever since. Only recently has ANY of them been punished….Not for killing him, which was perfectly cool, but for perjury because they all lied under oath to a provincial inquiry.

        All 4 of these motherfuckers lied profusely on the stand. Their higher-up were cheering them on, if not writing their entire bullshit story for them. Oddly enough, 2 were acquitted and 2 were found guilty for saying the exact same things . Guess which RCMP officer got the biggest sentence for the cover-up?

        Correct, it was the BLACK one! Thirty months for lying. Zero for killing an unarmed man.

        Since then, things have gotten even worse in Canuckistan. Every fucking pig I see is packing a tazer. Thanks to Herr Harper’s War On Terra, they feel completely justified in using it any way they see fit. With all the quivering bodies around, the streets of my town look like a Flashmob has assembled to dance “The Worm”.

        And sure there ain’t no Canadian Lives Matter movement here.

    • Because he engages in racial stereotyping by only selling fried chicken?

  2. Issue??? Until this moment, I was completely unaware this even happened. Nor do I give much of a fuck, even now.

    This isn’t an “issue” at all. This isn’t about poverty, an environmental regulation, tax policy, or an amendment to end corporate “personhood”. Hell, it’s not really even about “The Pigs mowin’ down unarmed brothas”. It’s just Democrats desperately trying to figure out a way to shoot themselves in the balls yet again, so that they can turn a fucking cakewalk into another humiliating defeat.

    Trust me. Some motherfucker in some backroom somewhere, who is completely convinced of his own “brilliance”, thinks he’s going to gain something by starting this meaningless bullshit. Could be one candidate’s henchmen. Could be another’s. Could be a Republican. Could be somebody at this (ironically named) Black Lives Matter….whatever-the-fuck-it-is. It’s gamesmanship.

    This is just stupid, internecine, political, squabbling that gives generally like-minded individuals something to argue over in pointless dung-throwing wars in The Twit Zone. Like a pack of over-excited dogs, the overwhelming urge to fight gets turned inward and aimed at those closest to each other. This is why the Left always looses, even when they win. As the famous Bluenoser J-Roc would say, they need to start getting their shit “pimp tight”.

    But the sad truth is that black lives DON’T matter. Anybody with even the slightest grasp of history, or even just the ability to type “cop kills unarmed black person and found innocent” into a web browser, should know that. At absolute best, the entire American system just doesn’t give a fuck about the fate of black people. It’s even MORE obvious than Donald Trump being an asshole.

    But black VOTES do matter…at least to Democrats. Or, at least they should. When 99% of a race votes for you…you need to throw ’em a bone once in a while…and I’m not talking about me & Halle Berry. Even with a black President and nearly 100% of the black vote, I struggle to think of any proposed legislation, or change, that would have made black lives noticeably better.

    Sure, there were a few Dept. Of Justice recommendations to racist police forces. But it’s clear how seriously said racist police forces take them. Spoiler Alert: They’re racists! Besides, that’s all just crying over spilled (chocolate) milk anyway. The problem is that are racists cops, defended by racist police forces, backed up by a racist justice system, populated with racist juries that are afraid to convict any murderer with a badge…irregardless of the amount of evidence presented! (Anybody who thinks videotape will solve anything is a complete imbecile who doesn’t understand what the problem actually is.)

    Yeah, I know the Republicans would shoot anything positive down. But that’s not the point. The point is to demonstrate that you’re trying. This is why black people apparently feel the need to act up at Uncle Bernie’s picnics. It’s stupid & self-defeating. However, it wouldn’t be happening if the Surrender-Monkey In Chief and the completely dickless Congressional ostriches he presides over would have done something remotely memorable during the last 7 years.

    Black lives don’t even matter to the people they should matter to the most.

  3. I agree with everything you guys said — the cops are out of control and the fact that it’s been ignored for decades is a travesty. I believe, however, that Sanders is the wrong person to go after since he’s the last person you’d want to take votes from. Unless you are so cynical that you think he has no chance in hell of getting elected so may as well at least get the publicity. That’s a valid point, too, by the way.

    • Sanders is the absolute worst “first target” to go after.

      First, he just doesn’t give a fuck. He stepped aside and let them go for it. Second, every other candidate….the ones that certainly deserve it more…are now at Defcon 5 and won’t let anyone with even so much as a tan get within 250 metres of the candidate.

      Crashing Bernie’s party was like picking the lowest hanging fruit that’s nowhere near ready to pick instead of picking one of the dozens of fruit, that are so ripe, they’re rotting. By doing that, they’ve totally lost their element of surprise. If they get near another candidate again, they’ll get find a prepared candidate ready to turn it into a pre-scripted, bullshit, photo-op.

      And just try getting near a Trump or whatever other racists are running for the Republicans.

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