Ben Carson

There’s something deeply wrong with Ben Carson. “Being gay is a choice because some people go into prison straight but come out gay.” Clearly some people go into medical school able to learn but come out believing that their ability to wield a scalpel makes every ignorant, backward, unread, thoughtless, condescending, asshole idea that flits through their head worthy of being taken seriously. What an absolute piece of shit.

In a statement to CNN, Carson walked back his assertion. “I realized that my choice of language does not reflect fully my heart on gay issues,” Carson said. “I do not pretend to know how every individual came to their sexual orientation. I regret that my words to express that concept were hurtful and divisive. For that I apologize unreservedly to all that were offended.”

And so we learn that in addition to being stupid, Ben Carson is a liar. He was perfectly clear. He said being gay is a choice. He was asked to confirm if he meant that and he replied, “Absolutely.” ABSOLUTELY. CHOICE. It is of no value whatsoever to pretend to apologize for offending people by saying what he really thinks, or to walk it back ever so slightly by admitting that he doesn’t KNOW how people come to their sexual orientation (Pro tip: No one KNOWS how anyone comes to their sexual orientation.) The story here is that Ben Carson, in the complete absence of any valid information upon which to have an opinion (and worse that that, vomiting forth the stunningly ridiculous and intellectually shameful prison hypothetical), arrogantly asserts his completely ignorant opinion as ABSOLUTE fact, and supports policies that treat homosexuality as if it were abnormal, socially undesirable, and undeserving of equality under the law. I don’t know how this puffed up asshole ever managed to get admitted to medical school but given the demonstrations of his non-medical capacities, all I have to say to the Republican party is, “Keep going. You’re going great!”


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  1. Not only does Ben Carson not understand how sexual orientation works, he obviously doesn’t have a fucking clue how “choice” works either. Choice is a voluntary decision that requires free will.

    Prison has nothing to do with “choice”, as nobody is there voluntarily. From the moment you step inside, “choice” becomes a very relative term. Prison sex has almost NOTHING to do with “choice”. The only “choosing” going on is which slab of fresh meat the respective Prison Daddies are going to pounce on and turn into their bitch.

    Didn’t this motherfucker ever watch OZ on HBO? This is “choice” in prison. (Shockingly, this clip is Safe For Work, more or less)

    Fuck I loved that show! Crooks, liars, systemic corruption, drugs murder and ass rape…Oz was a great metaphor for life.

  2. OK, so, just because the title of the story is “Ben Carson” that doesn’t automatically mean this is actually about Ben Carson or what he said, right? So, is this really about Bad Doctors who don’t have enough faith in Science? Or is this just an excuse to talk about anal rape fantasies?

    Or…maybe Ben Carson is a Bad Doctor who has fantasies about anal rape. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    • You’re being obtuse again. The title is followed by a QUESTION MARK. This is to indicate that I dismiss the entire debate as foolishness; that there’s no point and nothing to be gained from the argument about what is and what ain’t “Real Islam” – a point the article itself makes abundantly clear. Further, that the only people who are interested in dismissing ISIS as “Not real Islam” are idiots like Reza Aslan, who are too eager to label anyone who criticizes that fucked up faith as Islamophobes and bigots.

      • A question mark requires an actual question to precede it. “Not Real Islam” is neither a proper question, nor a proper sentence. You can’t call something a question just because you stuck a question mark behind it? See. It just doesn’t work, particularly in written formats? (Just what the hell kind of slapdash magazine did you work for?)

        What you were “asking” in your title was actually more obtuse than my stoned ramblings. Now that I think of it, “Not Real Islam” sounds more like a manufacturers’ label like “Made In China”. If anything, your title implies the existence of a “Not Real Islam” stamp that government inspectors stamp on all Islam that isn’t real. (aka All of it.) With all the nonsensical debate over what is “real” Islam, perhaps there’s actually a need for inspections of Islam.

        A better, clearer, way to dismiss something is to put it in quotation marks. (For example, Stephen Harper will “keep us safe” from terrorists with no ability to attack us.) Because no part of “Not Real Islam?” was in quotes, no implied sarcasm was present beyond stuffing a question mark behind it? Nor was proper emphasis put on what element you were questioning. Were you examining what constitutes Real Islam, or what merits the Not Real Islam label? Or, were you attacking the notion that such a distinction is “Not Real”? Or, were you questioning the factual basis behind Islam itself. Dismissing the religion’s basis as foolishness would be the approach I’d expect from a confirmed Atheist. Either way, your intended approach was not made clear in your title.

        So, let’s try to repair that misleading title. “Not ‘Real Islam’?” still wouldn’t have been a proper question. Yet, it would’ve been better because it isolates the term Real Islam, which is what you were really questioning. However, a far better title would have been “Is there such a thing as ‘Real Islam’?” It clearly questions the validity of the term and could smoothly shift into a criticism of the nonsensical debate over what is, or isn’t, Real Islam. A clear question like that in the title wouldn’t have started ANY reader down the wrong path, even a stoned one like me.

        Or…you could display your contempt by putting the thing you have contempt for on par with Muppets, Justin Bieber, My Little Pony, or a supernatural Nova Scotian trout. This is the route I chose, not only to mock the debate, but to mock and belittle the self-importance of religion altogether. As an extra layer or contempt, I addressed a supposed serious discussion while baked.

        But questions still remain. Is Ben Carson For Real? Is he a Real Doctor? Is there such a thing as a Real Doctor? Is arguing about his existence or his commitment to his Doctoring ridiculous? And, above all, where the hell is my bong?

        • Apparently you’ve taken a course in how to be stubbornly obtuse.
          It is entirely possible to construct the question, “Not Real Islam?” as a response, spoken in the rising interrogative tone, to the assertion (made by Reza Aslan et al) that the radical form of Islam as practiced by ISIS (among others) is not real Islam.
          Your quibbling, stick-up-your-ass bullshit grammar lessons are not merely inaccurate but require a particularly silly stripe of willful blindness to construct.
          I don’t care to have any debate about what is vs. what ain’t real Islam. The Quran and the Hadith are very clear about what is to be done with blasphemers and infidels. Anyone who asserts that those who most closely hew to the literal words contained therein is not a real Muslim is only managing to be more obtuse than you.

  3. Not Real President Ben Carson?
    Ben Carson, Not Real President?
    President Ben Carson?
    “President” Ben Carson?
    Is The Presidential Candidacy Of Ben Carson Legitimate?
    Can the Presidential Candidacy Of Ben Carson Be Taken Seriously?


    Who The Fuck is Ben Carson And Why Is Everyone Paying More Attention To This Fuckwad Than Serious Presidential Candidates?

    Just some suggested titles (some much better than others) to help break you out of your slump there -eh Cuz? 😉

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