Homeland Security – clearly an immigration issue.
Labour bill – GOP amendment to defund Obamacare.
Education and energy bill – GOP amendment to defund Obamacare.
Economic bill – GOP amendment to defund Obamacare.
Another education bill – GOP amendment to cut funding to any school that so much as mentions abortion to teenage girls.

These venal assholes will sacrifice even the appearance of doing their job, while putting god bothering, science denying morons like Inhofe in charge of the environment, in order to make another petulant, stubborn, childish fucking attempt to roll back any gain that helps anyone not named Koch, or fails to hew to their imbecilic, ignorant Conservative principles – principles that plainly amount to being willfully stupid and throwing tantrums when they don’t get to actually do the brainless goddamn things they promised Cletus and the rest of the Klan in Sisterfuck, Arkansas in order to get his snake handling ass off the porch and into a voting booth.


3 Responses

  1. One of the things I really hate about the American system is that you can tack on amendments to bills that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with anything in the original bill. This allows every stupid fucking asshole to try to slip their unrelated agendas into legislation. It’s usually done to:

    1) promote themselves and their agenda.
    2) get something that can’t pass on its own merit to pass by tacking itself onto popular legislation.
    3) scuttle a bill that would otherwise pass by forcing members of Congress to back away from legislation they’d otherwise vote for because they can’t stomach the amendment.

    Besides slowing down the entire process to a crawl and increasing public cynicism, you wind up with shit not even Congress really wanted becoming law.

    And come election time (When isn’t it?), you get attack ads claiming “Senator Pigglesworth voted for the mandatory anal rape of every child under 8”. That’s because the Child Anal Rape Amendment was tacked onto the Permanent World Peace Bill at 3AM without anyone noticing. Eight Senators did notice, but 3 decided world peace was worth having every kid raped anally and the other 5 were members of NAMBLA.

    (Did I just make a joke about child anal rape? Good thing there’s no Hell for me to burn in when I die…at least I sure hope there isn’t)

    • The saddest thing, no matter how cynical one is about the governance of this country, it isn’t cynical enough. The police, the politicians, the freakin’ slobberin’ jaw dropped population that can’t tell you even the most elementary methodology of the political structure. This is an ignorant bunch. Stupid many, ignorant most, and just f***in’ dumb, most. Christians, my god, sweet baby Jesus, how can they be so bronze aged?
      This whole concept of Democracy beats me down when knowledge is discounted and intellect is rendered suspect. Cousin, I’m giving up. I’ll put some monetary donations to Sanders, and maybe do some politikin’, but really, these mouth breathers who go for HRC or Repubs, I am just too tired to refute.
      The thing is, Cousin Avi, your analysis of the politics is as good as most, and the style, better than most. I trust you’ll put up something more current as you’ve the opportunity, time, and will.
      You do good Brother.

      • You’re completely right about Cousin Avi. The dude is great but he seriously needs to up his production! Lazy fucker. Obviously, the boozing and whoring has completely taken over his life, leaving him with virtually no time to share his wisdom with us. Maybe he needs to join a 12 Step Program and recognize a higher power. 🙂

        And you’re right about the rest of it, too. The Gen-pop of this Prison Planet is beyond hopeless. I’m not sure you could make a more ignorant, more masochistic, bunch of craven, materialist, fucktards if you had the entire staff of God Laboratories Inc working on it. The North American public has become a perpetual motion machine of self-destructive idiocy.

        But remember, things can always change…for the worse. The best you can hope for is to keep things as bad as they are right now. All you can do is token shit like giving Bernie a few bucks and just keep trying to trudge on with your principles intact, no matter how futile that is.

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