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  1. Now we know where you’ve been spending wasting all your time; battling twits in The Twit Zone.

    I’m sure this Asian fellow will read your 140 characters and decide to completely alter his opinions and worldview, as most twits in the Twit Zone are apt to do. After all,Twitter is the epicentre of reason and thoughtful debate on this planet full of rational, reasonable and open minded people. Every moment you spend there is time well spent, Cousinavi.

    Sure, your comment was likely the best, most literate, comment in The Twit Zone all week. However, it’s still the tree falling in a forest full of birdbrains who just won’t stop their crowing contest long enough for a sound to be heard. Even if anyone actually bothered to read it (or any comment other than their own), their ADD riddled “brains” would have forgotten it by the time they reached the next comment.

    “Winning” at Twitter is kind of like winning a boxing match against a quadriplegic Paralympian. Just look at what you’re responding to. A supposedly intelligent scholar has been reduced to spewing out barely literate, one liners of bile aimed at others. Even if you knew, or cared, about what he was referencing, there’s absolutely nothing of substance in it. It’s not only unworthy of responding to, or even reading, it’s very existence isn’t even worth acknowledging. He might as well have written “hawkins sux kok!!!!!!!!”

    Shit, it actually makes the Mad Jewess look good by comparison! At least she was able to form sentences and paragraphs attempting to support her nonsensical, idiotic, bullshit.

  2. did somebody ever tell you that you are a walking advertisement for the GOP? I thought people like you only existed in tom Wolfe novels… No need to block my accounts. Just know that if you insult me I will mock you. Don’t insult me ( or even apologize for having done so ) and I will not mock you. Who is afraid now? Enjoy your life! Sounds charming!

    • LOL. You pathetic little spoiled Spanish twat. I’ve heard about your academic prowess – how you were almost flunked out of school and everyone cringed every fucking time you opened your mouth. I can see why you’re so popular and well-remembered.
      Insult you? There’s no need – you PARADE your intellectual incompetence and desperate need for attention by attacking your betters. Why would I need to insult a neon sign of vapidity like you? Ah…of course – that little voice inside you that keeps screaming, “YOU CAN SHOW THEM! SHOW THEM HOW SMART YOU ARE!”
      I told you to seek professional help for that. I guess the voices talked you out of it.
      Run along, you greasy little scrote. Yo cago en la leche de tu puta madre

      PS. Here’s how this works. You’ve been banned and cannot comment any longer. You can go get another email address and try again or change your IP address and try again…but you’ve already been traced. If you persist in your harassing behaviour in some vain effort to make the two lonely brain cells you have left feel better about themselves, you’ll get slapped like the brainless, mouthy, broken little red-headed stepchild you are. It’s not my problem your momma didn’t hug you enough, or hugged you too much, or made you wear those frilly things while bouncing on “Uncle’s knee.”
      Now fuck off – go find somewhere else to demonstrate your shallow thinking and lack of a decent education.

      • Oh, I think I just came!

        Please un-ban him, if only so I can see you smack him around some more.

        • He started out lecturing me on facebook. I sorted his ignorant ass out over there and blocked him – something I almost never do but this one is a special sort of twat. Then he posted 19 bits of shit on my twitter thing (which I almost never use but there he was)…AND he showed up here, too.
          He’s too fucked up to make poking him fun. Seriously pretentious Dunning-Kruger shit of Jedi Master levels.

        • Well, as I always say, that’s exactly what you get for going on Loserbook and The Twit Zone.

          Aside from being the world’s largest for-profit spy agency, Loserbook is a PR firm for complete losers and egomaniacs. Friendless losers go on desperately trying to collect “friends”. Exhibitionists go on there to suck their own cocks in front of the widest audience possible and then try to shove it in your mouth too.

          All that’s actually achieved by being on Loserbook is making that fuckwipe Zuckerberg even more undeservedly rich than he already is. That and helping the NSA to build their database on you and everyone you communicate with. (Uh, is that a drone I hear?)

          Meanwhile, The Twit Zone is designed to give the ever growing number of illiterate chimps the chance to smear feces on each other. The very format mandates limited thinking, illiteracy and lends itself to combat.

          Bronie29: “demuncrats sUk! sarapalun roolz!”
          Ponboy463: “hillreee 2016!!! ”
          Bronie29: “u R fagut!!!!!!!!!!”

          Not long ago, blogging used to be the evidence of a decline in civility and a measuring stick for over-inflated egos. Loserbook, The Twit Zone, IdiotGram and all the rest now make blogging look like Masterpiece Theatre. They are dragging ALL of us down a rabbit hole.

  3. i am the spanish spoiled twat and so on – i agree re twitter with your groupie, cousin avi – his comment applies to you ( apparently blogging is not for egomaniacs…). facebook is nice to keep in touch with old friends.

    now, cousin avi: insult me again and i will sue you. block me, mock me or ( this is rich: so much for the tough guy!) complain to my teacher ( uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh i am scared ) – cousin avi, it does not change the fact that you are a walking advertisement for the gop.

    and you know it.

    that is what annoys you.

    rubio will love your spanish!

    have a happy life,


    p.s. “sedate me” – do not come on blogs, it is most unbecoming.

    yes, cousin avi, unblock me, the boy wants to come again…

    • i like the emoticon your blog gives me…

      go on, cousin avi, sing, oh goddess, the wrath, of achilles, pelleus’ son. the ruinous wrath and so on…

    • You actually made the effort to contact this idiot directly? I’m impressed at the depth of your boredom and desire for poking the stupid with sticks.
      But I do like the threat to sue me. ATTENTION SPOILED SPANISH TWAT: You are an idiot. You are unread, shallow, brainless and plainly were hugged too tightly by your mother, who infected you with whatever deep, unfulfilled need for attention causes you to open the stupid fucking trapdoor to imbecility you call a mouth in public. You eat shit sandwiches. Your mother whores for loose change. You are a facile, shallow insult to cogent thought; an entitled, special little snowflake who should be punched in the throat and made to stop rubbing shit in your hair as a means to be noticed by people who disdain you. You lie and you think no one notices. You are dishonourable, scummy, stinky, ugly and you have no friends.
      Now fucking sue me, you little lawyer wannabe. PLEASE…sue me. You cunt-faced piece of shit.

      • Huh?

        Once again, Cousinavi, your writing style (more on that later) is confusing your message. Paragraphs, man. You remember them, right?

        Am I the one contacting this idiot directly? I’m didn’t and probably wouldn’t know how. But I do like to poke idiots with sticks and slap sleeping bears with salmon. As much as I’d like to take credit for the above, I can’t.

        Man, I’d LOVE to be in that courtroom! Hey, here’s an idea. Why not turn this place into a defacto courtroom where idiots are hauled in and you prosecute them?

        • Oh…must have been him. The ridiculous little putz must have found some way back in here when his mother went out to turn a few tricks.

        • Ok, I do claim responsibility for “distracting” his mom. But it was well worth the 3 Pesos just to get you involved around here again.

          To be fair, the Rusty Trombone I got wasn’t that bad either.

    • Sorry, Mr Wannabee. (Sedate me: Often imitated. Never duplicated.)

      Loserbook was intentionally designed for the purposes of compiling databases on egomanics and needy exhibitionists stupid enough to post every intimate detail of their lives under their real names for the entire world to see. Those watching don’t just include government & corporate spies building profiles on you, but the exponentially increasing hoards of identity thieves, voyeurs, stalkers and other demented people with nothing better to do than fuck with other people’s lives.

      THAT is the true nature of Loserbook. The rest that transpires there is merely data generation. For all the good it does, you might as well be standing in front of the National Debt Clock and cheering, or booing. Or better yet, watching an office clerk enter numbers into a computer.

      As for “old friends”, there’s always a good reason “old friends” lose contact with each other. Most people who “re-connect” get reminded of why. Usually, they stopped liking them. Either that, or they just weren’t worth the effort to keep in contact with as they grew up and got a fucking life. That’s how “life” works, or used to.

      But the days of both “growing up” and “getting a life” are now over. Thanks to the unending goose-step of technology, we’re now expected to remain in constant contact with everyone we’ve ever met. We’re expected to spend every waking moment keeping in contact with people, usually total strangers we’ll never meet. Even among the ones we’ve actually met, the vast majority are people we wouldn’t previously be bothered to send a postcard to at Christmas.

      But you ARE right about one thing, Mr Wannabee. I AM a Cousinavi groupie. Although, for the last few years around here, it’s kind of been like being a Brigitte Bardot groupie. Sightings of the aging greats are few & far between and, while both well past their primes, they’re still a treat to see. 😉

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