Joe Scarborough – Racist Ignoramus

Joe Scarborough:

“The cops have every reason to be pissed off this morning,” Scarborough said. He argued that the five players on the St. Louis Rams who raised their arms in solidarity with Ferguson on Sunday based their gesture on “lies” that contradicted findings of a grand jury investigation.

“And by the way, if I’ve offended anybody by saying what I’ve said, trust me, 95 percent of America think just like me,” he said. “Just because there are cowards who won’t say that on TV… that’s their problem, not mine,” said Scarborough.

Joe Scarborough has never been a smart man. His “Center right” cardigans button up over a pathetically weak mind operating from within a set of Dunning-Kruger level partisan presumptions. He’s a giant bag of dicks who somehow managed to get elected to congress and is now paid ridiculous amounts of money to daily ooze his condescension all over large blocks of time on our public airwaves.

Joe seems to know how offensive is the shit oozing from the inverted anus he calls a mouth. He attempts to inflate his credibility by admitting that his words are certain to offend and asserting that 95% of the population agrees with him. This is nothing more than self-stroking speculation. Even if it were true that the vast majority of Americans agree with his ignorant fantasies, it would only amount to argumentum ad populum. The truth would be that 95% of Americans are uneducated, racist know-nothings who are completely fucking wrong.
He then arrogantly labels anyone who doesn’t publicly admit that they agree with him a coward. This is cheap and shabby ad hominem. Think about what Scarborough is saying here: only cowards stand up for the weak against the power structure that has oppressed them for 300 years. Only cowards question the result of a blatantly rigged legal process that was inverted 180 degrees from its historical AND contemporary purpose.
Joe Scarborough – brave, smart and speaking for the silent massive majority who are just too…something…to say what only Joe has the sack to say – the singular voice willing to speak the POPULAR truth. The greasy little moron and his unwarranted pride in his own imagined genius fucking nauseates me.

The problem with all of this is that, in addition to being racist on its face, Joe doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about.

Firstly, a grand jury – to flog a soundly beaten and long dead horse – is supposed to examine the evidence for a singular purpose: to determine whether or not there ought to be a trial; whether there is ANY evidence that would require taking the matter before a trial judge.
They are impaneled by a prosecutor who is presumed to WANT an indictment and who will argue that the evidence supports that outcome. He will usually direct the jury’s attention to the evidence supporting an indictment and request that they return a charge appropriate to the facts.
This is NOT what happened in Ferguson. The grand jury in Ferguson did not investigate a goddamn thing. Grand juries have, in theory, the ability to perform investigatory functions but this one, in fact, did not.
It heard the evidence presented to it by the prosecutor – evidence which was collected during an investigation conducted by various entities. It examined that evidence ONLY in the light in which the prosecution presented it – no alternative arguments, no cross-examination, no alternative theories.

Secondly, as noted in my previous post, the conduct of the prosecutor in Ferguson, Missouri didn’t even distantly orbit anything remotely resembling a proper grand jury, much less meet the duty of his office or the laws of the United States. The only way it could have been more corrupt, the outcome more rigged, would be if the verdict had been rendered at gunpoint.
Incriminating evidence was cross-examined as though the prosecutors were employed by Darren Wilson – the target of the grand jury.
Exculpatory evidence – which grand juries are not entitled to hear and prosecutors are not obligated to present – was casually submitted with absolutely no critical analysis.
An assistant prosecutor misdirected the jury with regard to the applicable law.
The lead prosecutor didn’t even request that the jury return an indictment – he let those untrained citizens think their job was to decide if the shooting was justified!
This is nonfeasance, misfeasance AND malfeasance all wrapped up in, “Just doin’ my job.”

And yet, here’s the blathering white bread asshole Scarborough, backed up by his brainless sidekick (a pure talent hire who is only coincidentally the daughter of a former Secretary of State), and supposedly countered on the left by an even bigger yammering douche nozzle who is only too eager to jam his tongue up Scarborough’s ass to signal his complete agreement with a series of deep-cleaning reptilian licks.

“Michael Brown was a thug.”
That’s NOTHING but character assassination – an attempt to divert attention from the cheap three card monte scam he’s running on his “It’s OK to be racist if you just keep insisting you’re not” teevee program.

Joe Scarborough is an ignorant, lying, racist piece of shit. It may be the case that 95% of America agrees with him. That would explain much.


3 Responses

  1. Ahhh, this is why I miss you so much, Cousinavi. Your writing brings me about as close as I get to experiencing “joy”. It’s neck & neck with blowjobs, something else I need more regularly. (Cleveland Steamers shurely!)

    Anyway, the real problem with The Scarb’s statement is that he’s right about ONE thing, that a majority are fine with this.

    His statement that 95% are cool with this is absolutely correct…if you’re taking a poll of One Percenters and their fellators in the Top 10%. Remember, there’s a Class War going on here and the cops are the army of The Powers That Be. The cops need to know that the Powers That Be have their backs no matter what evil they commit. If the cops know they’ll never face the consequences of their actions, then they’ll do whatever the Powers That Be ask of them. I’m no lawyer, but I think they call it a “squid-go-pro”.

    As for this Prison Planet’s Gen-pop…throw in the racists, the racists that swear they aren’t racists, the fascists, the mindless knuckle draggers and the folks who think dead black kids are just the unfortunate cracked eggs in a safety omelette….and you’ve got yourself, not 95%, but a majority of folks who will at least tolerate it. Most certainly, an overwhelming majority of the folks who bother to cast ballots.

    In this post 9/11 world, people are scared shitless and are eager to give up all their rights & freedoms in the mere hope of being 1-2% safer. It’s a false choice, an empty promise, and largely an irrational fear driving the choice. But even if they know that, most people will still make that choice. So, if they’re willing to sell themselves down the river, just imagine what they’ll permit the cops to do to people who don’t matter to society, people they probably perceive as potential threats to themselves.

    People talk a good game, or harrumph about “going TOO far”. But they’re only talking about specific incident X. They accept the activity in principle, but Incident X is so egregious, so inexcusable, that even folks who will accept anything won’t accept Incident X.

    There have been a few very public Incident X’s lately, yet that has still failed to garner ANY consequences. When Incident X’s go unpunished, that’s a pretty good clue you’re living in a Police State.

  2. At least he gives me a break from Mika telling me what not to eat.

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