Corrupt Ferguson Grand Jury

What people need to wrap their heads around has nothing to do with whether or not the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson was justified.
The flagrant and intentional misuse of the grand jury system to no-bill the cop and ensure the matter would never be tried in open court; the manner in which it was done is a critically serious issue.

The PROSECUTOR cross-examined witnesses whose testimony weighed on the side of indictment. No such attention was given to exculpatory evidence…which a grand jury is not entitled to hear in the first place.
Exculpatory evidence was casually presented with no critical analysis whatsoever: Thank you for your honest and helpful testimony, Officer Wilson.  But perhaps the most qualified medical examiner on the planet got, “Are you a toxicologist?”
“Are you a pharmacologist?”
“Have you been certified as an expert in toxicology?”
“Have you been certified as an expert in pharmacology?”
And this was done in order to support the implication that Brown was out of his mind on WAX (a concentrated form marijuana) FOR WHICH THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE.
Defence lawyers in the employ of Darren Wilson could not have presented that evidence to the grand jury in any more favourable light.

Whether or not Darren Wilson committed a crime when he killed Michael Brown will never be determined. The reason for that is because a gang of intentionally malfeasant prosecutors decided to rig the system so that question would never be asked or answered.
Robert McCulloch might as well have walked into that room like this:

Robert McCulloch


One Response

  1. What were these Ferguson Grand Jury imbeciles thinking?

    “Yes, it would be really nice to have some more riots. Even better if the blood was on my hands.”

    I don’t think anybody was arguing the cop didn’t shoot an unarmed man. The mere fact that a cop-related shooting went as far as a Grand Jury says MORE than enough about potential guilt. Send it to a trial and let some other panel of patsies determine if it was murder.

    Is there an IQ test to get on a Grand Jury?

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