Stop Giving Cops Who Kill the Benefit of the Doubt

A 12-year-old child was shot to death by police officers in Cleveland. The child was alone in an empty park playing with a toy gun. The police claimed that the child was with a group of friends; that he ignored repeated commands to put up his hands; that he reached for what appeared to be a weapon. Only then, say the police, were they forced to use lethal force.
The officers did not know that there was a security camera across the street recording the entire incident. I leave to the viewer to assess the credibility of the officers.

Cleveland dot com copied the video and posted it in an article demanding answers from the police. My open rely to the editors of that publication follows:

“…the police have a lot of explaining to do.”

Given that the police have already lied about their actions, saying the child refused repeated orders to put up his hands – a claim made manifestly false by the video – how does one manage to express the expectation there could be any possible explanation, justification or excuse?
The stern way you appear to demand answers in the face of evidence that leaves no goddamn questions only underscores the degree to which police are given license to use force in any way they see fit against anyone that comes along. Even after LYING about the murder – and there is nothing else to call it – of a small child sitting alone in an empty park playing with a TOY, you still want them to tell you HOW IT IS that such a thing might have happened; what confluence of circumstance led to this awful (but, of course, unavoidable) outcome. They need to EXPLAIN.
Perhaps when they finish scuffing their feet, looking at their hands and stuttering about how no one understands the dangers they face every day while keeping us safe from children in empty parks, you’ll explain why it is that your paper’s tongue is jammed so deeply up the backdoor of a thin blue pair of child murderers.
One wonders at what point your newspaper would stop asking for explanations; stop giving murdering cops the opportunity to cobble together a “valid excuse” for why they shot a 12-year-old child who posed NO DANGER to ANYONE without so much as a single word.
‘He was big for his age. He looked like a demon. He had rage in his eyes. I thought he would charge me. He went for my gun. It’s difficult to be a cop, you know…you never know when you will be confronted by a 12-year-old sitting alone in a park and be forced to make a split-second life-or-death decision. YOU WEREN’T THERE!’

You ask a series of WHY questions as if there are possible answers; as if there’s some string of words that a cop might utter that would justify what appears on that tape: TWO SECONDS after those brave men arrived to serve and protect, a pubescent child was shot and killed. And they have ALREADY LIED ABOUT IT.
But even THAT – the knowledge that you are demanding answers from people who lie with the first goddamn words out of their mouth; who lie as a matter of standard operating procedure; who attempt to justify what cannot possibly be justified with complete fiction; LIES THAT WOULD BE ACCEPTED WERE IT NOT FOR THE CONTRADICTING VIDEO – does not stop you from demanding an explanation. “WHY? Tell us what reasoning you employed!”
I have a better question: Which member of that police force has the videotape of your editor-in-chief fucking a pig?


2 Responses

  1. As usual, the spy-cam footage is all but useless (except as a way of making me paranoid). I can barely see anything, but I assume this is what happened. There’s no reason not to, especially since the cops are denying it. (Nuff said!)

    I lost all -and I mean ALL- respect I had for the police after the billion dollar NWO bullshit that was the 2010 Toronto G20 Summit. Countless beat downs, rubber bullets, “kettle-ing” illegal detention, spying, preemptive detention…all done without ANY consequence. It was so bad, kids living 3 hours away were spied on and put in jail for merely putting up posters promoting G8 demonstrations. They were jailed for 24 hours to “determine if they were a threat to public safety” even though they used recycled paper and biodegradable, non-toxic, glue.

    Meanwhile, the only things that can get these lazy pigs to put down their doughnuts and lift a finger are:

    1) something “heroic” that will put their mugs on the front page.
    2) a chance to beat some hippies.
    3) a chance to shoot/tazer a Negro, a mentally ill person, or somebody else nobody gives a shit about.

    Other than that, they just hang out in empty parking lots, drink coffee, get blown by hookers and convince people the crime that’s just been perpetrated on them isn’t worth police resources.

    In this post 9/11 world, if you have a badge & gun, you can do whatever the fuck you want. You can literally get away with murder. Even if you’re caught red handed, the absolute worst that will happen is that you’ll lose your job. It’s actually more likely the victim will get additional charges for the privilege of being beaten.

    And despite what so many tech-enthralled people like to think, all the videotape in the world won’t change this fact one bit! First, a lot video gets suppressed, or is controlled by the cops themselves. Just look at how the Ferguson PD used irrelevant video to attack their victim in the press.

    It’s NOT because there’s a lack of video. There are easily hundreds of thousands of videos of cops beating the fuck out of people on the Interwebs. Here is but one.

    And yet it would take longer to watch half of these videos than the combined sentences given to the cops in them. It’s not the lack of evidence, it’s the complete lack of political will for cops to be held accountable. Even in the “exceptions that prove the rule”, The Powers That Be try usually shut down attempts to punish abuses perpetrated by their Class Army. There’s a Class War on, don’t ya know? And we’ve got to rally behind our troops!

    But it’s getting worse, not better. At least Rodney King got his day in a Kangaroo Court. In Ferguson, there won’t even BE a trial. And I doubt this Cleveland case is going anywhere.

    • Although…it’s really about time these ultra-realistic bb, paintball and toy guns be banned. When I was 12, most of the toy guns on the market were made of coloured plastic or shot Nerf bullets.

      “A BB gun? You’ll get your eye shot out by a cop, kid.”

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