I’m a huge fan of television done well: The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad…I enjoyed Boardwalk Empire and I loved the first season of True Detective (even though the plot was overwrought, McConaughey was up to the weirdness and Harrelson was up to the rage).
If you aren’t watching Fargo, get thee to downloading and watch it.
Set in the universe created by Joel and Ethan Coen for their true crime film of the same name but following a fresh story, the writing, acting, characters, shots, music and camera work are all very reminiscent of the movie. But 10 hour-long episodes is a different game than a single 98-minute story. There’s room for more back story, side plots, additional cast and characters…all tangentially related to the main plot line but also carrying their own internal weight…and all crossing paths in ways that produce incredible surprises and excruciating tension.
And Fargo hits it out of the park in all regards.
Billy Bob Thornton deserves an Emmy for his work as Lorne Malvo, and everyone that has acted with him – from his plaything/nemesis Lester, to the old man in the post office, to the hyper little friend he tied up for police, to Oliver Platt (who found the money from the movie all those years ago!) deserves a chunk of the statue.
EVERYONE on this show deserves a nomination and Noah Hawley is one hell of a writer.


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  1. I was initially put off on this series since I saw Martin Freeman as Sherlock’s buddy and not a heavy like in Fargo. But it finally grabbed me and I indeed downloaded all 10 episodes so far. Great stuff.

  2. Gee? How did I know you’d love this show? Could it be because it stars a guy who specializes in characters that are cantankerous, chain smoking, profanity spewing, drunkards? Nah, that couldn’t possibly be it.

    I really like this show. Unfortunately, in this era of Loserbook & The Twit Zone, where everything is high speed, high impact & low intelligence, I’m pretty sure this show is vastly under-appreciated. It’s got slow buildups, conversations that are extraneous to the plot and -despite the content- is rather gentle in nature. It’s a crock-pot kind of show in a “The microwave is way too fucking slow!” kind of world. Which is part of the reason I like it.

    I also love that it was shot in the Calgary area during the coldest fucking winter since Cousinavi wore snow pants.

  3. Hey, I just heard that Fargo has been given a second season. There’s going to be a lot of cast changes and I don’t think Billy Bob is going to be in it (for obvious reasons). But hey, maybe he’ll appear in some flashbacks or something.

    • I hope they tell a whole new crime story. I love that universe.

      • Billy Bob’s character may be dead, but good to see you’re still alive. Well, “alive” in The Walking Dead kind of way. Barely any resemblance of your former self is left but, every once in a while, you perk up and try to attack somebody.

        If only there was some way to re-animate you to your former glory. Until then, me and the entire blogo-globe I’ll just have to make do with your zombified corpse.

      • Speaking of amazing universes….

        Better Call Saul!

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