Eric Cantor Lost His Seat

While I am overjoyed to see the political back of this TREASONOUS, mendacious, vicious, two-faced, rotten, ultra-partisan dickhead, have a look at the Brat the Republicans have hoarked up in his stead:

“Brat, an economics professor and political novice, runs a libertarian-funded program at Randolph-Macon College in Virginia. He ran to the right of Cantor, hammering the congressman for his refusal to rule out immigration reform and his votes to raise the debt ceiling and end the government shutdown.”

The Republicans are like some fucking Hydra – you cut off one asshole, and a bigger asshole grows back to replace it.


5 Responses

  1. I makes my head spin that even Eric Cantor wasn’t right-wing enough for them! And it makes me furious that the gerrymandering of districts has basically turned most primaries into the actual elections.

    • It’s even worse than I thought! Bad enough he’s one of those fucking Von Hayek / Von Mises Libertarian assholes – spoiled, ignorant children…amoral fucking monsters, the lot of them – he’s also a Christian Reconstructionist. Fucking hell.

      • Oh, crap. The rest of it made me angry. Sorry to say, those god-botherers scare the shit out of me. They’re so absolutely sure that anything they do is good, because “it’s in god’s cause”. If enough of those guys get into congress, we’re sunk.

        Someone said once that the conservatives didn’t think of The Handmaid’s Tale as a cautionary, they considered it a blueprint.

        • That and Orwell’s 1984 are both Sci-fi nightmares that got turned into blueprints.

  2. Lost his seat? Too bad Cantor didn’t lose his head too. If only radical Republicans settled their internal conflicts the way Middle Eastern radicals do….

    Imagine, Teabaggers lopping of John Boner’s head and kicking it around like a giant orange soccer ball.

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