What Does NBA Stand For?

sterling plus one

Every time I see these two – the geriatric rich racist and the slutty exotic plastic surgery survivor – I think to myself, “See…it CAN happen. True love exists and, no matter your circumstances, if you live a good and honest life then destiny will bring you together.”
It puts a smile in my step and a song in my heart. Perhaps you’d like to sing along with me?
And the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’
And the cotton is high…

It is somewhat ugly – that a man’s bought and paid for whore would secretly record him actually saying the bald words that confirm what anyone with half a brain knew already: he’s a rich RACIST asshole.
We knew he was racist. He isn’t being punished for being racist. If he were, the NBA would have kicked his ass out back when he was refusing to rent to “smelly’ black people. He’s being punished, it seems, for forcing the rest of America to use up its reserves of cognitive dissonance oil and change its hypocrisy gearing.

While I have no problem with a professional sports league – a private entity – saying, “Sorry, your blatant racism makes us look bad. We took a vote and you’re out. Your team is being auctioned. See you in court,” let’s do try to remember that this is a league that coddles wife beaters, drug dealers, illegal gun possessors, bar brawlers, deadbeat dads and drunk drivers; that tells anyone who can drain the three, “You don’t need an education, kid…bet it all on your Achilles tendons holding up.”
The righteous indignation at Sterling’s comments is justified, and so is the punishment, but let’s not trouble the props department to drag the goddamn fainting couch up from storage, shall we?


3 Responses

  1. I got one: No Blacks Allowed! (at Clippers games, at least.)

    Yeah, this is just one truly bizarre & illogical story.

    1) A racist dude is banging a mixed-race whore who’s mix doesn’t include any of his race.

    2) On national TV, his whore not just laughably denies she’s a whore, but denies ever sleeping with him. This despite the fact she’s been paid well over $1million and was given 3 high-end luxury cars & a Range Rover for “services rendered” to the Clippers”. That’s a pretty lucrative payday for services rendered by somebody who seems to be only slightly smarter than Sarah Palin. Despite making these recordings, she also denies giving them to the media.

    3) I can understand why the Clippers owner is upset his whore is making public appearances with Magic Johnson, a well known LA Laker. But I can’t fathom why a racist dude would EVER own an NBA team. The NBA is the goddamn blackest thing going! Nearly all of its players are black. Far more of it’s coaches & managers (and even owners) are black than any other pro sport. A hugely disproportionate amount of it’s customers are black. The NBA is like hockey in reverse.

    As for tapes of unbelievable behaviour recorded and then handed to the press by so-called “friends”…it kind of reminds me of this walking clusterfuck of a man

    Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, human highlight real.

  2. we’ve all dated slutty exotic plastic surgery survivors now and then, haven’t we?

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