Republicans are Assholes.

Democracy rests on the premise of an informed electorate.
When one political party dedicates itself to ignoring science in favour of mythology and bald-faced lies, and the media either gleefully repeats those lies or fails to call them out, instead playing ‘he said – she said” rather than doing their job, it ought to surprise no one that the American experiment has come to this: Paul Ryan is a budget wonk, Mike Lee is a Constitutional scholar, Joe Barton is the science maven, Louis Gohmert and Michelle Bachmann are not daily chased down the road by gangs of sane people swinging sticks with nails driven through them…and these ignorant, lying vandals, who commit treason against the very idea of a political commonwealth, are fully prepared to burn it all to the ground if their ignorant, hateful, contemptible and cruel “demands” are not met regardless of the will of the people.


6 Responses

  1. Huzzah! A new story!

    I cannot comprehend a day when the American Empire commits suicide, yet here it stands before me.

    These worthless tea-bagging motherfuckers need to be killed! Where the hell are the mass shooters on the Left? They need to die and I hope they burn in Hell!

  2. Republicans are traitorous , bribe-sucking slaves to the wealthy and corporate enemies to our republic. Their pandering to that would-be Taliban , the evangelicals, is only a cynical ploy. It seems there are not enough millionaires to create a voting bloc, so they are obliged to appeal to the stupidest segments of our society- religious hypocrites and gun nuts. They laugh at these bozos just like the rest of us do.

  3. Hey, at least those Republican assholes haven’t abandoned their blogs and left fans of their drunken bile spewing in the lurch like some other drunken asshole I know!

  4. Sedate me has the right of it. Where the hell are you?

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