Anti-Tax Stupidity

Some brainless cretins are sharing a list of specific taxes levied over the years, followed by this:
“THINK THIS IS FUNNY? Not one of these taxes existed 60 years ago, & our nation was one of the most prosperous in the world. We had absolutely no national debt, had a large middle class, and Mom stayed home to raise the kids.”

As if taxes are the reason for the shrinking middle class and the growing national debt. I fkn detest stupid people who forward stunningly myopic, shockingly ignorant tea-party anti-tax bullshit that fails to account for, oh….let’s see: That North America, in the wake of WWII, had absolutely NO manufacturing competition ANYWHERE ON THE FKN PLANET; had not just had the guts bombed out of its continental infrastructure; sent millions of men to college on the GI Bill; engaged a truly MASSIVE set of road and infrastructure projects…
That without regard for the various and sundry forms of levies enacted since those halcyon days, the top corporate tax rate was 35% and the top marginal personal rate for income was 90%. Now the same people who spread this anti-tax horseshit want the corporate rate eliminated completely and the personal rate cut to to something less than what Mitt Fucking Romney pays in a year he knows people are going to see his return.
That 60 fkn years ago, “Made in China” meant shitty plastic nesting dolls, not clothes, cars, computers and every-fkn-thing else.
That 60 fkn years ago, people could get a job in a factory in Cleveland and not worry that the equipment would be shipped to Indonesia next year.
That 60 fkn years ago we had half the population driving on new roads and being served by recently constructed infrastructure instead of double the population scaping by on crumbling roads and rotting infrastructure…not to mention unfunded middle eastern wars, massive tax cuts for the rich, corporate welfare, rising CEO salaries coupled with slashed worker benefits, lower pay packages, no job security and a rising cost of living.

Bumper sticker simpletons, without the basic tools for constructing a cogent thought, seem more than sufficiently supplied when paving over vast swaths of real problems with asphalt made of shit and sheer stupidity.


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  1. Welcome back, have truly missed the occasional rant. I’m hoping Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Steve King, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul wander into your crosshairs in the near future.

    • Somehow I post as much as Cousinavi does and I no longer have access to the Internet.

      Lazy motherfucker.

      • Yes. I is lazy and should be chain whipped. I shall make every…well, some effort to be more regular.

        • More fibre, you asshole! 😉

        • Whoa, I was lost, feeling deserted, ready to end it all, but then, there you were again, my foul-mouthed guru. Now butterflies float about and unicorns prance under rainbows and I’m truly happy again. Don’t ever leave us again cousin avi, ‘ceptin’ for a beer or liquor run, or to visit a bordello or whatever. You are our Champion! Your wisdom is to be shared, so don’t be a selfish prick.

  2. I read a cool line today. “La modernidad, en una palabra, era radical o no era modernidad.” The context was 19th Century Colombian history, but the point is universal. Translated: “Modernity, in a word, was radical or there was no modernity.” The crowd that wants to sit and complain about taxes is really just rolling around in feces and throwing it at modernity.

  3. This insane argument also operates in a vacuum. It assumes that taxes are the single largest governing factor in business and the economy. I hear the Mayan tax rate was zero at the end.

    It also is hyper-fixated on rate alone. It rarely touches on loopholes big enough to drive an Apple Inc through. Nor does it consider the differing incomes (ie investments vs work) and their varying tax rates. Rarely do they mention those below the precious Job Creators, the 1% and the soulless corporations that launder their evil. Nor does it talk about mega-corporations like GE who -after tax credits- is actually owed money by the government.

    Why does the billionaire’s maid have to pay higher rates than the billionaire, or more raw money than a major corporation?

    The anti-tax crowd almost never talks about any of the above, with the possible exception of Flat Tax fanatics, most of whom see it as a way of reducing their own taxes.

    • I keep looking for the LIKE button on your comments. This ain’t facecrack.
      Apologies for not keeping up my end of the blogging contract, mon ami…but I am always glad to come back and find your comments.
      Thanks, brother.

      • Facecrack, Loserbook, Twit Zone… lengthy, profanity laden, stream-of-consciousness anti-“social” media rant mercifully deleted in final draft …and that’s why I will NEVER use any of that mother fucking bullshit!!!

        Stay off the crack, on the liquor, and double the rage laden production here, me boy. ( By the way, you can’t con me. I know much of your latest efforts are re-postings from somewhere else.)

        C’mon man. While I hopie to change it early next year, I’m literally exchanging sex for Internet access these days. You gotta make it worth the effort for me with some more production.

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