There Are No Good Reasons to Vote Romney

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation of the Northeast US coast, Republican Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey was effusive in his praise for the response of President Obama. Given that Christie has been one of Mitt Romney’s most staunch supporters, and in view of the utterly poisoned nature of American presidential politics, this came as something of a surprise. After all, Michael “Heckuva Job” Brownie – the Bush FEMA appointee who mangled the response to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans – had crawled out from under a rock to accuse the president of jumping the gun. This served to remind everyone of the stark difference between the incompetence of the previous administration and the steady hand of the current POTUS.

And what does Gov. Christie reap from his cohorts for the sin of saying something true; for not twisting reality in a partisan effort to score political points? The racist, homophobic, misogynistic blowhard Rush Limbaugh accused Christie of “Man love” for Obama, and Rupert Murdoch (he who employs phone hackers and Hannity) tweeted veiled threats that Christie better get back out there and endorse Romney without reservation.
Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani opined that the president, having overseen the response that prompted Christie’s praise, should still be on the ground in New York and New Jersey because people don’t have easy access to gasoline yet; that the president’s almost constant direct contact with state government, first responders and emergency coordinators would somehow be more effective if he were personally carrying gas cans door-to-door. And this serves to remind people of nothing so much as the desire of hacks like Giuliani to engage in dishonest slander no matter what reality might demand.

Sadly and pathetically, this is what the Republican party has become.
Is it not enough that they held the American – the GLOBAL – economy hostage over the debt ceiling, demanding that the Bush tax cuts be extended or they would burn it all to the ground?
Is it not enough that Mitt Romney is blatantly lying about…well, generally everything…but in these closing days, specifically about Jeep moving their production to China?…a claim that prompted the Vice President of the automaker to respond, “You’re full of shit!”
Is it not enough they want to repeal health care for 30 million citizens, cut food stamps, force women to carry to term pregnancies that result from rape, and start another war in the middle east?
Is it not enough that they want to return to the economic policies that permitted Wall St. bankers to profit while betting against the same ginned up financial products they were hawking as AAA-rated investments, bilking pensioners and municipalities out of billions?
Is it not enough that want to deny civil rights to gays, drum them out of the military, bust unions, fire teachers, deny 9/11 first responders health care, and cut benefits to the veterans they eagerly sent off to fight a bullshit war over lies and “American exceptionalism”?
Is it not enough that after ignoring hard intelligence that forewarned of the 9/11 attacks they now accuse the president of failing to provide aid to American diplomats in Benghazi, and do so in stark contradiction of the facts?
Is it not enough that, even in the wake of a devastating hurricane that the vast weight of scientific opinion indicates was tied to rising global temperatures, they insist on “Drill, baby, drill”, fracking, and demand a pipeline so they can suck up tar sand petroleum from Alberta while condescendingly scoffing at renewable energy investment?
Is it not enough that the average Republican voter is either an ignorant, illiterate racist buffoon who thinks President Obama is both stained by his attendance in Jeremiah Wright’s church AND a Muslim, a communist who is too friendly with the bankers, and intent on taking away their guns and religious freedom? No, they PANDER to these morons. They make ads specifically designed to stoke the fear and hatred that can only exist in the mind of people who don’t know what they’re talking about AND lack the foundation to understand even if you tried to explain.

You have complaints about President Obama’s first term? So do I. But I’m willing to bet half of the complaints you hear from people who seem certain are based on lies.
The one that pisses me off the most: “Gitmo is still open.”
It wouldn’t be but for Republican obstruction.
There are a few solid points for which Barack Obama may be well and truly taken to task, but if you’re going to criticize, at least have the sack to do so based on reality. There’s room: drone strikes, kill lists, not repealing the Patriot Act, not frog-marching half of Wall St. into court in handcuffs and sending them off to share a cell with Bernard Madoff.

But of one thing I am absolutely certain: The man who killed Osama bin Laden, rescued the global economy from total collapse, saved the auto-industry, extended health care to 30 million citizens, passed equal pay, repealed DADT, and managed to get both China and Russia to cooperate with crippling sanctions against Iran deserves a second term, especially when contrasted against the craven, mendacious, flip-flopping, 47%, no tax returns, Cayman Islands bullshit that is personified by the creepiest goddamn candidate since Richard Milhouse Nixon, and his lying little zombie-eyed granny starver Gilligan.

The next president of the United States will appoint at least one, perhaps as many as three, Supreme Court justices. If you have a vagina, or are gay, or have the slightest concern about dark money in electoral politics, or would like the right to bargain collectively, or might like a say in whether or not you will be pregnant…the choice is not only obvious, it’s no choice at all.
One would have thought the GOP could never find a candidate more appalling, more frightening, more utterly unqualified than Sarah Palin. One would have been wrong.

Any country that would permit a Mitt Romney candidacy ought to be embarrassed.
Any country that would elect a Mitt Romney will get exactly what they deserve.


6 Responses

  1. You, you, you FEARMONGER. LOL

  2. Let’s see….one reason to elect Romney…uhhh….umm…ohh… uhh.. Oh yeah, the one good reason to vote Romney is…uhhh… That’s right! THERE ISN”T ONE!

    But, there are many good reasons to re-elect Obama! Not the least of which is…HE ISN”T ROMNEY! I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but the scope of things Obama DID get done, in the face of the worst obstructionism ANY President has EVER faced, is HUGE! He actually got health care reform passed after the last 10 Presidents have tried and failed to do it! And, with a Senate that has had more filibusters than ever before in history!

    I agree. There are things he needs to be taken to task for, but I believe, given a second term, and with a constituency that continues to remind him of his promises, he will be more likely to achieve them.

    Also, don’t forget to vote progressives into the House and Senate. Insist that the filibuster be brought back to the original rules…one individual only can speak throughout the filibuster, with NO rests or “pinch-hitters” to fill in because the speaker gets “tired”! (Remember Jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, and his iconic filibuster scene!)

    Oh, and one last thing! You want something to “be afraid…be very afraid of”? Learn about the TPP!! That is something every human on the planet should be afraid…be VERY afraid of!!

  3. I wasn’t expecting much from Obama, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. His reign was lacklustre and filled with largely hollow victories. (Huzzah, We’re still alive! Huzzah!”) If given the chance to vote in a free and open democratic election, I wouldn’t vote for him.

    Unfortunately, America doesn’t have anything remotely approaching a free and open democracy. It is a plutocracy that feels obligated to allow their human resources to cast ballots in rigged elections every 4 years, the effects of which are largely meaningless. To paraphrase former Canadian PM Kim Campbell, “Elections aren’t the time for important issues to be discussed.” Important issues are discussed behind closed doors with lobbyists to ensure nothing contrary to the Powers That Be gets done. The military-industrial-security-complex will continue to roll along unhindered. The Wall Street vultures will continue to clean the meat off America’s bones. The fossil fuel crowd will continue to poison the planet at will.

    The voter gets to “choose” between two parties that suck and candidates at various levels that suck even worse. Most politicians start corrupted and they all get more corrupt with every second they’re in office. However, there comes a point when even the pacified American public can’t take the incumbent’s bullshit anymore and need a new face to blame. So, off to the only other face they swing.

    Whenever I think of what a 2 party system does, I think of Quebec (although it’s no longer a 2 party system) For decades, les Quebecois had 2 choices, the cynical, incompetent, and deeply corrupt Liberals or the PQ, a party that wanted to pull Quebec out of Canada. Hell of a choice. Awful or Crazy. America’s choice ain’t much different.

    That said, in 2012 America, one option is a damn-sight “better” than the other. Obama may be thoroughly mediocre and will have another stalemated Congress that prevents him from doing anything meaningful. However, Romney is much, much, worse.

    In fact, if there’s one thing the last 2 years have taught us, it’s that there is no real Mitt Romney. There have been loads of politicos who will say anything to get elected. There have been loads of flip-floppers who have gone back on important policies (See: Canadian PM Brian Mulroney & Free Trade) However, I’m not aware of any politician like Mitt. This man can turn on a dime without a drop of sweat or even an increased eye-blink rate. Stone cold.

    His dad ran AMC, but Mitt is a total used car salesman. He will say anything at ANY moment to make the sale, even if it is a complete lie, or completely contradicts what he said to the last customer.

    He spends 18 months running against the man he was as Governor just 5 years ago to make the sale with Republicans. Then, after making the sale with them, he runs against himself as a Republican candidate to appeal to a new sucker, the American voter. Then, in order to close the deal, he contradicts what he said in the previous week. Again, all without a single blink. At best, he’s a weather-vane in a hurricane. At worst, he’s a sociopath.

    There is only ONE thing you can count on with a (gag) President Mitt; that he will rule for the benefit of the 1% crowd..because he is one.

    • I don’t think his first term was a t all lackluster. Given the situation he inherited, the obstruction he faced, and the things he managed to accomplish, I consider it a stunning success.

      • I think it matters on how you measure success. If “failing to make things worse” is your bar, then Obama cleared it. If truly Change-ing things for the better is your bar, less so.

        Within the structure of those existing circumstances, Obama did a plausible job meeting my lowered, post-economic collapse expectations, if not better in a few ways (bagging Osama). However, he failed to meet my low pre-financial collapse expectations for him.

        But even his greatest accomplishments just didn’t leave any sense of satisfaction, or fill me with Hope that the tide may be starting to turn. If anything, the opposite was true. The victories all felt like they could disappear on “Day One” under somebody else.

        However, measuring by “in the grand scheme of things”, the amount of real, positive, Change delivered was minimal. America needed/needs some FDR magnitude change. That just wasn’t there at all. What passed for “major change” was really just minor tinkering. For example, some people think universal private insurance coverage is “groundbreaking”. That is, until you look at when the rest of the civilized world got that…and/or more.

        Obama certainly didn’t break through those circumstantial limitations and he certainly could have made more of those first 2 years, especially on the financial reform front. That was his best chance at getting real, substantive, change and he blew it. He also failed to get many, albeit long-shot, issues on the agenda at all (gun control, climate change, etc) even when circumstances (mass killings, hurricanes) gave him a reason to discuss it.

        Thus the “lacklustre” description. Not bad, just nothing that would increase the bloodflow to my nether regions in the slightest. In fact, the “success” really just reminds me of how hopeless America has become that this is considered “success”.

        But seriously, everyone vote for Obama and the Democrats! Total mediocrity and Congressional Gridlock is still WAY, WAY, WAY better than the only other alternative.

        (Now, where’s my booze bottle?)

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