I See Stupid People. They’re Everywhere.

In response to an article on HuffPo in which David fucking Brooks called Mitt Romney, “The most unpopular candidate in history,” the wounded wingnuts started howling, whining and gnashing their teeth.


we all know that liberals are all pathetic extremists. the person who made this comment obviously forgot about mcgovern and mondale. look at me, I’m a liberal, and I only know history that happens right in front of my face.

It’s the total disconnect from reality that I can never really get my head around; the sheer distance between what these Conservative assholes seem to really believe and anything that remotely orbits reality.
LIBERALS are extremists? Having been right about everything for 30 years makes one an extremist? Watching Bush 43 lie the country into a war against an enemy about as dangerous as the Pillsbury Doughboy (speaking of being unable to recall history that happened RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR WILLFULLY BLIND FACE); trans-vaginal ultrasounds, 3000-mile long electrified fences; trickle down economics; budgets with no numbers based on bad science fiction books; Louie Gohmert, birthers, Birchers, Ann Coulter, Pat Robertson, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, zygotic person-hood, dozens upon dozens of amendments and bills about abortion despite the best efforts of the wooden dummy with a hand up its ass to repeatedly shout “JOBS!”
John Boehner’s crying jags, Sarah Palin’s every utterance, Mitt Romney’s taxes and Bain’s disaster capitalism, tap lessons with Larry Craig, not to mention the unending string of Mitt himself – the London Olympics, Palestinians, Hispanics, the 47%, lies about who bears the tax burden in America…
I could easily go on for another 3000 words and the list would still only scratch the surface – from Iran-Contra to Rafalca, from G. Gordon Liddy to posters of the president with a bone through his nose, and NONE of it, not a single fucking syllable would penetrate the hermetically sealed bubble in which Republicans exist.

These people are not fit to be citizens.


19 Responses

  1. “These people are not fit to be citizens.”

    Spot on. Makes me want to move out of country, seriously.

  2. You’ve just put into words what I’ve been hesitant to, i.e., that these types are not fit to be citizens….

  3. One might ask if these idiots came from some other planet, ‘cuz they sure are clueless to the reality of what is going on on this planet!

  4. Damn, that’s a high quality rant. It makes sense that Republicans will start attacking Romney, and avoid any self-reflection. For every David Frum, there are a thousand idiots with holes in their bedsheets.

  5. What do I keep saying? We need mandatory testing of intelligence, sanity and developmental level as a prerequisite for voting and reproduction.

    • A-motherfucking-men!!!

      Of course, that means that only about 5-10% of Americans will be able to vote or breed. However, with regards to voting, most will actually feel revealed at the prospect of not being allowed to vote and having the “burden” of occasionally being obligated pay attention to anything remotely meaningful. With regards to breeding, the world is vastly overpopulated already. We don’t need anymore deadweight dragging us all down.

  6. Reply to the Mad Jewess: Your racist, ignorant bullshit; your stunningly uneducated, backward, twisted, hateful rants will not be posted here.
    Fuck off somewhere, you ugly, bitter, stupid, unread, semi-literate twat.
    As if being a ridiculous birther weren’t enough, you’re an embarrassment to an entire culture. Your stunning ignorance of the requirement to be president – a twisted falsehood to which you cling in stark contradiction of the constitution and an absolute SHITLOAD of settled law, reveals the lengths your shallow and pathetic little mind will go to invent a fantastic foundation on which to perch as you reveal the depth and breadth of your stupidity.
    You are nothing but the worst sort of hate-mongering, race-baiting ignoramus – a walking example of the Dunning-Kruger effect: too stupid to know how stupid you are, and in equal measure, despite reality, certain.
    Stop wasting your time. Your blithering insanity will never be posted here. Now fuck off and die in a fire.

  7. Yes, being ignored, dismissed and insulted…as you must be almost everywhere you go…is proof positive of your inestimable power.
    What a force to be reckoned with – your stubborn imbecility.
    The only question that remains for me is this: How long have you been seeking bad attention? Did your daddy refuse to hug you? Did your mommy beat you?
    What is so profoundly wrong with you that you seek so desperately the attention of those who have nothing but contempt for your beliefs, your shameful ideas, and you personally?

    • I trust you often claim victory despite having no argument, no connection to reality, no facts that exist outside your racist, ignorant, bitter, angry fantasies; nothing upon which to rely except your pathological inability to stop going where you are not wanted.
      Of course, given that no one wants you, what choice do you have?
      I think it would be interesting to track back to your teachers and peers. I have no doubt that, even as a young child, you were obtuse, rude, unwelcome and friendless. That you can now, after being told that you are not wanted; that your opinions are contemptible, shallow, ugly and easily dismissed by thinking people; that you will never be given a voice here and might as well fuck off and die, so desperately claim victory is a perfect giveaway.
      There MUST be some part of you, deep inside, that stings at not being given the attention you clearly feel due. And, sadly, that same part must also recognize that you possess neither the education or ability to gain from merit that for which you so clearly hunger. Else why would you KEEP coming back? The lash clearly pleases you…which only confirms the hideous things you must have suffered at the hands of your (best case) incompetent / (worst case) abusive parents.

      • There are all kinds of attention, and for some people, the negative attention you are giving to this “Mad Jewess” may be all she needs. Rather than even give her, or any reality denying person, the satisfaction of negative attention, why don’t you just delete her and say nothing?! By responding to her at all, she wins! You are lowering yourself to her level by your rant against her, and I know you are better than that. We, as progressives must learn that we can’t change a persons mind with personal attacks. We must, instead, continue to bring the facts to the fore, and fight by using persuasion as well as the afore mentioned facts. After all, in the end, the facts will out!

        • Nah. Speaking personally, when someone who NEEDS a good slap comes insistently looking to be slapped, I can be accommodating.
          I have found that in order to scale the heights, one must willing to slog through the depths. And while down there…well, when in Rome.
          You feel free to rise above. MJ will never have any voice on this blog…but every once in awhile I get to read her sad, broken, damaged bullshit. About 1-in-20 attempts, I backhand the stupid cretin.
          She slithers off into her hate cave and mutters about how everyone is so stupid…but she’ll be back. She can’t help it. And I’ll be sitting here…stick with a nail through it ready and waiting.

        • Although, it might be useful to your readers to at least quote parts of said lunatics inane ramblings when posting insults & rebuttals to her drooling imbecility.

          It reads like you’re doing a Clint Eastwood-talking-to-an-empty-chair impersonation,

  8. yeah, what he said!
    (except i was talking to judith miller from fox news instead)

  9. The really funny thing here is that Conservatards call liberals “stupid,” “ignorant,” and “uneducated.” But, how can we be these things when we are also the “liberal elite” who get “brainwashed” in the ivory tower?

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