Republican Myopia

Peggy Noonan (god help me, how did it come to reading Peggy Noonan?) cranked up her ‘How to Save Mitt Romney’ analysis this week in the NYT. In the wake of The WaterMitt Tapes release, she clearly felt it was time for some tough love. So, following her marching orders from Brooks, Kristol and the Republican propaganda arm, she first dragged out the “Both sides!” bullshit, falsely equivocating Mitt peeling off his campaign mask to reveal the greedhead Randite asshole underneath with President Obama’s “Guns and bibles” comment from back in 2008. This is the reflex response of Republican water carriers every time another one of their brats is caught revealing exactly who and what they are. No matter how fucking ugly, stupid, hypocritical, evil or immoral, they will find something – anything – with which to finish the sentence that begins, “But the Democrats…”
William Saletan dismantles this ridiculous bit of bullshit on Nevertheless, even with the GOP campaign in free-fall and London bookies taking wagers on the nature of Romney’s next egregious cock-up, Peggy’s effort reveals much of what lies at the root of this latest example of blatant Conservative incompetence.

Noonan parrots a view of the electoral landscape that I’ve seen coming from the right-wing pundits for months. Limbaugh, Hannity, Malkin, Ingraham, Kristol, Brooks et al, have asserted, on numerous occasions, something along the lines of, “This election should be ours,” or, “If you can’t win in 2012, pack it in and form a third party,” or, “In this economy, there’s no way an incumbent should be winning.”
Their reasoning goes like this: In a slow-growth (or stagnant) economy, with unemployment plateaued around eight percent, it shouldn’t matter who the GOP nominates – the voters should be feeling so frustrated that they will welcome change. That Romney is dying the death of 1000 self-inflicted cuts, they conclude, is simply a matter of campaign mismanagement and not a general rejection of the history of Republican governance and what passes for their policies.
This is precisely the sort of myopic ignorance so plainly displayed by Romney in his speech to the guests of his orgy loving fund raiser.

After two terms of the fumbling, lying, idiotic Neocon bullshit inflicted by Bush 43 and Darth Cheney, came four years of congressional Republican obstruction in which, despite their incessant repetition of the word “JOBS!” they were obsessively concerned with trans-vaginal ultrasounds, contraception, cutting food stamps, stomping unions, scaring immigrant labour out of farmers fields, harassing anyone in Arizona less pasty than Jan Brewer, preventing minorities from voting, and opposing the president at every turn.
They wanted to deny federal disaster aid to tornado victims, redefine rape, and prevent gays from getting married or serving in the military, all while screaming that the lowest marginal tax rate in 60 years is still too damn high.
They dragged the country to the edge of the fiscal cliff over the debt ceiling, and rejected a compromise budget plan that offered FIVE dollars in spending cuts for every ONE dollar in increased revenue.
They have gone out of their way to ensure that government either does not work or cannot work, and then turned around and attempted to blame the president for the problems they created, failed to mitigate, or actively made worse. They did all of this in public, on the record…and they fucking well bragged about it. And NOW they wonder why they aren’t winning this campaign in a walk.

President Obama, despite unprecedented and borderline treasonous obstruction in the lower chamber, managed to save the global economy from utter collapse, repeal DADT, kill Osama bin Laden, rescue General Motors, extend health care to 30 million citizens, pass the Equal Pay law, AND prevent genocide in Benghazi while ridding the world of a tyrant WITHOUT losing a single American soldier.
If Barack Obama were white, the Republicans would have conceded the election without bothering to have Clint Eastwood embarrass them at their ridiculous convention.

But this is the Tea Party GOP – so far gone around the bend they are incapable of rational discourse, much less a sane assessment of the circumstances.
They continue to scream that Obamacare is a hated government take-over of health care (it was a Republican idea!) despite the fact that the majority of its provisions have not yet been implemented, and the ones that have been are immensely popular.
They yammer that President Obama’s foreign policy has been a failure, prompting one to ask, “Compared to what?”
They scream for more tax cuts despite a mountain of empirical evidence that there is no connection between tax cuts and economic growth or job creation…and 30 years of evidence that the only result is growing income inequality and rich people buying bigger yachts.
They lie about who carries the tax burden in America.
They assert that $250,000 is a middle class salary, but argue that $70,000 is too much for a teacher.
Simply put, these people are utterly fucked. They’re lying assholes. And they STILL wonder how it can be that they aren’t marching down Pennsylvania Avenue to the cheers of the adoring masses.

Dear Ms. Noonan (and all of your bucket-ready elephantine cohorts): There are two reasons you’re going to lose this election. Mitt Romney, while sufficient all by himself, is the lesser of them.

4 Responses

  1. Couldn’t have said it better, even tho’ I’ve been pointing it all out to a GOP friend for months, unsuccessfully trying to understand his position. Today he writes that his family owned race horses, sulkies, sleighs and all the accoutrements that go with this stuff, but he never greased an axle. I begin to understand now.

    Lucri bonus est odor, ex re qualibet.

    • Ronzoni,

      I understand your frustration with your republican friend! I have a good friend who happens to be republican. I continue to point things out to her, such as the voter suppression, the war on women, etc, and even tell her where she can go to see the proof of these things! She just continues to tell me she doesn’t see what would usually smack an intelligent person so hard in the face as to create a concussion!

      Personally, I can’t understand how people can not see what the republicans are doing! My friend however, has huge blinkers on, and unlike your friend, she does not come from a life of privilege. Instead, she has had to fight for everything she has, which places her below the poverty level. (She is actually one of the 47% Romney was talking about in the latest “stupid thing he said” saga!)

      I love my friend, and will always be there for her, but I am so terribly disappointed in her lack of understanding of the real world!

      • Viviann:

        Our exchange is quite lengthy (and public) on FB and can get quite funny sometimes. We’ve attracted a wide audience of family and friends, and of course I usually come out ahead in the debate (much applause all around LOL) because the GOP position just makes no sense whatsoever. our (my) latest:

        Ronzoni Rigatoni “I would guess from your description that your tumbril’s axle-greasing was probably left to “the help” LOL. We also had a team of horses, but they were employed mostly in plow-pulling. Couldn’t afford those new-fangled “tractors.” Of course they were also employed in pulling our version of a tumbril, mostly loaded with horse shit.

        But we, at least, had the good sense to unload the horse shit occasionally.”

        But while getting a couple of concessions, I’ve decided that you just can’t crack that wall.

  2. I don’t think I told you – I attended a Tea Party rally here in Boston about a year and a half ago (I was supposed to demonstrate with United for Justice with Peace, but I was late and by the time I got there, they were sequestered behind a fence).

    I stayed a short while, saw all I needed to then headed home on our antiquated public transit system, on which I met a young man who’d been taking pictures of the rally. While there, he’d spoken with a CNN cameraman, a veteran who’d seen more than his share of political gatherings, who told him, “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – these Teabaggers are going to be the end of the Republican Party.”

    We can only hope.

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