Don’t Re-Nig!

It was either in a movie or on an episode of Judy Judy…I can’t remember. A white defendant was hauled into court for shouting racial epithets throughout his predominantly black neighbourhood. His defense was that he had simply exercised his absolute right to free speech and named his dogs, “Nigger”, “Coon”, and “Porch Monkey.”
And so, each evening after dinner, he would stand on his front steps and holler repeatedly, “Here NIGGER! Here COON! Here Porch Monkey!”
I don’t recall the decision in the case, although it seems to me that the racist asshole has every right to name his dogs whatever he wants. I also seem to recall thinking at the time that the black neighbours would soon all have their own dogs named, “Honky”, “Cracker” and “White Trash”.

The election of Barack Obama was touted by the shallow and ridiculous media as a watershed moment – the point in time when the Civil Rights movement had finally achieved its goal of true equality; the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. had finally become reality.

The Republican pig people, however, saw that proud moment, too…but they were holding the binoculars backwards and it caused them to shit their collective pants. And so, as we approach the 2012 presidential election, with all of the limping, idiotic GOP candidates blowing one version or another of Lee Atwater racist dog whistles to call out the barely masked hate that simmers no longer below the surface, comes this campaign bumper sticker:

Considering the right-wing’s complete fealty to the intentions of Founding Fathers; their fervent wish that the constitution be respected as it was originally written, one can see that having a president who is only worth 3/5 of the value of a white man is still a principle they hold dear. It’s not about policy, progress, solutions, sound governance, evidence, accomplishments, facts or reality. For a large, loud, bitter, angry, racist, hateful gang of pig people, there’s a nigger in the white house and they cannot stand it.


13 Responses

  1. That is unbelievable. I’ve never keyed someone’s car, but I’d find an old rusty tin can and scrape that vile bit of hate off, along with a good bit of paint.

  2. OMFG that is unacceptable! Who is selling or making those bumper stickers?

  3. […] this…then again, maybe you will.  There are people selling bumper stickers with the words “Don’t Re-Nig in 2012″ (among other nasty slogans and pictures).  If you were offended by the Tea Party rally signs in […]

  4. […] esto….una vez más, tal vez usted lo hará. Hay gente que vende camisetas con las palabras, “Don’t Re-Nig in 2012″ (entre otras consignas ofensivas e imágenes).  Si se sintieron ofendidos por los signos de rally […]

  5. Found this thanks to drangedinaz and I’ll repeat the comment that I left on her blog post that included the link to yours:

    I hit on that link and when I saw that bumper sticker, I had a visceral physical reaction of anger pumping up my blood pressure while I fantasized about tire irons and shattering auto glass. While I would never really do such a thing, I’d sure like to… My blood is still boiling as I finish typing this.

  6. The website selling these (and other equally racist anti-Obama stuff) has apparently shut down. I guess Republicans will just have to make their own, meaning we can look forward to some humorous misspellings of racial slurs.

  7. pretty badass sticker of duck sex above it, ya gotta admit

  8. …and the shotgun sticker………wow!
    Why is it I can’t have a license plate that says GOODSEX or something else that some might take as rude, but this cracker can drive around with that on the ass of his car?

  9. I love the way you raise public awareness, and your blog is one of the best. where are you avrom? i miss you

    • Thanks, Erin. I’m from Nova Scotia. I’m often moved to blog about something or other, but the level of fuckwittery in the world seems almost overwhelming at the moment. Keeping my head down for now. Not gone…nice to know I’m not forgotten.

      • Well, damn, I thought you had left us forever. Missing you, cousinavi over at Bob’s place (and here, too). Hope to see something from you soon.

      • I hear ya, Cousinavi. I just want to hide in fucking cave these days and drink.

        And, for the record, my absence and any future absences are explained by the fact I am no longer working and currently have no home Internet access. (What? You think I wrote all this bullshit on my personal time???) At the moment, I have been reduced to exchanging sex for Internet access.

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