Palin Challenges Obama to Debate

A campaign ad for the re-election of President Barack Obama used a clip of Sarah Palin’s yammering nonsense on Fox News. The snippet related to the manufactured nontroversy over a 22-year-old speech given by then Harvard law student Obama in support of distinguished professor Derrick Bell. Palin, along with the usual cast of lying pig people on the Teabagger right, insist that this speech proves that Obama is some sort of radical who (shades of Glenn Beck) is racist towards white people.
The campaign ad condemns Palin for this obvious dog whistle: “These attacks are wrong and dangerous. If you’re tired of it, do something: Donate to the two term fund,” the video reads.

In response to the ad (and, no doubt, still stinging from the HBO movie Game Change which portrayed Palin as a lying, incompetent, divisive, self-absorbed, uneducated, mentally unstable, pig ignorant con artist (a characterization confirmed as very accurate by McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt), Palin took to Facebook to challenge the president to a debate, “anywhere, anytime.”

Beside the fact the the President of the United States is too busy to respond to self-serving challenges from addled, egotistical reality TV characters (who’s next? Snooki?), the language Palin employs in her FB post is interesting, indeed.

Plain wrote that the Obama ad, “…shows that our President sure seems fearful of discussing the economy, energy prices, and all the other problems people need addressed.”

She proposed that Obama could also debate any of “the four patriots currently running for the GOP nomination” — Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum or Ron Paul — on the issues.

Apparently it does not occur to Caribou Barbie that SHE is the one who’s dredging up a perfectly reasonable speech given by Barack Obama twenty-two years ago in order to divert attention from the issues; that, rather than address real issues, SHE is, once again, attempting to float the false claim that Barack Obama is some sort of radical, and doing so in the immediate wake of an HBO movie that made a point of her husband’s membership in a secessionist political party in Alaska AND her eagerness to lie about it. The hypocrisy of accusing the president of palling around with radicals while she shares a bed with a man who supported busting up the union is lost on her.

Of course, as it always does with the sputtering nonsense that drips from the atrophied brain of this poster child for the Dunning-Kruger effect, Palin’s fantastic prevarications do not stop there. It’s not enough that she challenges the president to a debate. Despite not having the guts or the credibility to get in the race herself, she suggests that President Obama should debate one of the “Four patriots” currently seeking the GOP nomination. One would conclude that Palin is willfully blind if it were not for the fact that her sheer stupidity provides sufficient explanation. When those four upstanding “patriots” – the plastic corporate vulture, the frothy Jesus freak, the serial adulterer, and the doddering old Ayn Rand fan – finish savaging one another, the president will certainly debate which ever one is left standing. Palin’s impatient challenge is precisely the diversionary ploy she projects: In a desperate effort to draw attention away from Republicans jamming their heads up their own ass, Palin posts this utter foolishness on her FB page where, it should be noted, any and all comments that are not in full agreement with the Lipsticked Pit Bull are immediately scrubbed. Clearly Sarah is not keen on the free exchange of ideas.

Palin challenged the media to re-open a discussion about the president’s “radical past”. This from a woman whose theology involves speaking in tongues, casting out witches, and the power of “Prayer Warriors; whose simplistic ignorance of the oil market permits her to assert that “Drill, baby, drill!” will result in lower gasoline prices despite the opinion of every serious oil and gas expert saying otherwise…a truth even Bill O’Reilly admits.

This needy bit of desperation, posted for Sarah’s moronic fan base, is a win-win for the former half-term beauty pageant grifter. In the snowball’s chance in hell the president bothers to respond to the challenge, it only lends credibility to the withering publicity hound. In the almost certain event that her attention whoring is ignored, Sarah and her band of pig people will crow that President Obama is afraid to debate her.

Someone needs to explain to Sarah the simple truth expressed so succinctly by F. Scott Fitzgerald: “There are no second acts in American life.”


5 Responses

  1. History to Sarah Palin is just some subject she skipped in high school.
    Funny–I had no idea a modern day president ever debated anyone outside of the current opposing party’s presidential nominee. Of course Palin and her bootlicking flying monkeys would not know or understand this. Or if they do–it makes for drama and idiocy so they are all over it.

    Ahhh diversion, thy name is Sarah. The poor lunatic had to do something to change the subject that she was an ignorant nightmare during the 2008 campaign. So she will fling shit at everyone she can.
    But I must say . . . She has a bit of a fatal attraction thing when it comes to President Obama.

    Palin so badly wants him to talk to her. During the BP oil spill she wanted him to call her up so she could give him advise. She whined he didn’t call her last year when Bill Maher called her a c***. Now she wants to debate him. And she is particularly nasty about Michelle Obama.

    The Secret Service better watch Bo—even though I think he’s too big
    to boil in a pot.

  2. She is so ignorant…in the movie the scene where they had two people come in to tutor her on American history was astounding. I remember thinking, “Holy shit! They are going to try to cram the entire 20th Century into her sorry excuse for a brain”. How anyone who loves their country could have foisted such an ignorant reprobate on the U.S. is beyond my understanding.

    • Haven’t seen the movie yet, but at that point where they had to explain basic American History to her, did nobody actually say “Uh, I think it’s time to invent a serious health crisis” so they could replace her with somebody remotely serious?

  3. The fact Palin is on Facebook says more than enough for me.

    Policies aside, Fargo Barbie is sadly representative of the majority of Americans. She’s dangerously self involved, dumb as a brick and is completely shameless & unrepentant.

  4. If only Cain could have hung in there, maybe he would have chosen Palin for his Vice Presidential running mate, thereby sealing the Presidency for Obama, and putting the cherry on top of this dinner for schmucks GOP campaign once and for all. it’s lost all it’s flavor.

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