Moral Objection, Eh?

The Republicans just don’t know when to quit. First they accused the Obama administration of attacking religion by mandating that employer-based health insurance cover birth control. Obama changed the plan: Employers associated with religious organizations could decline to offer coverage that included contraception, but then the insurance companies would have to provide that coverage directly to the employee.

Having had the legs cut out from under their “Attack on Freedom of Religion” bullshit, the GOP can’t seem to stop fucking that chicken.
They’ve attached an amendment to a bi-partisan highways bill that elevates their misogynistic stupidity to yet new levels. From TPM:

The amendment by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) purports to focus on contraception, but it goes well beyond that. As written, it would permit all employers to deny any health services in their insurance plans that aren’t in accordance with their “religious beliefs and moral convictions.” The measure states no limitations or criteria, which means employers have free rein to decide what medical care their employees may or may not receive.

Since when are employers allowed to determine what health care services may be accessed by their employees? The argument that the employer pays for the health care is simply an ugly fucking lie. Employers don’t pay for health care. They do pay a portion (very rarely all) of the PREMIUMS…but that’s an extremely long shot short of paying for health care. See this link for a quick primer on how insurance works if you’re at all inclined to make that argument.

One is forced to wonder which the Republicans hold more dear: preventing women from having access to birth control as a sop to the fundamentalist religious nutcases that have taken over a large segment of their base, or giving their corporate ass masters more power over those they employ. For Republicans, most assuredly a case of tastes great AND less filling.

The time has come to bury these backward, hate-mongering asshats in the political dustbin of history. They have no ability or desire to govern; to help the American middle class, the poor, minorities, workers, women, children, students…
They are nothing more than a bunch of rabid, bible thumping plutocrats held hostage by the stupid, racist, hateful ignoramuses they welcomed into their big tent over the past 30-plus years, and who are given their daily chores by the corporate thieves to whom they so eagerly whore their souls.

The time has come to do these ignorant, obstructionist bastards like they did Joe Pesci in Casino. Come November, we drag them into a polling booth in the middle of a cornfield and beat them near to fucking death with a Louisville ballot. If they’re still breathing the next morning, bury whatever’s left alive.


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  1. The Rethugs think they see an opening here, but again they’ve missed. The fact is that in America, only Catholic clergy care about contraception; the Catholic laity are as likely to take The Pill as anyone else. They just don’t give a shit. Republican outrage here is completely feigned, and I don’t think it will sway any voter who doesn’t already believe Obama is a secret Muslim/Kenyan/Nazi. And, of course, he’s a nigger.

  2. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion

    Would somebody please explain to me why this piece of the 1st amendment does not disqualify everything the Catholic bishops are saying regarding the Obama administration’s rule on contraception?

  3. Define disestablishment. Define disestablishmentarian. Define disestablishmentarianism. Define antidisestablishmentarianism. Holy fuck, I just scored one million in Scrabble.

  4. The time has come to bury these backward, hate-mongering asshats in the political dustbin of history.

    Absolutely. Unfortunately, there is nothing to replace them. As much as they deserve to disappear, the broken US political system will keep them alive, if for no other reason that they’re the only other alternative.

    Perhaps a Canuckistan example is in order. Between 1970 and 2007, Quebec really only had two provincial parties. One was the Liberals, who could range from liberal to conservative. They were so routinely corrupt or incompetent, it would not be unresonable to be desperate to vote for somebody else.

    Unfortunately, that gave you only one option, The Party Quebecois. While some voted purely out of policy agreement, (and crossed their fingers) the party generally existed to please whack-job pure-lainers who want to destroy the country because of some grandiose delusion.

    Until another party appeared viable, the crazies in the PQ had to be catered to, sometimes even by the Liberals trying to undercut PQ support in the semi-crazy folks who waffled in-between. But until disgruntled Liberals and the saner PQ voters had another place to put their vote, the crazy in the PQ could never disappear and would always play a major role in politics.

    That made democratic choice a game of Russian Roulette. “These assholes, or the crazy assholes”

  5. Shit, the fun has only begun. My local Republican (of course) legislator thinks the girls scouts are in league with Planned Parenthood to promote abortions, lesbianism, and all the other usual shit.
    The letter Rep. Morris wrote will make your fucking brain explode. He did a little “research” on the Internet. We all know what that’s worth.

    • Wow. That is some jaw dropping shit!

      I can’t believe an elected official would even admit to believing that, never mind writing it down, signing it, and passing it around.

      And even if these lunatic claims were actually 100% true, it is still idiotic and indicates it’s time for his family to hold an intervention.

  6. In theaters everywhere: “Attack of the Pregnant, Cookie-Selling Lesbians,” in 3-D!

    • Actually, I think I remember seeing that movie on my favourite (now deceased) movie channel, Drive-In Classics. Cheesy old movies and equally cheesy shtick in between.

      And don’t get me started with Trish D’Lish, the drive-in dish.

      Oh, how I miss getting stoned on the weekend and watching that crap! It was one of the few pleasures I had in life.

  7. Cousin Avi, your last few commentaries are honed to perfection. I wish I could talk like you write. Totally unrelated here, a link you might find interesting. There’s a lot of claptrap but also an amazing wealth of information (I’m a “connections” fan, such as it is), here’s the link
    later my brother, ramblinghyperbole

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