Nazis Are Coming For Your IUD

John Stewart nails it again.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3 Responses

  1. Oh, my favourite message!

    In Canada, Comedy Central videos, are available only on The Comedy Network.

    Motherfuckers! I’ll have to watch the episode on the ol’ VCR before commenting.

    But speaking of Nazi’s and Canada, have you heard Canada has been taken over by fascists?

    In the last few weeks alone, Ministers of the Crown have called anyone opposing a pipeline a dangerous “radical” under foreign control and anyone opposing electronic snooping of citizens without warrant “child pornographers”.

    Now that he’s “seen the light”, Herr Harper has also come hat in hand begging China for forgiveness for embarrassing it over it’s human rights abuses. Also, Canada will now accept information gained under the use of torture.

    That last one was probably at the insistence of Peter MacKay. He has access to a lot of such material, no doubt.

    • I can understand McKay approving the use of torture. How else can he justify sharing a bed with his new wife? Poor woman.

      • Maybe you should start a “Peter MacKay Douche Watch” page where all things Peter MacKay related can go. Hell, we probably don’t even have to slander him. He does a good job of slandering himself.

        The hilarious part about his wife is that, aside from being really hot, she is a human rights advocate who opposes torture, except her own, I suppose.

        Maybe I should go rescue her.

        Jesus Cousinavi. I know you’re safely out of range, but living in Canada Alberia these days is like being sent to the gallows every motherfucking day.

        Wish you were here. 😉

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