It began with one drink, alone in a favourite bar, raised to the memory of Hitchens. Dawn is now well past. I will, when time and sobriety permit, reflect on the loss of one of the truly sweet intellectual puritans. Resquiat in pace, Christopher.


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  1. The first thing I did today after leaving the house was buy a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red. There is still a bit left.
    When I was a boy, I cried when Jack Kennedy was killed. I cried again today over a death for only the second time in my 57 years. It made no difference that we all knew it was coming.
    I’ll have one more and off to bed.

    • There’s still some of the bottle left? You pussy!

      And stop crying, man! I’m pretty sure Hitch wouldn’t want anybody crying over him. Other than paying tribute to his writing skills, I expect the only things he would like people to do would be to have a drink and smoke in his honour. Although, seeing as it killed him, smoking may have been stricken off the list.

  2. Who will now use language as a delicious rapier now that Hitch
    is gone?

    • Good point. Literacy really took one in the shorts here.

      Hitch alone had more literary skill than all North Americans under age 25 combined. These fucking losers can’t read or write anything over 140 characters without their brains exploding.

  3. I’m certain Newt Gingrich will volunteer.

  4. Curiously enough, your link to Hitchensweb is dead too. Replaced with some Yellow Pages bullshit.

  5. Astute, clear thinker and a bulldog in debates. The man left some big shoes to fill.

  6. A fine tribute, Avi. I wish I could have been there to raise a glass with you.

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