Donald Trump

The blathering buffoon Donald Trump is going to moderate a GOP debate after Christmas. Bring on the birther questions. Here’s hoping Gary Busey and Meatloaf will be permitted follow ups.
As backward, stupid, pathetic, embarrassing and face-palming as the slate of Republican candidates daily demonstrates themselves to be, and as ignorant, arrogant and unjustifiably certain as Trump has always been, there’s something both infinitely appalling and perfectly appropriate about this set-up. This desperately power-hungry gang of idiots, liars, cheaters, god wallops and adulterers absolutely should determine the nominee on a season of The Apprentice.

“Herman, whether you banged that woman or not everyone thinks you did. Herman, you’re fired.”

“Michelle, you’re a bible thumping moron. There is no embassy in Iran. You’re fired.”

Perry, ‘Oops’ is no explanation for brainless incompetence. You’re fired.”

“Newt…your name is Newt. And you’re a lying, racist piece of shit. I’m in no position to say anything about fucking around on your wives but you’re fired.”

“Santorum. I Googled you. You’re fired.”

And then, in the season finale, Trump can fire Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman (who only managed to stay in the game because no one noticed him), and declare himself the candidate.

Anyone wanna bet Sarah Palin gets nominated from the convention floor?