A Club of Liars, Demagogues and Ignoramuses

Marc Pitzke writing in Der Spiegel

They lie. They cheat. They exaggerate. They bluster. They say one idiotic, ignorant, outrageous thing after another. They’ve shown such stark lack of knowledge — political, economic, geographic, historical — that they make George W. Bush look like Einstein and even cause their fellow Republicans to cringe.

And so the farce continues. The more mind-boggling its incarnations, the happier the US media are to cheer first one clown and then the next, elevating and then eliminating “frontrunners” in reliable news cycles of about 45 days.

What a nice club that is. A club of liars, cheaters, adulterers, exaggerators, hypocrites and ignoramuses.



In response to yet more allegations of contemptible conduct, Herman Cain vehemently asserts that a woman who claims a 13-year long affair with the Republican candidate is simply lying.
Leaving aside that this “liar” joins a growing list of women who have accused Cain of sexual harassment – two of whom received settlements, Cain admits that he knows the woman; that they were friends for just that period of time; that he was helping her financially, and that his wife had no idea about the friendship or the financial assistance.
Cain says he has explained all of this to his wife.

Cain said that his wife, Gloria, was unaware of his friendship with White until the story broke, but they have since talked and she is “comfortable” with his explanation.

“My wife now knows,” he told the Union Leader. “My wife and I have talked about it and I have explained it to her. My wife understands that I’m a soft-hearted giving person.

Cain’s wife may understand. I’m just not sure how her assessment of Herman’s character jives with the man who said this:

I don’t have facts to back this up, but I happen to believe that these demonstrations are planned and orchestrated to distract from the failed policies of the Obama administration. Don’t blame Wall Street, don’t blame the big banks, if you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself! […] It is not someone’s fault if they succeeded, it is someone’s fault if they failed.

Those OWS protesters should stop blaming the banks. They should just ask Herman Cain for a little financial assistance. He’s soft-hearted.