On Naomi Wolf and Firebaggers in General

Naomi Wolf wrote a staggering bit of nonsense for the Guardian that is being pumped all over Facebook and Twitter in which she claims the DHS is coordinating the police response to Occupy Wall Street – that a dark and sinister cabal originating in the White House is behind a violent crackdown against protest.
The sources are all anonymous, except where they converge on singular claims made by people with motives that don’t even remotely orbit anything in the distant vicinity of clean hands. The whole whinging ball of excrement is washed away here.

But this raises another issue – one which has been gnawing on my skull for some time. Firebaggers. Hamsher, Greenwald, and the rest of the whining left for whom nothing accomplished by the current administration will either dent or scratch their raging frustration that President Obama has not solved each and every liberal issue according to their pure prescription.

“Progressives” (and I count myself one) are never going to be happy with any Democratic president (leaving aside how much less happy we’d be with any Republican).
The difference between what we would wish to see done and what can actually be accomplished, crossed with the fact that liberals are a fractious demographic that do not march in lockstep but rather break immediately into pet-issue factions all demanding immediate solutions to particular issues (Gitmo, Wall St., single-payer universal healthcare, abortion, jobs, taxes, LGBT…) creates a perennial set of circumstances.
The focus on the left devolves into constant whinging about the gap between reality and some idealized end point instead of recognition – and CREDIT – for what has been accomplished in the face of unprecedented and borderline treasonous obstructionism, and in an environment flooded not only with outright lies from the right but with Firebaggers like Hamsher, Wolf, Greenwald et al on the left.

The repeal of DADT; a deficit cutting HCRA that extends care to millions of previously uninsured Americans; pulled the economy back from the brink of global collapse; killed Osama bin Laden; ended the war in Iraq; appointed two pro-choice women to the USSC…

There’s plenty of room to criticize this president: Gitmo is still open, the Patriot Act is still on the books, none of the war criminals in the previous administration has been frog-marched before congress, and no one responsible for selling AAA-rated junk CDOs while betting against them with other people’s money has been pimp-walked off to a 50-year prison sentence…but none of that diminshes the ocean of difference between THIS president and where we’d be today with President McCain, or where we’ll be in five years with President Gingrich.

It’s one thing to steadfastly push in the direction we need to go. It’s another to holler, “Traitor!” at the best chance we have of moving in that direction. It’s still another to do so while relying on the sort of willfully blind, fact-free bullshit employed by the right as your justification.
What’s wrong cannot be fixed in one term. It cannot be FIXED in two terms, and may not ever be fixed to any progressive’s satisfaction, and certainly not every progressive’s satisfaction. But go right on ahead assisting the GOP in splitting and demoralizing the left.
A Republican house with a Republican president – do you prefer the Evangelical or the Mormon, the serial adulterer or the serial harasser, the pathetically stupid or the pathological liar? – is sure to be a step in the right direction.

Yes, it’s true: Obama failed to provide rainbows and unicorns for everyone immediately.
This is war…and you take the ground a few inches at a time. If you’re not in it for the long haul, at least stop tossing petulant grenades loaded with bullshit at our own trenches.


Our Blacks v. Their Blacks

In the wake of the revelation that Herman Cain was once accused of sexual harassment, the usual suspects on the yammering right seem to be attempting to outdo one another in the race to be the most offensive.

Sean Hannity, the inveterate liar and charity scam artist, brushes off sexual harassment as harmless office banter while labeling victims as humorless.

Rush Limbaugh invoked Clarence Thomas and asserted that racism is the motivating factor in revealing that two women who worked with Cain filed complaints and received settlements.

But Ann Coulter, in an increasingly desperate effort to remain relevant in some small way, pulled out all the stops:

“Our blacks are so much better than their blacks,” she said, speaking of Democrats. “To become a black Republican, you don’t just roll into it. You’re not going with the flow…and that’s why we have very impressive blacks in the Republican party.”

They sure are. Who can forget Condi Rice in her role as National Security Director testifying before congress: “I didn’t do anything because no one told me to do anything. If there were something I needed to do, someone would have told me to do it.”
Or Colin Powell, swearing before the United Nations that the Bush administration had incontrovertible proof of WMD in Iraq.
Or Michael Steele, the hip-hoppiest chairman of the RNC.
Or Allen West, who retired from the military rather than face an investigation into his treatment of detainees in Iraq.
Or Clarence Thomas who, after surviving a “high-tech lynching” of very credible evidence regarding his own harassing conduct, went on to sit silently on the USSC, failed to report income as required by law, and seems to enjoy nothing so much as ruling on matters that directly relate to his wife’s political activism.

And now comes Herman Cain, talking about the “So-called Palestinians”, “Uzbeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan”, reformatting his memory and recollections of the charges once leveled against him, joking about electrified fences along the Rio Grande…except that he really meant it, and calling himself The Black Walnut.

Yeah, that’s an impressive gang of black Republicans alright.
Too bad the white Republicans are a collection of incompetent, backward, ignorant, xenophobic, war-mongering assholes.