Racist Republicans

A recent CNN poll asked Republicans if they want President Obama’s policies to succeed or fail. Unsurprisingly, 51% responded that they want Obama to fail.

The poll also asked about Obama’s specific policy proposals, each one unlinked from the president’s name:

58% of Republicans SUPPORT cutting payroll taxes;

63% SUPPORT Federal aid to the states to hire teachers and first responders;

56% SUPPORT Federal spending on infrastructure;

56% SUPPORT raising taxes on millionaires.

The Republicans: In complete agreement with almost everything President Obama is trying to do, they just don’t want HIM to do it.

Greg Sargent writing in WaPo ponders why this might be the case:

In fairness, maybe when Republicans say they don’t want Obama’s policies to succeed, they are talking about the first stimulus, the health care reform bill, and Wall Street reform — and what they mean is they want to see these policies repealed. Or maybe the less charitable interpretation is true — whatever the consequences for the country, if Obama’s policies fail, he won’t get reelected. Or maybe the answer to that question represents the depth of strong GOP dislike for the president. Or maybe it’s a combination of all these things.

Anyone got a better explanation?

The first stimulus has already succeeded…at least as far as it might have for being too small,
The health care reform bill, while not going far enough in terms of creating single-payer / cradle-to-grave health care for all citizens, has provided health care for millions of Americans that previously had none.
Wall Street reform? What reform?
Better explanation? Well, since he asked: Any party that relied on The Southern Strategy to elect Saint Ronnie and has been crafting racist dog whistles in every election since, in the face of stark poll results like this, simply has to take off the silly tri-corner hats and put on the ugly white sheets that mirror their soul.


4 Responses

  1. Funny how the Teabaggers, who claim to object to government deficits, didn’t appear until a black man was elected president. I guess they weren’t paying attention when a white buffoon from Texas was waging two wars while cutting taxes for the rich. Only an idiot doesn’t understand what the Baggers really object to..

    • While racism is most certainly a strong undertone here, I wouldn’t chalk it up to the colour black. I’d chalk it up to the colours red & blue. A massive debt is fine when it is generated by Reds for Red purposes. However, even a tiny debt rung up by Blues, especially when for Blue purposes, is “pure evil”.

      The presence of Black just raises the anger levels and excuses the irrationality involved. It helps the Red leaders manipulate their stupid, racist, rank & file to do their bidding.

  2. It cracks me up that “they” somehow think that Obama will suffer if he is not elected again. That man will make more money that can be printed in an 8-day week once he is out of office. Hell, he should be hoping to lose and be done with this nonsense.

  3. It’s tragically funny how Republicans are able to get people who favour Democratic policies to vote for them on a consistent basis. I don’t know how scientific these results are, but they sure indicate that even many Republicans are wishy-washy on many of own policies and are about as likely to favour those of the Democrats.

    Once again, it’s the packaging and propaganda that makes ALL the difference.

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