Breaking Bad – Season Finale

WTF? I waited a year-and-goddamn-half for THIS season! How long do I have to wait for the next? Fuck! It flew by. I want more. I want more NOW.
/end rant

Tomorrow, Formosa time, the last of S4. Jesus…the anticipation is sweet.
Picking up where it left off, Gus is going back into the hospital with questions for Jesse.
Jesse is murderously convinced Gus has poisoned Brock.
Walt is crouched on a roof with the remote control to trigger the bomb he planted in Gus’ car clutched in his hand.
And that’s only the penultimate cliffhanger.

Sub-plots: looming IRS audit; hit on Walt’s B-i-L; wife’s desire to spill everything to protect Walt (ain’t gonna happen, but it’s added tension).

Mike should be healthy by now…or as healthy as a gunshot survivor might possibly be after taking a round in the chest. Like James Caan in The Way of the Gun – he’s a survivor and not to be fucked with. I expect him to carve up some plot this week. Strong character, great lines – he’s serving double duty as Joe Pesci and Sam Eliot…too solid a rock not to exploit in the wrap. He’s as menacing as any other character. Having half his ear shot off only gives him pause.

If Gus Fring becomes any more complex, admirable or fearsome, I’m gonna track Giancarlo Esposito down just to buy him a beer.
Who writes this? They get a beer, too.

Here it comes! I stand by my prediction that Brock has not been poisoned by ricin.


2 Responses

  1. Or, if Brock HAS been poisoned by ricin, it’s only because he went into Jesse’s pockets and took the lucky smoke.

  2. Care to revise your predictions, Cousinavi? 😉

    Care to give odds on whether Walt used that flower by his pool to poison the kid or whether Gus & Co did it as a way of saying “Poison -eh? Two can play at that. We can poison the only thing keeping you alive (aka your relationship with Jesse).”

    And what the hell did happen to the ricin anyway? Did the all-knowing Gus send Mike The Muscle to dispose of it? Ricin doesn’t usually just disappear.

    But seeing how Season 4 ended, we’ll probably never know for sure.

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