Perry. Perry. Perry.

I’m as guilty as anyone, but the time has come to stop paying attention to the blithering batshit stupidity of Michele Bachmann. Her vapid, brainless, idiotic, shallow, hateful, bigoted and pointless attempt to secure to GOP nomination is finished.
It’s time to devote the infinity of pixels to dismantling the cardboard cutout, phoney, lying, Jesus freak, stunted, backward Texas asshole that stands a serious chance of actually running for the presidency.
Rick Perry is just as dumb, just as backward, just as hateful, just as wrong…ALL the downsides of Michele Bachmann with the added sprinkles of having a shot at becoming the next teabagger Dubya Mark II fucktard.
Expose the fucker. His own words, his own record, his own phoney bullshit.


7 Responses

  1. Fortunately, he is in the position of having to defend a book in which he expressed, apparently, his actual fucked up views. It might not be such a bad thing if Perry gets nominated. He could go down like Goldwater, standing staunchly by his principles, which scare the hell out everyone who isn’t a teabagger.

    • As tempting as it is, never cheer for that “unelectable” whack-job to succeed because:

      1) The “unelectable” whack job just might get elected. In a fucked up 2 party system like America has, being “the only other option” means that you can win solely by not being the other guy. The 1991 Louisiana election for Governor (aka The Lizard vs the Wizard) shows that even the 2nd worst person in the entire jurisdiction can win the job. Voters there had to select between a guy who should have been in jail and a KKK Grand Wizard. The crook won and both have since gone to jail, gotten out, and are talking about running again.

      2) It puts too much faith in the American public, a bunch of fickle, attention span-less, morons who care more about voting in Dancing With The Stars. They can be diverted, distracted and conned into doing anything. (see: Swift Boat Veterans for Electing The Worst President Ever.) I honestly have more faith in my dog’s ability to cast a ballot for the right candidate..even if a squirrel entered the voting booth while he was casting his ballot.

      3) There more to politics than winning election X. Don’t get caught up in the today. Think of the long term direction of the country. Even if it ultimately results in a crushing defeat in the finals, whatever success the whack-job has only makes it easier for them, their ideas, or similar candidates, to succeed in the future.

      Goldwater himself is a great example. He may have lost big in 64 and dragged the party down with him, but folks STILL know who he is and respect him. He failed, but the success he did obtain encouraged the more conservative wing of the Republicans in their quest to take over the party during the 70’s. Many of them congealed around the “laughable kook” Reagan who lost the nomination in 76, became President in 1980 and has since achieved sainthood despite not being nearly radical enough for the average Republican of today.

      One need only look at how far the Republicans have moved since Reagan to see how success of radicals affects the mainstream. Look at how McCain had to move to survive. Look at how the Newt of the 90’s is now “too soft” to be taken seriously. As Goldwater said to Bob Dole in 1996 “We’re the new liberals of the Republican party. Can you imagine that?” Radicals beget even more radicals.

      No. In a 2 party system, cheer for the least offensive candidate the other party has to offer because, statistically speaking, the other party’s nominee wins 50% of the time and you’ve got to live with the result. And if the other party’s nominee doesn’t win, their ideological descendants might.

  2. Will this march towards idiocy never end with these baggers? Perry leaks asshole wherever he is. He revels in his ignorance and mediocrity. I actually get a stomachache thinking about him.

  3. It’s become pretty obvious that -with MONTHS still to go before a SINGLE ballot is cast and even longer before there is any statistically significant amount of delegates handed out – the media has beat this thing right into the ground with its unending over-hype and over-coverage. Nothing remotely meaningful has taken place yet but the whole thing seems as stale as a sandwich from last week’s lunch.

    The media and the party is so desperate to keep people paying attention, they feel the need to inject new candidates and new front-runners (despite the race not actually having started yet) every couple of weeks, just to keep the ratings up like it was some kind of motherfucking Reality TV show.

    “On tonight’s show: a shocking new twist as a new candidate enters the competition and you’ll never believe who it is.”

    Every day there’s a new “front-runner” (based on complete hot air). Cain, Bachman, Perry, Christie, Mr Dressup, Bullwinkle, The Little Hobo is even polling strongly and might be the dog to beat. All meaningless, speculative, bullshit!

    As far as I’m concerned, NONE of this is actually worth paying attention to yet. However, they’ve somehow succeeded in making it unbearable to continue watching before it’s even begun.

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