Pray Away the Gay

If there’s one thing for which Rick Perry may earn my thanks, it’s for sucking up enough of the Christian wingnut voters to make Michele Bachmann a lost cause in the hunt for the GOP nomination.
Bachmann, who is so profoundly opposed to equal rights for gays that she favours a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, was even confronted on the issue by professional celebrity tongue-bather Jay Leno who, to his credit, asked the vapid Minnesota congresswoman why it’s any of anyone’s business if homosexuals want to be happily married.
Bachmann tried to deflect the question with an utterly lame joke, claiming she thought it was related to a mid-life crisis over hair colour: “Pray the grey away.”
The punchline followed her presidential trajectory with one notable exception – her political future still gets laughs.
Nevertheless, making a joke about the dangerous, harmful, bullshit therapeutic practice for which her husband sucks up huge amounts of government funded health care dollars; a joke about perhaps the central civil rights issue in contemporary America – an issue on which she has taken strident and consistently bigoted positions, only demonstrates how shallow, craven, and unwilling to engage in anything remotely resembling honest discussion of policy Bachmann really is. Instead, she favours bumper sticker slogans culled from her almost non-existent comprehension of the constitution and American history, almost total ignorance the concept of equality under the law…anything, in fact, that is not rooted in Leviticus.
Stick a fork in her. She’s done.


2 Responses

  1. Have you noticed that Bachmann never, and I mean NEVER, answers a question put to her? She just gets that zombie glassy-eyed look and intones some teabag talking point that has nothing to do with what she was asked. Even when asked why she does that, she does it. It’s like the answers are prerecorded, and when they don’t correspond to the question asked, fuck it, just push “play.”

  2. Jebus, it gets worse. She just appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He tossed her the predictable softballs that any (other) idiot could have anticipated.
    She made a cringe-inducingly bad joke (“I didn’t mean pray away the gay, I thought it was the ‘grey'” *points to her hair*). Even she didn’t laugh. Crickets.
    The next day, of course, she complained she was “set up” because Leno didn’t tell her in advance what he would ask her.
    Is it possible Bachmann is actually Sarah Palin without the stylish glasses? I mean, have you ever seen them in the same room?

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