With over thirty years of working on the inside of the GOP, Mike Lofgren retires (before his party can gut what remains of his pension) and, in an act of bravery and desperation, tells the absolute truth about how the Republican party has devolved into the anti-American, slash and burn, corporate blow-whore, obstructionist gang of assholes that Liberals have been decrying for just about that same period of time.

READ IT. Read the whole thing.

From sucking up to the bent religious nuts to coddling blatant racists; from gutting education, infrastructure and social welfare programs to funneling massive tax breaks to the super rich; from coded hot button language designed to disguise outright lies aimed at stupid, low-information voters to media manipulation (including the Big Lie that there’s such a thing as a “Liberal Media Bias”), it’s all there…and more, with a healthy assortment of truths regarding the complete and utter ineptitude of the Democrats in developing ANY form of counter-punch against any of it.

READ IT. Read the whole thing.

It’s the best bit of political analysis I’ve read in years that isn’t written by Matt Taibbi.


7 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for the link to this. It could shift the entire country in a more positive direction if it could be read in less than one Taco Bell commercial.

    • The entire fucking tea party should be forced to read it a hundred times. An audio version should be played over and over again while they sleep every night for a year. Not that truth ever conquers anything, but the thing just oozes reality.

  2. Great (but long as hell) story that confirms virtually everything every “wacky liberal” has been claiming the last couple of decades. Like you hitting el-primo tail, it’s almost too good to be true. 😉

    Is this guy a Republican or just an uber-dedicated public employee? How could a guy with these opinions have possibly worked, or been allowed to work, for the Republicans for so long? Did he get fed up and become a Democratic spy? I couldn’t tolerate these ass-clowns for 28 minutes, never mind 28 years, unless I was somehow causing serious harm to them.

    But it’s certainly clear that the Republicans are nothing without an ignorant populace behind them…and a worthless, spineless, Democratic Party who can’t shoot straight.

  3. I had already read it. I remain astonished that the TV news hasn’t so much as mentioned it. I always assumed this stuff, but for an insider to admit it is really something.

  4. That piece is as brilliant as it is astonishing, and also had the virtue of being written at a high standard. I shared it after reading it in its entirety a couple days ago, and astonishingly, no one commented. Maybe I should send it around again.

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