Jon Stewart’s Liberal Bias

I almost never read anything associated with the name Breitbart. That lying, evil, bloated, contemptible bag of shit and everything that appears on his website is just too commonly ugly, hateful, backward and constructed on lies. But it’s the internet…sometimes a browser slips on a skid mark and there one is, in the bucket of shit.

Off the back of the recent battle between Jon Stewart and Fox News over who’s biased and who’s funny, some fucking hack named Erin Brown spent two weeks watching The Daily Show and calculated the seconds and percentages of time Jon spent making jokes about “Liberals” versus the seconds and percentages of time he spent making jokes about “Conservatives”.
She goes into painful detail with regard to a particular segment dealing with Michelle Bachmann and her husband Marcus. In much the same way that explaining a joke robs it of humour, the means employed to dissect a joke reveal more about the surgeon than it does about the joke. The entire piece is a steaming pile of butthurt hackery!

Fox spends hours every day, across multiple programs and a variety of hosts, attacking Stewart; allegations of bias and just not being funny hour after hour, day after day. Jon has 30 minutes, four nights a week, and it just kills Brown that HIS message is funnier, broader and smarter. Every single time he appears on O’Reilly’s show, or with Chris Wallace, he just buries them alive. It’s got to be driving those poor goose-steppers insane!

Brown says that STEWART brands Fox News as conservative, but then admits as much when she calculates how many jokes he points in their direction as evidence of his liberal bias! If Fox ISN’T conservative, then her premise falls apart. If it IS conservative, then Stewart’s not wrong when he points out their slanted agenda and biased methods, is he?

Bachmann is the stuff satire is made of! She DOESN’T know her American history…or much about anything else that isn’t in Leviticus. Her husband is a therapist the way I’m an auto mechanic – it’s just something he does.
He practices in one of the few states that doesn’t require a license for a REASON. Brown’s claim that he ALLEGEDLY engages in anti-gay, or “gay reparative” therapy is just more of the sort of frantic dancing around the truth people expect from anything labeled Breitbart. Marcus Bachmann has admitted to conducting such therapy; it has been proven despite his initial denials, and every – EVERY – respectable medical organization in America condemns such practices as emotionally and psychologically harmful. Marcus Bachmann obtained his degrees from religious diploma mills and has no legitimate qualifications to provide therapy to anyone beyond having read the bible.
And if his mincing boogie-shoes and flaming lilted voice aren’t triggering your Gaydar, you’re in denial. He won’t be the first or the last hard-core Christian, anti-gay crusader to be jolted out of the closet to the embarrassment of his wife and children.

It wasn’t that long ago some gang of conservatives tried to put together their own Onion / Daily Show styled comedy program. It lasted perhaps a month simply because it wasn’t funny. Stilted, forced, with no understanding of what makes comedy funny, much less irony, satire, hypocrisy…

Erin Brown’s whining, “Stewart doesn’t go after the LEFT as much as he does the RIGHT, so he’s BIASED,” only demonstrates the degree to which SHE just don’t get it. It’s not Stewart’s fault that the right is simply comprised of dumber hypocrites, bolder liars and more craven ignoramuses than the left. Just as when they make the same complaint about “The Media” being biased in favour of liberals. It isn’t. REALITY is.

Calculating the seconds and percentages of two weeks worth of shows as evidence that Stewart is suffering from Liberal bias misses the alternative explanation: It’s simply that conservatives offer FAR more opportunities for comedy. They are far more frequently saying and doing the stupid, hypocritical sort of things at which people may easily point and laugh. Perhaps Brown should focus her attention on making her heroes and peers stop engaging in such pathetic behaviour. If they stop feeding Stewart straight lines, he’ll stop making jokes about them. Here’s a good place to start: Stop playing whiny butthurt conservative victim.


8 Responses

  1. Excellent work debunking that CMI bullshit. (Almost worth the wait ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    But you should have mentioned that the 2 weeks they tracked The Daily Show were the 2 weeks immediately AFTER Stewart’s interview with Chris Wallace. They also neglected to mention the shots taken at Stewart by FOX in the same period, which would both invoke a response and provide a more useful comparative context. They also used percentages which, in only 8 half hours, can be easily skewed by as little as one comedy bit. So this isn’t a remotely scientific sample anyway. It is the result of a biased attempt at bias accusation. It is intellectually dishonest, even when it probably doesn’t need to be.

    I just can’t believe how the Fox Noise crowd treats a comedian like he’s a serious news anchor just because he pretends like he’s one…and I’m not just talking about Glenn Beck! (rim shot please!)

    To a certain extent, comedians HAVE to be biased in some form. If comedians stray from humour derived from honestly held opinion, it can come off as hollow. You can get away with being hollow and fraudulent as a political talking-head. Pundits promote ideas they themselves don’t believe in all the time. However, a politically orientated comedian just can’t get away with it on a regular basis. On some level, it’s got to come from the heart, or the audience won’t respond.

    Bias can be easily excused in comedy, but not in news. News is supposed to be as neutral as possible. But Fox & Co just doesn’t get it. They operate it a culture where bias is not just fine, bias is the intended product. In order to assuage their guilt or salvage their professional image, they work hard to counter the perception of their bias. But they don’t try to rid their network of bias. They keep pointing the finger at others, even when not accurate. This allows them the chance to excuse their bias as a “counterbalance”.

    When Chris Wallace insisted to Stewart that NBC (not MSNBC) is as biased as Fox is in the other direction, the appropriate response was “You’re (fucking) insane!” Because it is. There is no way that NBC network news programming contains as much bias as one show on FOX does.

    • If you click through to the article, I spent some time in the comments.
      It’s AMAZING how deep inside the echo chamber conservatives live. They scream and quote polls from Newsbusters and HotAir asserting that Fox is more balanced, Fox viewers better informed, media and reporters have been PROVEN to have a left-wing bias…
      It’s all just true to them. They believe it, so it is true. It’s like talking to theists (overlap). They just cannot consider anything that doesn’t jive with their world view.
      It does not bode well…for anything.

      • Yeah, I couldn’t even read the comments posted there, never mind post any of my own. I just kept getting sent to Disqus and pitched a membership, or whatever the fuck. I refuse to become a member of anything to post comments. Fuckers.

        With regards to the echo chamber, I saw the guy from Skeptic Magazine on The Colbert Report the other day. He discussed that effect. He said that people (of all stripes) search out, not evidence, but confirmation of their existing beliefs.

        The Internet has increased that problem exponentially. All but gone are the days of professional objective journalism where information was usually limited to the facts. The Internet is full echo chambers of all descriptions that routinely lie to support even the most ludicrous belief. (ie poker is a sport) You can almost literally live your life without ever being exposed to anything that questions your preconceived viewpoint.

        • Poker may not be a sport – neither is snooker, although I happily challenge anyone who’s not in decent shape to play 20 frames and be able to walk the next day – but it IS a skill game.
          The argument that Fox News is the most UNbiased source? Jesus…where does one even begin to counter something like that?

        • They start with the “Fair & Balanced” crock, mostly to con the retards. But, to the outside world, their fallback position is the same as most biased right wing sources of information, just like that CMI thing Erin Brown works for.

          It’s not that they insist they have no bias, it’s that their bias is no worse than anybody else and that their bias acts as a “positive”, All American, reaction to the bias of others, a “counterweight” as they claim. The problem with that is:

          A) It’s false. There is little overt bias in most newsrooms. And it’s Fox that essentially invented bias TV news. The few “on the other side” are a reaction to Fox and not nearly as talented at it.

          B) It’s ultimately a gussied up admission of being propagandists. They hide behind the argument that they “commit evil for the sake of good” and claim the public will listen to both sides’ propaganda and rationally decide. But that just doesn’t happen. As the Skeptic Magazine guy said, people search out confirmation and avoid/ignore contrary evidence and opinion.

          Erin Brown may break down the stats on Stewart’s “targets”, but where are the stats on Brown’s targets? Let’s stack ’em up and see who is more bias.

          But it’s a bullshit comparison from the get-go. News is supposed to be un-biased. A comedian’s job is to be biased. Biased toward being funny. Attacking Stewart only gives him more credibility as a journalist than the supposed journalists that attack him. It’s a role reversal.

          That (and the fact Stewart is good at defending himself) is why he will win every argument. It’s an argument the other side can’t win outside of their “truest believers”.

          (And snooker is probably more of a sport than poker is a “skill game”.)

  2. “The entire piece is a steaming pile of butthurt hackery!”

    MAN, I WISH I had thought of that….fuk’n brilliant!

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