Vice President Bachmann

Read a piece today that contemplated Michelle Bachmann doing well in the early primary states on the strength of her batshit evangelical cred and stalwart tea party insanity, then winding up as Romney’s pick for veep in order to offset the suspicion that drags behind his magical Mormon underwear.
Any party that would nominate, and any country that would elect, anyone as ignorant, crazy and dangerous as Michelle Bachmann simply because her professed faith in a hateful religious cult is considered a counterweight to the truly mad tenets of Mormonism deserve to be nuked from orbit…just to be sure.


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  1. I can’t speak for the entire world. What a foolish thought that is. But I can voice my mind (that is if I happen to have found it.).

    You’re welcome to keep everything you desire. Hold on tight to what ever flips your switch. But there’s a cost to everything. Remember, “Nothing is free”? Obama, Bachmann, Gingrich, Gore…… who cares.

    The result will be the same. The problem isn’t the leadership. The problem is the people. The masses desire freedom from God’s righteousness. And they will search and search till they find what they’re looking for. Cool….. Replace the Sun, Redefine the Moon, Paint the ocean pink or gold. What does it matter to Him? The frustration remains, however. You can’t have what you want because what you’re wanting doesn’t exist.

    By His Grace.

    • Stubborn denial of reality in favour of your comforting fairy tale may be…well, comforting…but it’s not true.
      The difference between one who governs with the awareness that America IS and MUST BE secular – representing all religions as well as those who realize that there are no gods – is most assuredly NOT the same as one who governs according to their narrow, idiotic conviction that they know the mind of the creator and were chosen especially to inflict their faith on those who do not share it.
      If your religious beliefs do not permit you to understand that, you are part of the problem.

      • Well said . . . .

      • Yes, very well said, I’m just cranky hence the “ffs”(which I’m hoping will appear to be in reply to whoeverthefuckbyhisgrace). Just tired of all this shit.

    • oh ffs.

  2. I gave you a lot of thought. Not because what you say has merrit. But what you promote begs an answer. If no one said anything to you, you would never consider loss a possibility. But you have posted in a public place. And as a member of the public, you have given me a right to respond.

    You want equal notice with all men. But look how you shut down any mention of God. Where is that equal. So you are not promoting what is good or sound wisdom. I know you think of yourselves as reasonable people. Can you explain your hatred then? And would you accept such hatred from anyone toward you? I think not.

    You can have your day. The Lord has allowed time for you to speak your heart. But He reserves His time also. And in that time such hatred for Him will be dealt with.

    I have spoken what is right to you. And so you are warned. Consider your days. They are dwindling even as you read this. The day will come, soon enough, when your “great brain” ceases to consider anything at all. What will you do then? I have considered the same thing for myself. I would rather be a cuss word among such people as you than to share in your foolishness.

    By His Grace.

    • Where does your arrogant certainty come from? You plainly claim to know things that simply cannot be known.
      Of course, you rely on the bible as evidence…but if that is the inerrant word of god, why did it need to be edited, redacted, rewritten, reedited, re-redacted, submitted to committee and mistranslated?

      What hatred? Much like inventing god, you now invent assumptions that are likewise just not true. I don’t shut down mention of god – YOU”RE COMMENTING, aren’t you?
      The lord has allowed nothing. Things are not true or real just because you choose to think they are – that isn’t how reality works. You have spoken your own comforting fantasy, nothing more. And when my great brain ceases to consider anything at all, I shall do nothing…as will everyone when the inevitable end comes. To ask what will one do then is just nonsense but that’s no surprise when dealing with theists.
      As between believing in things for which there is evidence and believing in myths for which there is not a shred of evidence, I’m not sure your analysis of which of us is the fool stands up to scrutiny.

    • “I would rather be a cuss word among such people as you than to share in your foolishness.

      Go hiwaychristian yourself!

      There. I made us both happy.

  3. I was wondering. I’ve never asked this of those who proclaim that the Bible is faulty in any fashion. But have you really read the book? I don’t mean all the listing of generations and names. I mean, have you read the scriptures? Or are you just taking the word of others that the entire thing is useless?

    If you have not read it, how can you dismiss it? Thousands have read “War and Peace”, and never openned the pages of the Bible. Yet many of those same people will condemn the Bible because they heard others do the same. So it’s not the size of the book that’s daunting.

    I base my confidence in the fact that I believe what God has said in those pages. And in that belief I am growing into an understanding and peace. I don’t practise religion (which is man’s ways of pleasing his version of God). I open myself up to those words and listen by paying attention to everything around me and in me. He actively shows me that my belief is not unfounded. The proof you ask for is in those words and the activity of the Living God in those who believe. I can’t put it anyother way. And I know it won’t make sense to anyone who hasn’t read it.

    Read the book from cover to cover. Consider what it has to say. Then make a reasonable decision based on knowledge. Give it a shot. Then you will have something to argue or not.

    By His Grace.

    • I’ve read your silly book, cover to cover – Genesis thru Revelations. It is one of the mist hideous, violent, ugly, hateful books ever conceived by man.
      Grant you, the Beatitudes are sort of nice, but that’s like saying there are moments of happiness in ‘Last Exit to Brooklyn.’
      As I’ve said before, the fact that YOU choose to believe it does not make it true. The FACT that the book has been translated, mistranslated, edited, re-edited, redacted, re-redacted, submitted for approval to various committees, synods and Popes (among others) for further translation, interpretation, editing and redacting makes it sort of difficult…more than foolish…to assert it is in any way “the inerrant word of god.”
      Your growth in understanding and peace could equally well have come from some shit produced by Ayn Rand or Deepak Chopra. That you found such personal growth through deluding yourself into faith does not demonstrate the truth of your premise.
      Your assumption that I could not have read the bible before dismissing it; that my contempt for the book and those who accept it as truth, only further demonstrates the degree to which you offer conclusions that have no connection to reality.
      Both your email address and your insistence on signing your comments with “By His Grace” show the degree to which you need to dress yourself up in piety, and strut about showing your god and all us mere humans how devoted and Christlike you are – the equivalent of praying in public loudly so that others may see you. You’re not stupid enough to think that would convince anyone – especially me – so why do you do it? The answer to that clear: to reinforce your own rather shallow faith with the trappings of public commitment.
      Nevertheless, the point of the article which brought you here was this: No politician has any right whatsoever to campaign based on faith, or to govern based on faith. America is NOT a Christian nation, it is a secular nation and the Founding Fathers went to great lengths and employed specific means to ensure that god would be kept out of the sphere of government. Michelle Bachmann is plainly, outspokenly and obviously only too willing to inflict her religious delusions on her fellow citizens and for that reason must never, under any circumstances, be permitted within spitting distance of the reigns of power. She’s crazy, you’re crazy…and I’m willing to tolerate your delusional insanity UNTIL the point where it begins to affect ME. At that point, you will find yourself in a fight to the death, and I look forward to your turning the other cheek – that will make the outcome certain and require much less work on my part.

  4. As one more note: Don’t you think it odd that of all the books ever written, it’s the Bible which stands out as the book of contention? Why is that? And don’t blame the fools who corrupt it’s writings by their actions. The book itself is the object in question.

    • It’s the book of contention because America is full of delusional morons who insist on inflicting their faith on the rest of us. If you would simply keep your theistic bullshit in your church and in your homes, it would be no problem. You don’t. You inflict your idiocy on gays, women, the school curriculum…every aspect of the public square you can manage to stick your child raping fingers into. You want to be left alone to worship? FINE. Leave your god at home.

  5. Hiwaychristian, I’m a lifelong atheist who has read the Bible cover-to-cover at least three times in different translations. I am honestly doing you a favor here: You should know that atheists are almost always more knowledgeable about the Bible than Christians. There are two different creation stories in Genesis: Which of them is wrong? Where did Cain get his wife? The only available woman was his mother, Eve.

    • Two different creation stories? Was I napping at Sunday school or something?

      Tell me the second story involved a hooker and a sex robot and I’ll pick up The Bible for a second reading!

        • I wouldn’t call that a second creation story. It’s more of a case of not getting the first story straight. In fairness though, jumbling up a time-line does little to prove/disprove the voracity of the claim. We are talking about a Creation Myth after all. This case doesn’t exactly require Columbo to trip up the suspect.

          Besides, if I could make animals, I’d just keep cranking those motherfuckers out by the bucket. I’d be making 12 assed monkeys who’d throw dung at each other. That would be hilarious. I’d make turkeys that put humans on the Thanksgiving table. (Another15-20 Sedate Me designed animals were mercifully deleted in the final draft.) Jumbling up the time-line may actually put man in a better perspective. Just one of several million creations, barely worth keeping proper records on.

          “Man? Yeah, I think I made him last week. Or was it 3 days ago, Who cares? He’s a worthless piece of shit. Check out this dog with a 40 metre tongue that shoots out of his mouth. Those fucking squirrels won’t stand a chance!”

          However, God should have really hired a proof reader. Dude puts His word on the line and they publish a simple goof like that? Total amateur hour.

  6. Some innocuous-looking pop-up interrupted my reply above. I’ll keep it brief. Are you not aware that your Bible requires a father to kill his disobedient son? That the father of a bride who turns out not to be a virgin must kill her? That Lott was considered virtuous for offering his virgin daughters to be raped by strangers, who prefered sodomy? That the Bible condones slavery? And that’s just Leviticus alone.
    I’ve read your book. Have you read The God Delusion? God is Not Great? Letter to a Christian Nation? Fair’s fair.
    Your book was written long after the people described existed by people who never met them, who wrote under assumed names. Nothing was ever written about Jesus in the First Century CE, although plenty was written about other figures of that era. How could a historian have overlooked a man who could raise the dead and turn water into wine?
    Archaeologists have searched in vain for any sign of Jewish activity in Egypt during the time of the Exodus. All the garbage piles from the era contain pig bones, pretty much ruling out Moses.
    You don’t know any of this because you haven’t read anything that doesn’t confirm what you were taught at you mother’s knee. You do not even recognize your own arrogance at insisting something is true because you choose to believe it, despite an utter lack of evidence.
    I may have a mote in my eye, but you should examine you own.

  7. I’ll keep my mote thank you. My arms aren’t long enough or powerful enough to pull it out.

    And my mother never read me the Bible. But you’re welcome to slander her I guess.

    I find it interesting that you consider asking you if you’ve read the Bible an arrogant attack. These things you’ve posted are part of the reasons why I find hatred in the words of anyone who denies God His rightful place. And so, with your help, I can maintain that posture.

    We both have points to make here. Personally I think I’m done being attacked. I came to offer something. You appeared here to attack. I will gladly withdraw so you can appear to win. After all, to lose is nothing to me. I have much more to gain very soon.

    You will not move from your insistance that every Bible believing person is a fool and an arrogant bastard of this world’s intelligence. It is right that we should be pushed out of your world. For you push our Father away also.

    As you drive your life in the direction you chose a long time ago, I will wish you “Happy Motoring”. Don’t bother asking, “Are we there yet?”. You’ll know when you arrive.

    By His Grace.

    • Amazing, if you feel that “it is right that we should be pushed out of your world”, please don’t vote for anyone who promotes your supersitious view.

    • you forgot to answer John’s questions, quitter

    • Amazing. You declare victory by quitting. I thought you were here for thoughtful debate. I made it very clear this is nothing personal. I don’t hate you – I don’t know you. I don’t hate your god – how could I – I can’t hate something that doesn’t exist.
      I made some very specific points, and you declined to answer them. I can only assume you are unable to answer them.
      Unlike you, I will decline to declare victory. I’ll just shrug my shoulders.
      And no, I won’t know when I “arrive,” any more than you will. We will both die of something or other, and that will be that. We will both return to the eternity of nothingness that preceded our births.
      I don’t find that frightening, which is why I don’t need religious fables. I repeat my invitation: I’ve read your book – several times. Read the ones I suggested and get back to me. Unless you’re frightened of what you may learn.
      Otherwise, in the words of Bender, Bite my shiny metal ass.

    • AND this “Oh, it’s so difficult to be a Christian!” bullshit is tiresome. You people strut around, arrogant and proud of your special knowledge and personal relationship with the lord. You claim to be simply trying to spread the truth; share the word. But when thinking people tell you that we reject your delusions, we reject your silly book, and give you very specific, clear and concise explanations WHY we reject it, you bible thumpers always pull the same crap: “Why are you picking on me? I’m only trying to HELP! If you don’t want to know the TRUTH, I am going to go away and leave you to the eternal damnation that is your just reward. Into the lake of fire you go!”
      It’s so childish that Aesop wrote fables mocking such behaviour, yet you’re so tightly wrapped in the arrogant certainty that what you believe is absolute truth (in the total absence of anything even distantly orbiting anything remotely resembling evidence AND in spite of mountains of very good evidence that most of what you believe is utter horseshit!), you consider this behaviour to be taking the high road; refusing to muddy yourself by actually deigning to answer the arguments you MUST HAVE KNOWN would be the result of coming in here to spread your unwarranted claims to revelation.
      The only reason you “gladly withdraw” is to prevent the shaky foundations upon which your comforting fairy tale is constructed from being shaken into dust. Your faith is not strong – it needs to find other desperate people to agree with you in order to be shored up. And when those people you seek to convert in order to buttress your own shabby delusions laugh at you and point out that your arguments are shallow, full of holes, the product of cherry picking and lies, you run away. “I didn’t really want those grapes anyway. They’re probably sour.”
      If there were a god, it would be ashamed to have one such as you believing in it.

  8. By the way, your mother’s a whore.

  9. Nothing gets a response around here like promoting Jesus. I’m seriously considering big uppin’ my Sky Daddy in every post I make from now on.

    What was the actual topic again? Oh yeah, Sarah Palin 2: Ecclesiastic Boogaloo

    Unless Palin gets into the 2012 race fast, Bachmann may will probably replace Fargo Barbie as the Tea Party’s pin-up girl. To use a metaphor, Bachmann is flirting with Palin’s man, the religious Tea Bagger with more votes than brain cells. Palin needs to get in there and mark her territory before she loses her man to that slut. She needs to start a hair-pulling, clothes ripping, catfight that ends with one of them half naked, in tears, begging for mercy and …uh… where was I?

    Oh, yeah. Forget things like “ability”, “intelligence”, “qualifications” and all the rest of that meaningless shit, Bachmann could very well push Palin aside and become the Republican alpha-female. She’s every bit as crazy, thus qualifying her to be a Tea Bagger favourite. But she also has a much lower (negative) profile. For example, Bachmann hasn’t been exposed as a fraudulent hypocrite with a nasty streak. Unlike Palin, most of America doesn’t know her teenagers get drunk and have sex in her home. Palin’s kid has turned it into a career.

    Bachmann also has much more relevant experience, didn’t quit her elected job for no reason and doesn’t seem like she’s an attention seeking media whore. Working in Washington, she is less of a process “outsider” which may result in more connections. I also think she’s been looking a bit hotter lately and, sadly, sheer physical appearance does count for something in political circles these days. (See: Huckabee loosing weight)

    I am all but sure at least one of these two women will find their way to a US Presidential ballot in 2012 either as VP or even the P. Some Republican party members may think “white is the new black” now that the shine is off the Obsidian Candidate. However, many still think they need something novel to counter the novelty of a black man. Just look at the line-up as it stands. There’s 2 Mormons, a black man and a woman already in it. That’s more “non-traditional” Presidential candidates than the history of the modern Republican party combined. I see the 2012 Republican race becoming a Republican version of the “Chick Vs Negro” Democratic race of 2008. In other words, they’re willing to try things unimaginable only a few years earlier. A white woman just may be the ticket, so to speak.

    • and doesn’t seem like she’s an attention seeking media whore

      Huh? Duh? Du-uh? ‘Scuse me, Cletus?

      • Relatively speaking, Enos. Relatively speaking.

        Bachmann doesn’t have her own Reality TV show. Her kids don’t dance with stars. She doesn’t even work for FOX (yet). Her interest seems to be in being an elected politician. She actually is one.

        Meanwhile, Palin quit her job to get more media attention. It’s obvious to anyone with 3 brain cells to rub together that Palin is less concerned about the elected office itself and more concerned with the camera time that comes with it.

        That doesn’t necessarily mean Bachmann isn’t, or won’t turn into, an attention seeking media whore. However, not yet being seen as one is an advantage.

  10. Anybody see Bachmann’s husband on TV lately? He’s a pastor who “cures” the gay with prayer, naturally. But the funny part is that Mr. Bachmann is so obviously gay that Richard Simmons finds him embarrassing.
    Why is it that whenever you scratch the surface of a homophobic family-values goon you invariably find a closet queer?

    • Yeah, I think they operate under the “It worked for me, so it should work for you” assumption. I think much of the reason why they hate openly gay people is that they consider them too lazy to do the work…and that they provide a temptation to chose the “wrong” path! If all gays are all converted, then the temptation is gone, right? So that “laziness” threatens to undo all the hard work they put into repressing their own sexuality.

      As for Mr Bachmann, doesn’t he play Cam on Modern Family? Or is that the other way round?

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