Scott Adams is a Doofus

I used to like reading the comic strip Dilbert. Then I heard that Scott Adams, Dilbert’s creator, was creating a bunch of sock puppets to defend his rather idiotic comments on some online forum. Pfft. Who cares? I still liked Dilbert. Then Adams wrote an incredibly stupid blog post that pissed off a bunch of people who took him to task for being a fucking moron.
He challenged them to an online debate. Mary Elizabeth Williams from Salon took him up on his offer, and has exposed Adams as a blithering imbecile too stupid to know how stupid he is; arrogant, muddled, backward and plainly just not capable of the sort of clear thinking at which he considers himself ever so skilled.
And that’ll do it for me enjoying Dilbert. I just won’t ever be able to read that strip again without the gnawing awareness that it was drawn and written by an ignorant fucktard.


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  1. “Mary Elizabeth Williams from Salon took him up on his offer, and has exposed Adams as a blithering imbecile too stupid to know how stupid he is; arrogant, muddled, backward and plainly just not capable of the sort of clear thinking at which he considers himself ever so skilled.”

    To be fair, the vast majority of the North American population qualifies under that description too.

    • True dat. It just seems worse when the occasional fucktard actually has a platform. Thus, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly piss me off more than the idiot down the street and the fuckwit behind the bar at the snooker room. Scott Adams, like Oprah Winfrey, is more annoying because people actually listen to them. No one listens to the fucktard at the snooker room.

  2. A bizarre rant from a little cartoonist. Really, the topic of his strip is never political, merely frustrated irony in a small corporate environment. Avi, are you saying people look to Scott for guidance, trying to divine a political or social framework from the mildly amusing disfunctionality of Dilbert? More dicerning comic readers will get that from Calvin and Hobbes.

  3. oops. discerning! I hate that!

  4. Wow. Thanks for addressing this issue: I had no idea what a delusional douche bag Scott Adams was! I mean, it’s already bad enough to write ridiculous, offensive things in a few blog posts, but what really gets me is the way he has responded to critics. His absolute certainty that all of them suffer from “low reading comprehension” when they are actually articulating very clear and persuasive arguments, and he is not, is almost disturbing. He sounds like a religious man whose god is himself.

    • A function of cognitive dissonance. All he does is draw stick figures and make them say sarcastic crap, yet he’s rich beyond reason and considered (like Oprah and others) some sort of “genius” – someone who’s opinions are asked; who has an audience; upon whom really undeserved respect and praise are bestowed that, in any sort of sane analysis, is simply out of proportion. And so what is he to do? How can he look at himself in the mirror and honestly admit, “I don’t deserve all of this money, and my opinions are no better informed or valuable than anyone else’s – especially those who have spent time and effort becoming educated and studying the issues about which they offer opinions.”
      Like most uber rich people, he must convince himself that he deserves it all; that he is smarter and more insightful than the average bear and the world is a just place with just outcomes. And so, when told by mere mortals that he has his head jammed up his ass, his response can only really be one form or another of, “ME? You’ve got YOUR head up YOUR ass! I’m RIGHT and I’m SMARTER THAN YOU!”
      It doesn’t change the reality of it. It merely underscores how out of touch with that reality he is.

    • This is yet another example of a (quasi) famous person seemingly attempting career suicide via the New Media. Dildo-bert blogged something “controversial” so the entire world could read it under his real name. Then he engaged in an e-mail debate with a reporter at a prominent political magazine, just to make sure more folks knew about it. Although, in all likelihood, he never thought any of this would travel beyond a few hundred people, most of them fans.

      Not that he probably didn’t already have an over-inflated ego, but the technology gave him his own little world centred around himself, a world designed to stroke that ego. This probably made him feel comfortable to say things you just can’t say in public. When he did, that technology was then used to tear him a new asshole, deserved or not. This kind of shit now happens thousands of times a day (usually with less justification) to people with lower profiles who aren’t “geniuses” like him, so nobody notices or cares.

      This is what the New Media does best. It inflates egos. It allows every stupid, half-assed, thought instant, unfiltered, access to the world. It allows people to be ripped to shreds by packs of wolves. In just a few decades, we’ve gone from a society where you didn’t discuss religion, sex, or politics in conversation to a society where you scream every half-formed thought to the entire world without a moment’s hesitation.

      Even though everyone now thinks themselves the centre of the universe, there are potential, often completely random and disproportionate, consequences. In this case, Dildo-bert’s career may be threatened by something that has absolutely nothing to do with his career. Yes, this a story of ego and stupidity. But without the technology, his opinions would be less than irrelevant. They essentially wouldn’t exist.

      Did Charles Schultz ever Tweet about how cool Hitler was, or how Negroes should be happy to drink from their own damn fountains? No. He never had the chance and we never had the chance to attack him for it. Other than hockey and jazz, I have no fucking idea what he liked or didn’t like and I honestly prefer not to know.

      The more people know about you, the more likely they’ll find a reason to hate you. Thanks to the technology, people can learn everything about everybody and band together to attack them. We have become both self-obsessed, opinionated, assholes and a pack of rabid wolves hungry for raw meat.

  5. Now that I read the links, I’m back for more comments.

    1) When you were mentioning sock puppets, I thought you were talking about this kind of sock puppet.

    Ed The Sock is the kind of sock puppet I can relate to. As Ed always says “If you don’t have anything good to say, say it often.”

    2) Dildo-bert should have left this blog post for his sock puppet to write & take the heat for. The guy basically attempted to prove his theory by jumping on his own grenade. And then he goes on to dig himself a bigger hole with that pathetic “back & forth” argument with the Salon gal. Doesn’t this idiot know that you NEVER EVER argue with a woman in public? You always lose, even when (especially when) you win. Lose and you’re humiliated. Win and you’re a bully. The best you can do is “turtle” and hope for it to pass quickly.

    3) After reading that blog post, I want to add “plagiarism” to the charges against Dildo-bert. Current event references and references to rape (especially) stripped out, I wrote that fucking blog post (plus another 4,753 words) about 10 years ago…only much, much, better and a whole lot funnier. Fucking curly-tied Bastard!

    To a certain extent, I agree with the basic premise that “Men’s desires bad. Women’s desires good.” He just ham-fisted his way into trouble by thinking he was much more clever than he is…despite being a “certified genius”, according to his sock puppet.

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