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The Gingrich Effect

He’p me! Newt be turnin’ me into a zombie!

Seriously…imagine sitting across from that frozen, wide-eyed, botox Barbie zombie at breakfast every morning.
“Blink! For fuck sakes, just blink!”


4 Responses

  1. She looks like the alien spy from Mars Attacks!

  2. It looks like she was born in Stepford. Those Stepford women are the easiest women in the world to get along with. Any man is lucky to have one.

    (And, for the record, I’d hit that fem-bot.)

    • Of course you would. Your favourite pick-up line is, “Excuse me, does this smell like chloroform?”

      • Close, but not quite. Actually, it’s “Excuse me, does this smell like my cock?

        And I always say “thank you” afterwards. What I lack in subtlety, I try to make up for in politeness.

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