STFU and Listen

I notice that many of the blogs I regularly visit post music videos on a daily basis. I also notice that, for the most part, their taste in music sucks rotting seagull feathers.
I probably lack the requisite level of dedication and responsibility to meet anything like a daily schedule for such things, but in my own hopeful “Go fuck yourself” style, I’m gonna try to stem the tide of derivative shit that is being flogged all over the goddamn place.
Frankly, it’s not even the lame recycled pop rock crap that pisses me off the most. What really gets under my ears is the 50/50 mix of ignorance and arrogance that always accompanies the latest clip – the “This little known indie band, featuring some long suffering neverwas, has just released the BEST [insert invented genre here] album since Fran and the Billy Goats Rough played the Boise State Alternative Juke Jive Festival in ought three!”
It’s either that or some lengthy fucking exposition about how the saxophone solo on Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street is the greatest single horn line ever laid down – a proposition that accomplishes two things:
1. It reveals the claimant as a stone ignoramus who has never heard a single fucking Coltrane track, or Parker, or any of the other few hundred players who blow fucking rings around whoever honked out that overplayed bit of shit.
2. It makes me want to jam pencils through the eardrums of the idiot who said it.

While this ain’t the first time I’ve clipped up some tunes on VNV, it’s the first time I do so as an act of pure stubborn rebellion.
And so, without further ranting or threats, STFU and listen to this:


4 Responses

  1. Oh man, YEAH… Now we’re talking… Sign me up for the revolution…

  2. First off, most music posts act as nothing but cheap filler. Second, Fran & The Billy Goats Gruff’s performance at the Boise State Alternative Juke Jive was unmatched and never will be.

    The pop music today is not just derivative, much of it is 100% recycled. I heard some of that Lady Ga-ga-gag-me-with-a-fork bullshit recently and -forget stealing her act- I honestly couldn’t stop hearing the actual Madonna song she ripped off. Madonna should really sue this annoying bitch. I swear everything of hers I’ve (unfortunately) heard, I’ve heard before somewhere.

    What bugs me about the Indie bands is that most of them aren’t. How many Indie bands have their song in an ad for a big corporation these days?How fucking “Independent” are you if you’re willing to sell out to the first whore-monger willing to slip you a couple bills in exchange for your credibility? No, you ain’t Indie. You’re just another bunch of would-be mainstream, chart-topping, soulless ass-clowns who just couldn’t get signed by a major label. Fucking poseurs trying to scotch tape street cred to themselves!

    The techno-scene is unquestionably the most pretentious bullshit out there. They make jazz look like punk in that department. There are so many indistinguishable sub-sub genres of these bleeps & beeps, every motherfucking clown with a synth is now his own sub-genre. And everyone plays along with this charade, so as to avoid being “out of the loop”, because it’s all about appearance and staying hip. And all the fucking “re-mixes”! All you have to do is cut & paste a couple of things into somebody else’s song and all these fucking E junkies think you’re a genius and want to suck your cock.

    Not that music is alone in this by any means, but what’s most offensive is the obscene amount of fucking hyperbole that accompanies it all. Every single musician has to be fetishized, mass worshipped and then played to death. Nothing can be taken, appreciated, or enjoyed for what it is. No more, “Hey, that’s catchy” or “Not bad for a country song”. Everything has to be “THE BESTUS, MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER!!!!”

    Cousinavi, I know this may be hard, because your musical tastes run a little…uh…”well aged” like a good cheese or a fine wine (Yeah that’s the ticket!) but maybe you should do an ongoing series entitled “Music Made Since 2000 That Doesn’t Make Me Want To Puke”

    I know I’d be keen to discover some music made since 2000 that doesn’t make me want to puke. For that matter, almost everything that’s happened since 2000 has made me want to puke.

  3. You don’t have to tell me twice. Pure enjoyment. Went on to listen to a few more tunes. aahhh. ivory tickling at its finest.

  4. OOooh….you just so eloquently expressed the reason why I HARDLY LISTEN TO FUCKING ANYTHING ANYMORE…because so much of it sucks rotting seagull feathers, and I just can’t be bothered to go hunting for the non-sucky fragments.

    Also, kudos to Sedate Me, whose entire commentary above (especially about the ludicrously OTT hyperbole) echoes my own thoughts up and down.

    And Oscar Peterson is in regular rotation at our spot.

    And +1 for the “MMS2K that doesn’t make me want to puke (or roll up in a ball and cry)” series

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