Weiner, Weiner Everywhere…

I’ve been holding back on having anything to say about the sad case of Anthony Weiner. There’s just so many facets to the whole fucking ugly heap of shit and all of them – every fucking slice – make me stabby.

First, the crashing destruction of one of the strongest voices for Liberal policies in Congress. It was a toss-up between Weiner and Alan Grayson which was better at shredding the stupid, craven hypocrisy that rots through the core of Republican policy; exposing the hateful means leading only to vicious ends and calling them out for the reprehensible shit they barely hide behind Luntz-crafted double-speak.
That the stupid fucker was playing Russian roulette with his reputation, his marriage and his career for the cheap thrill of having some fucking distant bimbos trade spicy text messages and slick their knickers for a photo of his junk is fucking sad almost beyond comprehension.

Second, that the cause of this dramatic fall from grace is fundamentally nothing that every other fucking person on earth with an internet connection hasn’t already done three times before lunch.
For fuck sakes, who HASN’T traded flirtatious / crossing over to downright fucking dirty messages with someone they either want to fuck, once fucked and hope to fuck again, or will never fuck? What the fuck, fun’s fun!
Okay, I’ve never sent anyone a photo of my cock. I’ve had requests, though, and I have a few…let’s call them risque…photos sent to me by women who shall here remain nameless.
So what? It’s none of anyone’s fucking business what consenting adults get up to in the privacy of their computer rooms, and the blatant hypocrisy being shouted now in every call for Wiener to resign sickens me far more than anything HE did.
People who defended Bill Clinton; people who defended John Ensign; people who defended David Vitter; people who defended Mark Foley, now all lined up to express how disgusted they are by Anthony Wiener.
Ensign was fucking his aides wife, Vitter was hiring hookers, Foley was sending sex messages to teenage boys and Clinton was spooging all over an intern’s dress!
Anthony Weiner never left his goddamn basement and, by ALL ACCOUNTS, the women involved were willing participants who NOW, for some reason, are all too fucking ready to appear on Fox News and claim how creeped out they were by the whole thing, despite giving as good as they got.
There has not been a line of aggrieved sluts this long since Tiger Woods’ stable of whores found out they weren’t they ONLY one a married man was fucking around with.

Perhaps worst of all, the contemptible, disgusting, lying sack of shit Andrew Breitbart is now strutting around – the man of the hour – claiming CREDIBILITY and demanding apologies, all the while flashing the alleged cock pic to anyone who will look at his iPhone. The two-faced bucket of putrid sleaze with his arrogant Punch Me face proclaiming that he would like to publicly BURN the damn photo while pulling it out to share and giggle over with his reprehensible cohorts in sleaze. And it’s made all the worse because it’s all fucking Weiner’s fault!

After all of this, there’s the fucking media. Yeah, cock pics! I get it. COCK PICS!
Bill “Loofah” O’Reilly calling this pathetic fucking mess “a body blow for Liberalism” after steadfastly ignoring Republican sex scandal after gay Republican sex scandal after adulterous Republican sex scandal. For an illuminating peek inside the sort of creepy shit that turns O’Reilly’s crank read this excerpt from the sexual harassment suit brought against Bill O’ by one of his former producers.

Frankly, with the flood of spineless, holier-than-thou hypocrites coming out of the woodwork to take a swipe at Anthony Wiener, I’d love (against all better judgement) to get a look at Nancy Pelosi’s private messages, the fucking slut. I’d lay dollars to cat-o-nine-tails she’s got some Ilsa the She Wolf shit going on behind closed doors.

But it keeps coming back to the main line: IT’S NONE OF ANYONE’S FUCKING BUSINESS! And smearing people because of what they get up to with CONSENTING ADULTS in PRIVATE is just fucking wrong. Not a little wrong, not slightly off – all the goddamn way, slamming into the red, cracking the little needle WRONG. There’s only one question: Were any laws broken? Once that question is sufficiently answered in the negative, it’s time to get back to work and find something else to occupy the filthy, desperate and shameful little desires of ignorant people.

Who knows what would have happened if Anthony had not lied. The lies gave his enemies the hook they needed. Just like Clinton – it isn’t the blowjob, Bubba…it’s the perjury.
I’ve long argued that if, when Ken Starr asked, Clinton had not said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” but instead replied, “Sir, that is none of your goddamn business. If those are the sorts of questions you have for me, I have a country to run and you can go to hell.”
If he had just done that and walked the fuck out of the room, perhaps pausing to flip Starr a sincere middle finger, he not only would never have faced an article of impeachment, they’d be carving his head on Mount Rushmore.

Is this the end of Anthony Weiner? Probably. And that’s just another signpost we race past on the way down the wrong fucking road.


4 Responses

  1. Yeah, there is so much wrong with this “story” I’m not even sure where to begin. Here are but a few long rambling thoughts:

    1) I’ve been dying, absolutely DYING to offer up this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yf88Mj7nfYc As Wiener friend Jon Stewart says, this is “comic gold”. But that’s all it is. Great humour at somebody else’s expense. It’s also a great story to put in a time capsule to sum up 21st century America.

    2) The “Story” If you can occupy the ENTIRE US media for 2 weeks with “Guy Sends Pic Of His Junk To Horny College Girl”, prepare yourself for the Cock News Network next fall. Your average teenager sends one of these things to somebody every fucking week. Half the activity on the Internet is porn and people looking to get laid. Oh, but it’s only “news” when a congressman does something half the population does every day.

    “This just in…Senator walks dog, dog takes a shit, and the Senator leaves it there. Watch our team coverage of this breaking scandal at 6.”

    This story is very American. Americans are hypocritical Puritans. They fuck like rabbits, but feign moral (aka sexual) purity. The media plasters pictures of a guy’s cock everywhere, but it’s nicely covered up by underwear, so that it’s safe to show all the kiddies watching the news. Nowhere is the supposed X rated pic, the money shot. It’s just like the TV show promotions that promise explicit sex in the episode, but the show isn’t any more graphic than the promo itself.

    2) The Media John Kennedy was fucking every woman who couldn’t outrun him. Half the media knew it, even some people who hated him, but nobody ever ran the story. Why? Perhaps because they had some fucking decorum and some fucking professional standards, both of which are sorrily lacking today.

    Or maybe it’s just because it just wasn’t considered newsworthy. There were no 24 hour “news” channels back then and there was a lot of REAL news to report, so that’s what they did. But just because America today isn’t involved in 2.5 wars, doesn’t have a monumental debt, isn’t in the midst of a massive long-term economic crisis and there aren’t massive uprisings all across the Arab World, it still doesn’t mean the US media has to stoop to filling airtime with the tweets of a middling congressman.

    I know this is hard for an American political junkie to accept, but only a tiny percentage of Americans had ever heard of Anthony Wiener before this. Despite hailing from NY and having a brash persona that lends itself to media coverage, I doubt more than 1% of Americans could even name the guy a year ago. So why are some Tweets he sent to some far off nobodies he’ll never meet news? Did they contain schematics for a nuclear device?

    Effectively, the mainstream news media is becoming a place where people are paid millions to essentially read other peoples mail on air, with or without their permission. They spend valuable airtime just sitting around gossiping about what people are doing on their own personal gossip media devices and act like they’re preforming some sort of public service. No wonder America is so fucked.

    3) Social Media This is what you get for going on Twitter. This is what awaits you when you jump into social networking. Your basest elements are drawn out by a format designed to draw them out. And everything you say or do can -and will- be stored forever to be used against you at a later date. One tiny slip in your entire life can not only cost you everything, it can result in your public evisceration for a cheering audience looking for entertaining diversions. ( A deliberate Roman Coliseum reference to act as foreshadowing for my ending)

    The more society uses these formats, the more it takes these formats and what goes on inside them seriously, the more inevitable this kind of nasty, pointless, bullshit will be. We are quickly becoming a society of rabid, barking dogs who view each other as squirrels to be shred apart.

    4) Enter Beelzebub Breitbart The man is a walking neurotoxin. He is a cancerous tumour on political discourse. He is pure negativity and nothing good can come from him, or paying attention to him. People like him are the new face of “journalism”. They are jackals that go far beyond the media vultures of the recent past. They just circled overhead waiting for you to die so they could feed on your corpse. This new breed are actively plotting your demise. It would not surprise me one bit if this whole thing was a planned Breitbart entrapment operation to take out Wiener from the start.

    I can’t say for sure, but it does smell a little funny to a paranoid like me. I haven’t seen any of these women. It’s not like they are victims of assaults who need their privacy respected. Are they just operatives? How did Brietbart get this stuff? It’s also curious how a TV friendly picture gets taken, sent and released first as if it were a teaser for “the good stuff” to follow. Either way, you can’t for a moment claim he’s above doing it.

    With out the Internet and the erosion of standards it’s triggered, men like Brietbart would be selling used cars somewhere. Today they are on election night panels of major networks and are regular guests, if not hosts.

    5) Wiener fucked up. When a guy with his impressive balls (and cock!) gets into a spot of trouble like this, he should not retreat but attack. He should just say “Yeah. It’s my cock. Want a closer look, Poindexter? No? Then go fuck yourself.”

    He should have provided context. “I never had sex with these women and never was going to. I never even met these women and was never going to. And it doesn’t matter even if I was. I doesn’t affect my job in the slightest and it certainly isn’t part of yours.” He should have attacked the media for not doing their job covering REAL stories. He also should have attacked Breitbart for being a latrine rat.

    6) Sarah Palin Because everything is about that stupid cunt. About the same time this was going on, her One Nation/We The People bus tour took her to Boston so she could demonstrate to the locals she doesn’t know what Paul Revere was most famous for, never mind the other stuff. But later, she boldly refused to admit it, criticized the “gotcha” media out to victimize her, and then she attempted to re-write history to conform to her silly little mistake. And, just like with the other 3,941 other examples of her doing this, she walks away just as likely to become President as before.

    If only Wiener was so hard done by as Palin.

    7) At some point, you have to ask yourself “Am I being dragged down by this? Are they dragging me into their toilet? Should I unplug from America altogether?” And then the ultimate question that has to be asked “How much longer can such a nation of retards like this stay on top?”

    Really. How much longer can a nation stay on top when utterly meaningless bullshit like this is, over & over again, treated as the “most important thing in the world”. Break out the fiddle Nero. The American Empire is going down.

  2. First, the crashing destruction of one of the strongest voices for Liberal policies in Congress.

    Ugh. It’s all so depressing.:-(

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