A Weiner With Stamina

Two bits (hehehe) of good news for Anthony Weiner:

According to a poll conducted in his district, the only people for whom it really matters, his constituents, apparently think Anthony should NOT resign, and on the question of whether or not they would vote to re-elect he of the full-frontal tweet, it appears there’s a reasonable chance Tony would hold his seat.

The other bit of good news? Barbara Walters commenting on the naked cock photo:

On Thursday’s “The View,” the ladies were discussing–what else?–THAT Anthony Weiner photo. Joy Behar pronounced herself skeptical as to whether or not the penis in the photo belonged to Weiner, since his face could not be seen.

“Anthony Weiner has not denied it,” Barbara Walters pointed out.

“Then it must be a flattering photo,” Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who apparently had not yet seen the picture, said. Barbara then turned to her.

“Let me tell you something,” she said. “It is.”
Cue shocked faces, laughter and applause. “I need a drink!” Elisabeth said.

On the domestic front, Anthony must now spend the rest of his fucking life being the sort of man he was supposed to be. His days of playing online are now utterly and completely finished, and if he has to recover from being dumped and divorced by the best woman he’s ever likely to be in the same room with, then he’s gonna have to suck it up and put his shattered fucking life back together.
On the political front, I hope he hangs in, comes out the other side and gets truly fucking mad. Pale Rider shit – nothing left to lose, been there and back, time to take some scalps. Fuck them, and fuck all the hypocrites. Torch them all, Tony. Torch them fucking ALL.


3 Responses

  1. And then fuck their charbroiled corpses up the ass and post the video of it on-line!

  2. I wish he had stayed and torched their fucking asses.

  3. damn, I forgot (?!?!?) priceless comment from Barbara.

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