The Palins – A Whole Family of Grifters

Bristol Palin, who shot to fame as Caribou Barbie’s unwed pregnant teenage daughter, hypocritically took a position with Candie’s Foundation to promote – wait for it…abstinence only sex education.

The 2009 tax information for Candie’s Foundation reveal that Bristol Palin was paid $262,500. Not a bad salary for a knocked up high school drop out. The kicker? The TOTAL amount of money spent by Candie’s Foundation on work related to teen pregnancy and counseling: $35,000.

At long last, Palins, have you no shame?


5 Responses

  1. But…but…but..

    Bristol is…..special!

  2. She must be pretty fucking special to pull $262.5K for making a stupid commercial with The Situation.

    • I saw it once and can’t remember what it was for. Money well spent!

      All I remember was thinking, “Yeah, here’s two young people for the time capsule. They pretty much sum up the youth of America today.”

  3. Bristol is a quick study. She’s already had the plastic surgery – a chin implant and neck liposuction (for “medical reasons,” of course).

    • Chin implant? Really? Looks fine in that pic. But no “need” for breast implants, that’s for sure.

      Her mama sure has set a fine example for her. “All you need to do is look good, kid, and say whatever your audience wants to hear.”

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