McCain Says Palin Can Win

From Raw Story:

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has no doubt that his former running mate Sarah Palin can defeat President Barack Obama in 2012 if she decides to run.

“Can she win the Republican nomination and can she beat Barack Obama?” Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked McCain Sunday.

“Of course she can — she can,” McCain insisted. “Now whether she will or not, whether she’ll even run or not, I don’t know.”

“A lot of things happen in campaigns, Chris. I was written off a couple of times and was able to come back. It will be a roller coaster ride for all of them before we finally arrive at our nominee. But she certainly is a major factor. And I believe that she can be very competitive,” he added.

“What about her high negatives, especially among independents?” Wallace wondered.

“I think that the, again, that’s what campaigns are all about. I’ve never seen anyone as mercilessly and relentlessly attacked as I have seen Sarah Palin in the last couple of years. But she also inspires great passion; particularly, among Republican faithful,” the Arizona senator explained.

Never seen anyone as mercilessly attacked? Really? The willful blindness required to say that is shocking in itself but I think there’s a more interesting dynamic going on here.

McCain is a craven sellout who abandoned every principle he ever had to take the shot at the oval office he felt he deserved. He knows full well that elevating an ignorant grifter like Sarah Palin into the veep slot was a hideous mistake and was a major factor (among many) that cost him the election.
But this statement – that she could win the nomination and defeat President Obama – is clear evidence that he is not only in full possession of all of his marbles, but a vicious and vengeful monster who no longer gives a rat’s ass about America.
He doesn’t really think Sarah Palin can win. He’s not that stupid. But he would love nothing more than for his encouragement to be the thing that finally tips her over the fence and gets her in the race. He PRAYS – probably sacrifices goats in a moonlit pentagram and smears the blood over a naked Cindy while chanting Vietnamese curses he learned in the Hanoi Hilton – that she wins the nomination.
Palin has said on many occasions that the reason they lost in ’08 was that the McCain campaign reigned her in; wouldn’t let her be herself; kept her from saying all the things she wanted to say in the way only she could say them; prevented her from truly connecting with those Real American people.
McCain would love nothing more than to be the first to call candidate Palin when the results are in and Obama has pulled 80% of the popular vote and retaken Congress with every downticket race going blue JUST to ask if she finally managed to connect with the American people.


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  1. I notice McCain has also changed his views of science. He no longer “believes in” evolution or global warming. He’s lying, of course, only Palin is that stupid. But why? Does he really think he has some sort of political future? He’s what – 120 years old?

  2. Here’s John McCain eating yet another turd sandwich. The amount of shit Gramps has eaten over the years…

    This time, he’s probably doing it because he owes Palin a favour for sticking with him (on paper anyway) when he was at risk of being Tea-bagged during his US Senate re-election. I don’t think that either likes the other in the slightest. But they didn’t become running mates in 2008, they became life-partners. And like most married couples, they fake it for public consumption.

    While Fargo Barbie has gotten a free ride, she has also taken loads of abuse (and rightly so.) McCain knows this. Some of his staffers dished it out after she dragged him down in 2008. But perhaps what Gramps really means is that no amount of criticism can hurt her. To a large extent, it’s true.

    Palin has been unmasked as a stupid, corrupt, attention seeking, narcissistic, whore who is only interested in self-promotion and will abandon her post (Alaska) if it means shining one more Lumen of spotlight on herself. And, despite the truth being out, it hasn’t really hurt her. She’s a fucking vampire-Predator hybrid. She just CAN’T be killed!

    While non-Republicans don’t much like her, her base is as solid as ever. With a crowded field of weaklings, a solid enthusiastic base can win you the Republican nomination. With Republicans in ascendancy, anger & frustration everywhere, and America in the shitter, if you toss in a decent 3rd party candidate, Tundra Barbie has a reasonable shot at winning.

    I think Gramps’ statement isn’t off-base at all. Because she can’t be killed and has enthusiastic supporters, she has a shot. McCain said “She CAN win” not “She WILL win” or, for that matter, “I WANT her to win.”

    • Bah! Assuming the stars align and Sarah’s rabid base of ignoramuses storm the primaries and jam her down the throat of the Republican party.
      Let’s HOPE.
      She gets annihilated in the general election. It would be like George McGovern but worse. It would set a fucking record for electoral spread outside of tyrannical dictatorships where only one candidate is allowed to run. Obama would win by a bigger margin than anything Saddam Hussein OR Kim Jung Il ever managed.
      And the Republicans are no longer in ascendency. NY-26; recalls in Wisconsin; seniors freaking out over the GOP attempt to kill Medicare. Holding the debt ceiling hostage…the craven fuckers have finally come right out made it clear, even to the stupid people, what they’re really all about. They’re no longer crafty or sneaky about any of it. They keep calling Social Security an ENTITLEMENT, as if people didn’t spend their entire working lives PAYING INTO IT! They’re STILL yammering about how it should be privatized to give people “More control”…but the people know full well what happened the last time 401K’s and pensions were “invested”, and they know who got their goddamn bonus cheques for trashing the whole fucking thing.
      I’m gonna go look at the down ticket races. I wonder if there’s a shot for the Dems to retake Congress.

      • A few thoughts come to mind:

        1) Never underestimate the stupidity, irrationality and millisecond attention span of the American public. It’s amazing how they figure out how to dress themselves in the morning. Sarah Palin is the poster girl for stupidity.

        Arguably, America would have President John Kerry right now, if it weren’t for Swift Boat Veterans for Diversionary Politics. All it takes is one successful sideshow, one ill timed weakness that can be exploited by the propaganda machine and that can be the difference. Who knows what stupid bullshit will capture the US public’s puny mind 1.5 years from now?

        2) While what you propose is a nice fantasy, that’s all it is. It’s stupid and risky to cheer for Sarah Palin in the Republican Primaries. The final step before her winning it all is her winning the Republican nomination.

        This fantasy involves cheering on insanity and then betting the farm on Americans instantly becoming smart and reversing their path towards destruction. The reward is not worth the risk.

        I also can’t imagine a 2 party US election where ANY Republican candidate gets less than 35-40% of voters. The Democrats can’t top what they did in 2008. Many 2008 Democrats will stay home, but every Republican will show up.

        Yes, the most probable result is Fargo Barbie finishing second. But the second most probable result is her winning. I consider her finishing second with even as few as 20% of the votes a long term disaster in and of itself.

        Any progress she makes comes at the expense of America’s future. As such, I cheer for her to be the 1st dropping out of the race. Like cancer, insanity needs to be dispatched with immediately. Otherwise, it gains momentum. Palin may fail, but her success makes it easier for the next Palin to succeed.

        3) While their hubris may turn out to be an Achilles heel, the Republicans are so confident they are spouting shit that only “paranoid socialists” would have accused them of planning not long ago. The Republicans think they have their Financial 9/11 that will allow them to do what they want but couldn’t have gotten away with before.

        Win or lose, they will continue to move the line of scrimmage in their favour.

        4) As for down ticket races, the place is Gerrymandered to ensure minimal change. Even in a Presidential landslide, I doubt the Democrats will repeat 2008. Even if they do, look what happened (more accurately didn’t happen) the last time the Democrats controlled both houses. More pussies than a Nevada whorehouse.

        5) I had a big passage on Voter Psychology, but deleted it because I’ve already said more than enough.

        • Excellent comment. Only one point:

          This fantasy involves cheering on insanity and then betting the farm on Americans instantly becoming smart and reversing their path towards destruction.

          The Republicans are all lying, crazed, backward, craven fucktards. THEY might well hand Sarah the nomination if for no other reason than to see her trashed and teach those Tea Party assholes that they’re fuckin’ well nothing without the GOP, and they better shut the hell up and stop making trouble for the “Serious Politicians”.
          But her being stomped like a red-headed stepchild in the general election doesn’t require “Americans…reversing their path.” It’s only Rethugs who would hand her the banner….and not even all of THEM would vote for her – only the Teabaggers and rabid idiots. NO Dem would ever vote for that nutbar, and independents (37% of the voters) would run screaming to pull the blue lever.

          As for the down ticket races…redistricting is one thing, attempting to kill Medicare is another. NY-26 was the canary in the coalmine.

  3. You’re just too much of a wide-eyed optimist.

    Here’s what I meant by “Americans reversing their path”. America has been on an increasingly rightward & downward slide for about 30 years. During that time, the Republicans have kept moving to the right. The Democrats haven’t acted like donkeys and stood their ground. They acted like sheep and followed them. Along the way, both parties had their share of wins, if only just by being the only option to the other party. But the nation as a whole continues to lose.

    All the while, idiocy has grown in both size and legitimacy. The idea that it can go as far as putting Palin on a Presidential ballot beside Obama, as if they are in any way equally valid choices, but then stop on a dime and reverse is highly unlikely. What’s more likely in a Palin defeat is a case of “À la prochaine fois” only with “Oui” as the answer. The Idiot Army is just too strong to be beaten with the defeat of its current banner carrier.

    Attempting to kill Medicare, for now, is still a gaff. But it’s just an advance look at what will ultimately come down the pipeline once it gains in legitimacy. Besides, the result of one NY district in a non-election year means sweet fuck all. Wake me up when Texas districts start abandoning the GOP.

    • Yeah, that’s me. Wide-eyed optimist.
      On a totally unrelated note, you should definitely ship me some of whatever you’re on.

      • You want some permanent, soul crushing, misery? Why? is your supply running low?

        • Fuck no. Am overstocked as it is. Looking to unload a few tonnes. Thankfully, I see opportunities and targets almost everywhere. They may not be buying, but I got the hard sell down like a boss.

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