Sanity in Oregon

The Oregon state legislature has decided that religion is no excuse for being careless and stupid. People will no longer be able to escape the law when they refuse medical treatment for their children in favour of prayer.

The Senate voted 25-5 to approve the measure. It was drafted largely in response to the 2008 deaths of children among members of the Followers of Christ Church in Oregon City, who rely on spiritual treatments instead of medical care.

Under the measure, prosecutors can seek first-degree manslaughter or murder charges against parents whose children died because they were treated solely with faith.

And to prove that religious faith all too commonly goes hand in hand with stupidity of such magnitude that it would almost appear intentional, one legislator can’t seem to understand that no one is attacking his right to waste his time.

Rep. Jim Weidner, R-Yamhill, said he worried “we might be heading down a slippery slope.” He said he prayed earlier in the day about his son’s severe tonsillitis. His wife took his son to the doctor Thursday morning, he added, but “am I going to go to prison because I took the time to pray with my child?”

No, you moronic doofus. You’re perfectly welcome to pointlessly request the intervention of your mythological sky wizard, so long as you do not deny your child proper medical care. Fucking Republicans. They have two gears: stupid and lying.

Cue foaming at the mouth bible thumpers screaming about how their freedom to let their children die while waiting for an imaginary god to intervene is being attacked.


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  1. Love the “two gears” quote so much I put it on FB (and linked to this post).

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