Republican Thought Police

Paul Waldman, writing for American Prospect, has a great piece on GOP purity requirements:

What the right has — as Gingrich discovered last week to his chagrin — is a ruthless identity border patrol, with agents spread throughout the political system. Step over any one of a number of lines, even lines that didn’t exist just weeks ago, and those agents will inform you, with all the subtlety of a truncheon to the kneecaps, that you are no longer within the conservative nation.

They were warned. They were told by Liberals years ago that inviting racists, xenophobes, homophobes, bible thumpers, gun nuts and every other placard swinging extremist of any stripe into the fold as a means to gin up votes was a mistake; that the Southern Strategy was short sighted and the cost on the back end would be too steep.
Now the drooling, crazed, single issue mouth breathers have finally coalesced into the Tea Party. The evil has been unleashed and, having opened Pandora’s box, the last few remaining William F. Buckley style Conservatives have no fucking clue how to control it or stuff it back in there. The bastard spawn of hate-based politics has returned, expects dinner on the fucking table, demands bloody red meat and it doesn’t give a rat’s ass who it has to gnaw on to get it.

They wouldn’t listen. Fuck’em.


4 Responses

  1. The GOP might be waking up to the dangers of the Tea Party, but the voters are too stupid to see the danger and will elect them anyway. Can’t wait for that Permanent Residency card to arrive.

    • I disagree. The Ryan budget, the union busting at the state level, the attempts to dismantle Medicare…the people are waking up. Sure, the Teabaggers are still hollering and screaming like a sack of rabid wolverines, but they’re just loud – they ain’t many. The recall in Winsconsin looks likely to flip control of the legislature; a Democrat won in the NY-26 special election.
      They called the 2010 midterm elections “a tsunami.” Well, maybe it was. Tsunamis do a lot of damage when they wash in. But they invariably wash back out. That’s the nature of tsunamis.

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