Nursing Post Adolescent Legless Mutes

Forest City Park, wherever that is, is embroiled in controversy over a recently passed ordinance:

The ordinance adopted by city council last week only allows mothers to breastfeed in public if their babies are under two years old.

“Nurse-in” organizer Jessica Lister says city officials have a very biased viewpoint.

The city manager made a comment that they didn’t want a child who could walk around and talk breast feeding in their city,” said Lister.

She says they want the city council to revisit the issue.

Lister says breastfeeding children until they wean themselves naturally should be up to the mothers.

I couldn’t resist. I posted a comment:

“Walk and talk? So legless mutes can breastfeed well into their teens.”

Never underestimate the internet.

Annie Poppins ·
Nobody breastfeeds into their teens. That’s an enormous red herring.

As if I would let that slide!

What have you got against legless mutes? I bet you’re one of those ambulatory bipeds that never damn well shuts up. Sure, YOU have legs, and YOU can talk, and YOU have breasts…so I guess that makes you some sort of EXPERT, huh?
People like you make me sick. When the day comes that you lose your legs and the ability to speak, don’t comes running to me complaining.


2 Responses

  1. I’m not sure the world wasn’t a safer place when you were too busy to blog/surf. By the way, were their any responses to your last comment? For an illustration as to why satire or sarcasm no longer works…

  2. Prior comment posted before reading your Pawlenty post.

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